Saturday, September 26, 2009♥
9:11 AM

I need to study. I need to study.
But I can't bring myself to study.
'Cause I am totally put off by the past year maths paper,
where I forgot the formulas for most questions =.=


and I'm reading yaoi D:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009♥
5:47 PM

Just wanted to shift my vulgar post down(:
And anyway, my ipod isn't screwed anymore, I think the water inside dried up?
Like thank god, and today was ....
In science lesson I had some weird PAIN.
at my gastric there, or appendix or WHATEVER.
and freaking lasted for 2hours, of course I thought about going home,
after all I get to skip the chinese mock test and some other retarded thingies lol
But my mum came 1h later, how nice right, and just to an application for early dismissal,
it really KILLS. Like, I have to get my mum to sign, I have to get a Dean to sign and I had to let a subject teacher or form teacher to sign.
and it took me and rachel 15 mins running around the school to get it done.
damn retarded. and by the time everything's done the pain's ALL GONE.

and my grandma was in the car, geh,
she postponed her flight back to thursday D:!

Friday, September 18, 2009♥
3:06 PM

My ipod is screwed
it says it's charged,
and it refuses to turn off.

fuck the rain.
& it must have been because I so helpfully helped someone to get across somewhere with my umbrella, and at that moment i took out my ipod to change song.
then. i forgot about it being out, 'cause the song was still playing

i hate myself

I wouldnt mind if it were to stay charged FOREVER though.
but thats like fat hope.

whats more is that itunes cant frking detect it
so i cnt sync my songs


sorry for being vulgar

Monday, September 14, 2009♥
4:49 PM

Rushing my Chinese now.
I feel like dying 'cause we have like 6 freaking practices to do.
& I only have one very nice slacking monday to do. there goes all my precious free time.
if only we knew we had to do this stupid book before even going home and ready to enjoy my wonderful Holiday. so far I'm only half done. 3 tests left to go. Hm. I guess thats pretty acceptable.
Only that I flipped to the back occasionally pretty often.
Because I am feeling freaking frustrated just staring down at the Chinese words.
Like, I have to do 6 of everything? thats just crazy. Yes Its gonna drive me crazy.
I'm sounding abit crazy now already. hahaa.
Thank god for my wonderful conspiracy with Rachel to save my efforts.
Hm. I wont put it specifically in case a certain person comes here & I'm dead D:
I'm sure you wouldnt want that right haha. ok being crazy again
I also realise I have to study for my Chemistry Class Test tmr, despite already having to do this shitty crappy thing.
I'm actually having a headache now.
I'll go get some cookies to recharge myself...

But I hope I get sick tomorrow.
so I have one more day to do it.
oh but, nono, I think I will still do it finished by today..
.. my head hurts.

Please let EOY be over soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009♥
6:22 PM

Came back from Ngee Ann Poly a few hours ago.
Overall so-so, not particularly enjoyable, especially the freaking treasure hunt, I seriously hate treasure hunts 'cause I have 0 Luck at things like those.
Not to mention Ngee Ann was so freaking big we had to walk so much.
Our SL was pretty humorous though.
Oh, and ironically, we actually teamed up with RGS.
I bet they super regret grouping with us 'cause we only found 5 clues,
whereas their schoolmates whom they split up with had found 9 clues instead.

Our bridge could only hold 7kg. Lol. Highest was 30kg. ~.~
Lol, but our experimental bridges could only hold 1kg++ only, so it was better than nothing.
Apparently not a joint broke, it just fell D: Bleh.
Atleast I got a cert of participation to put in my portfolio. Lol
& we were the only sec ones there ._.

&& I'm really really reaaaaaally. gonna die.
because I left my chinese revision book in school, and I heard from my classmate that we had to do atleast 9 practices.
Apparently, obviously I haven't done anything in advance previously so..
Yea, thank god there's no chinese on Monday, but one day isnt really helpful though.
I'm just so dead.

wow, my longest post in a while. lol

Wednesday, September 09, 2009♥
1:51 PM

.. why is my brother getting all fussed up because I didnt crack the chocolate properly!
its not like I wanted to anyhow crack it right!
and its just CHOCOLATE .

12:46 PM

I just realised I'm really going to flunk EOYS if I'm not gonna start studying soon.
I guess it's pretty good timing for my grandmother to come to Singapore. She hogs my room and sleeps freaking early.
so that will probably keep me away from my desktop for a while.
but I havent read finish gravition D:

Saturday, September 05, 2009♥
1:25 PM

Hols are here :3
heh, had Ben&Jerry's ice-cream during AEP :D not much, but better than nothing, was a treat from the teachers ^^
And then had Pizza at the Sec 4 Farewell Party for ICC. But waited like quite long before finally eating.

I feel like I'm going to die for EOYS
because I suck at writing compo and we have to write compo.
and I don't have an electronic dictionary.