Saturday, August 29, 2009♥
10:19 AM

aha. holidays are coming.
have nothing to post but felt like posting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009♥
6:01 PM

freaking screwed blogger. zz.
wondering if I should migrate to LiveJournal.

the coloured one. took me 2-3hours. should hve been uploaded a few days ago if not for blogger.
PS : the face looks odd. the uncoloured version has a better face


oooh. and getting nominated as a contact node isn't that bad afterall. 'cause when I need to use lots of sms later, I'll finally get a freaking PLAN. instead of my pathetic prepaid card.

Saturday, August 22, 2009♥
4:13 PM

omg. I came across this really retarded puzzle when I was searching for a topic for Maths BRP

: The Puzzle: In the middle of an otherwise empty field there lies a man wearing a pack.

He is dead.

There are no other clues visible.

How did he die?

(Scroll down if you really want
to see the Solution ...)
The Solution . . .
His parachute failed to open.

1:11 PM

Bloody culture. Why must we have culture.
stupid test on Monday. I don't even want to freaking study for it.
But I can't possibly get 0 either.
Blogger is still freaking screwed too.

Thursday, August 20, 2009♥
2:44 PM

Blogger is freaking screwed again, geh.
And I was in such a good mood 'cause I found out the scanner could actually work so well :D
and I uploaded neoprints (:
and, my sketch! ---- I have always wanted to scan it in rather than take pictures.

PS : I know they have hands like claws, and are so totoally inproportionat(e)? D:
But I only realised that after it was scanned ==

I just love how my pencil marks can look like black ink with mere adjustments.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009♥
9:37 PM

Fk. I hate blogger. sometimes i dont know wtf is going on,
the html keeps getting screwed up, the picture is auto aligned an extra 20-30px left and down.
then the picture just miraculously disappears on me after I changed the FONT COLOR.

3:05 PM

I love my Geog&AEP results.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009♥
7:16 PM

Seriously I feel like killing Rachel and Hui Sze(even though she's so cute).
Firstly, Hui Sze is cut off from society and Rachel doesnt reply to my sms so there's no difference.
And the thing is that, we have this AEP presentation tomorrow.
Yes, TOMORROW. and apparently, we haven't done a single thing about it, well except me,
I did the slides, but the FELDMAN METHOD IS BLANK. Except for the description since I did it.
=.=" and I don't even know what to fill in for the analysis, interpretation and judgement.
And at this rate I'm supposed to do all of it myself? Like wtf.