Tuesday, May 19, 2009♥
9:33 PM

lol changed the pic of my skin simply because I was sick of my old one.
and I made it match my codes because I didnt want to change the codings either.
.. CSM tomorrow.

Sunday, May 17, 2009♥
6:32 PM

Lol, Just now I went to the storeroom to look for a suitable file to keep my stife organised cause currently its all in a huge mess and I have to search 3 files if I want to find something.
and so. I found my old P6 black file.
hahaha. inside was so interesting, my P6 mock PSLE papers were still inside,
the Chinese Spelling list used for copying were still there as well.
my old retarded crappy drawings I didn't evn know why I even kept,
and even my class photos lol :P
and my old picture of Allen Walker that Ren Jie wanted to buy for $2,
why didn't I sell it to him, omgosh ==? would have profited so much.
and so I took out that entire stack of papers and just dumped it aside (of course not with the photos) LOl
just felt nostalgic

6:13 PM

why?? why??
My phone is not even with me for 2 years yet and its DEAD!
after tuition it blacked out with that stupid red light behind
so like usual i took out the battery then restarted it
then the battery said 4% left. so I went to charge it when I reached home
and just nw i went to check and it was dieded
ahhh T_T"

is what I would have posted. if I hadnt listened to wanlin and try to revive it.
haha it TURNED ON.
so retarded, the charger didnt connect properly although I made sure it was before i left it.
so the phone battery died and tada ==

I thought it would die like Rachel's =.=

Monday, May 11, 2009♥
8:06 PM

aaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Hotel 626 is scarrry ==
lol, we just played for less than five mins in Jubilee's house just now.
and we got so freaked out already at the first task..
which was to take picture of that blond ghost woman, haha I was navigating the camera and Hui Sze was the one who pressed the shutter. omgosh, the ghost looked freaky when I took her picture, and we muted the thing. LOL. so I bet the ghost was screaming when the picture was taken. now that would be creepy. haha. we're all cowards hahaha. we were covering our eyes with BOTH hands. LOL. but it was fun hahahaha.

and then we went to the retarded love calculator thing because we were bored. HAHA.
tried lots of names hahaha.. XP
and Rachel's cousin and my brother, Luther and Lionel respectively came with a compatibility of 87% LOL. but it was 12% when it was their full name. lol anyway, it was damn funny.

and our supposed aim for going to Jubilee's house was to do our CME ==

Wednesday, May 06, 2009♥
5:52 PM

Why did it rain this morning?
It seems like I'm not fated to take my 2.4km
now I have to go to school early again tomorrow.
and the 8x50m relay is tomorrow.. gosh ..

Monday, May 04, 2009♥
3:48 PM

AHH! What an awful day!
and no, that is not a good, thing, because today, the SUN was not there,
which was the perfect weather to run in wasnt it?
but because of the staff meeting and the change of the reccess timings,
its cancelled. ugh, we waited half an hour at the track for nothing ==
I just want to quickly get over with it.
now its postponed to Wednesday MORNING, have to come to school extra early -.-
and yeah, we found out we could RUN WITH MUSIC! :D
but my earpiece only lets me hear with one side now. yuck
so Lavender, quickly give me my prez :x

and next, hahaha my culture.
I TOTALLY tikam-ed the first 10 multiple choice questions.
and I left a hell lot of blank answers for the fill up the poem thing.
which means I am so going to flunk it.

well atleast one good thing happened today.
Jia Hui gave me a the breadou thing from Action City for a belated birthday Present LOL
the fake bread thing, haha it's so damn nice to squish!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009♥
11:41 AM

Omgosh, I don't want to go to school tmr!!
Week 7 is something not worth looking forward to, srsly.
firstly there is something called NAPFA 2.4km at the 2nd period.
next, there is CULTURE TEST. wonderful, I haven't studied lol XD
and I only remember the 路漫漫.. or whatever poem out of so many.
and on Tues there's maths blocks! not much of a problem I did most of my revisisons :P
lol, but I might still flunk it anyway.
and on Wed, I'll be getting braces wtf, lol
and then I'll become BRACE-FACE!!
Thursday will be .. nothing much except starting(finally) new stuff on AEP.
and Friday another long day at CCA. SUPPOSEDLY going to sleepover at Weifen's house,
but my parents dont allow. awesomeness. so I'm going over at Saturday Morning.
.. wow what an eventful week its gonna be ==

Friday, May 01, 2009♥
10:26 AM

New Blogskin !! LOl.
played with styles and brush spammed hahaha.
decided to have a non-goth skin this time :3
anyway, it's labour day ! Yay !
But it's gonna be boring because I'm not going anyhere this weekend ):