Thursday, July 30, 2009♥
8:49 PM

Omg Blogger is screwed. AGAIN!!
okay I'm actually posting a second time today.
hah. because I came across this super look-alike cosplay of Ciel Phantomhive ! <3


5:15 PM

Oh, blogger is fixed O_o
and gosh, I can't believe I ended up downloading Koda Kumi's ALBUM instead of the song.
and I download 3 albums LOL. Now 1/2 of my iTunes is Koda Kumi, not like I have many songs to start with.
But it's not a bad thing though, most of the songs are nice :3
need to get more songs ..
from other artists..

Saturday, July 25, 2009♥
11:16 AM

I think there's something wrong with blogger. the post thing is so weird. but whatever, this is the only text box I can find.

Z. I left my thumdrive in school after CCA the 2nd Time == gosh. I hope I can get it back on Monday, if not. uh. nothing that important actually. have a spare mem card with me..

and can you believe it? Mr C shaved one of his eyebrows like wth.


Sunday, July 19, 2009♥
9:39 PM

I hope my mum did not see that kiss scene when i was reading that yaoi manga.
.. it was too laggy for me to change screen.

Saturday, July 18, 2009♥
2:12 PM

I want to watch Harry Potter D:
but I have no one to watch with except weifen and we havent even planned anything
and the bloody block test are in week 6.
and my brother just went today to watch. rawr rawr rawr.

and my perfect weekend was ruined by maths hmk ):

Monday, July 06, 2009♥
5:52 PM

Hello dead blog.
I really hate myself for procrastinating.
and I just screwed my AEP painting thing. gonna have to redo it.
and I hope. I hope.
Mr S wont kill me because the class t-shirt is PINK.
and Teachers will(right?) wear the Class T during the funfair. :x

Please I want the holidays to come again.