Thursday, April 23, 2009♥
6:33 PM

napfa today.. I ALMOST got all A!! Damn.
Stupid shuttlerun missed the A mark by 0.06s rawr.
but atleast I remembered how to jump, and I jumped 173cm (:
big difference from last year for those who saw me jump, because I suddenly forgot. hahaha.
anyway, if I get A for my 2.4km I'll get 29pts and a GOLD! :D
ugh. but I really really dont want 2.4km..

Monday, April 20, 2009♥
6:11 PM

yay, today's my brithday :DDD
haha received sms-es when I switched on my phone this morning.
was abit shocked when I got like anrd 2 messenges in a row, then while replying another one came, and after I replied, another one ..
hahaha, I think the is the year which I get most presents O_o
hahaha. but it really sucks to have to do Chinese SIA & Newspaper Review & LA RAFT As on your birthday ): but I'm kind of slacking though. hahaha
and Rachel gave me a super huge Little Miss soft toy. haha and its hawt pink!
luckily I didn't have to take bus home today ._.


Friday, April 17, 2009♥
7:25 PM what an incredibily good time to get a fever of 38.2
Rachel is coming tmr and we have to do our RAFT assignment with a duedate on tues.
raaah, maybe I shouldnt hav gone to KAP with them just now, but it was fun!..
ugh. hope i recover by tmr

Wednesday, April 15, 2009♥
9:55 PM

I think this is the best thing I have ever done in my 13 years - 5 days
although the proportion is off, C.C. looks weird and its not original. LOL.

PS: That weird shadow is my handphone actually.. :x

ooohhh shoot wtf I forgot to shade Lelouch's left sleeve. ohmymymy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009♥
9:17 PM

Omgosh, today, while crossing the zebra crossing, the one outside the school entrance..
I almost stepped on something worse than shit =.=
I mean, my foot just landed just beside IT! Ugh, if I actually stepped on it, it would be super disgusting. yuck yuck. haha, ok enough suspense, I shall reveal it


Lol, I'm not joking I can still rmb its limbs .. pale brown.. and no head, and the flesh zomg.
and Jubilee had seen it too! LOL

Saturday, April 11, 2009♥
10:49 PM

omg, was visited by a big flying cockroach just now ._.
me and my brother freaked out, hahahaha, I was screaming when it came near me hahaha.
but anyway, we retreated to our parent's room to watch TV while waiting for it to go away.
and I suppose its gone now ..

Friday, April 10, 2009♥
11:55 PM

Wooh! Yeah today totally rocked ! Had so much fun, but I'm like so tired now ~.~
heh, so today started off with me waking up super early in the morning because I was so excited LOL, then put on my contacts, since today is CONTACTS DAY! lol, I took less time to put them on now, yay! ... so I ended up to be the first person to reach Lavender's house..
Then we totally stoned and did practically nothing, and I also realised I forgot to eat my breakfast LOL. well, since Lavender also haven't had her breakfast, her mum went to buy some pao and dou4 jiang1 you3 tiao2, so in the end we had a nice breakfast ._.
and Weifen came LATE! but well, in the end her father gave us a lift to Marina ......
and we entered by the back entrance so we were totally like in the GV place even before it was opened ._. and we were LOCKED inside. well, anyway, after we bought the tickets, we went top walk around to kill time, and they bought me a mini speaker for ipod/phone, in a form of a square soft toy from action city, omg, thanks !! <33333 style="font-weight: bold;">"Confessions of a Shopaholic" , it wasn't that bad, quite funny actually :3

Then we went to Suntec for Pepper Lunch!!
The food there was good, but well, I didn't really get the chance to cook my food, because somehow, Lavender mistook my Unagi+Chicken for her Salmon+Chicken, so she ended up cooking mine LOL. Luckily she hasn't started eating yet ._. then,
when we were having our ice-cream, weifen mentioned about SOMETHING, that we talked about one Wed, and we were all speaking in like, she did that kind of thing, and we got Lavender so frustrated 'cause she didn't know what we were referring to, hahah!
then after that, we went to see some stuff while Wanlin went to the optician to fix her specs..
and then we went to the Build-a-bear thing to buy panties for Weifen's bear ==
Hmm.. then we went searching for NEOPRINT MACHINES!

We did find like 2 machines in Suntec, but both were kind of lousy .. and .. there's only 2 =.=
so we decided to go to the one at Dhoby Ghaut, and it was only one station away .....
but we had to walk back to marina, then go over the long tunnel with shops, before finally reaching the City Hall MRT station ... oh almost forgot to mention, on the way there, in Suntec,
we bought matching rings, crown patterned x), so cool, haha we even made Lavender get one also ...

Then we finally reach the Arcade with lots of neoprint machines, and they were cheaper than the ones in Bugis, and they are NICE! lol, we ended spending lots of time there, we ended up deciding to take bus back to Lavender's house rather than her parents come to pick us at 7..
and altogether we took from 5 different neoprint machines, and the total cost is like only $38, wth, we took 4 in bugis last time and it was $43 =.="
bleah whatever,
lol, There was supposed to be some pictures in front but since its so late and I'm tired.. Lol
I shall only upload my 3 favourite pictures from the neoprints...

to weifen, wanlin and lavender : I already uploaded the neoprints on facebook! :D

Monday, April 06, 2009♥
9:05 PM

ohmy ohmy, FMA Season 2 is out yeah! but the illustration and the voices are kind of different from the original.. ._. honestly, I prefer the old one's illustration.. Al's voice is like a girl now and Edward's voice is similar to Naruto, same voice actress maybe? :3 and the people who are supposed to be dead aren't dead. ok whatver, this is so not a continuation of the previous one, it's like they're making it from scratch or something.

ahhh. whatever, oh today .. Chinese Speech Drama was fun, Lol, laughed alot :P
不是 fat hope! 是肥胖的希望!
hah, I don't think most of you will know what I'm talking about anyway :l
Today I also had a very eventful P.E =.=" in the negative way, why? hahaha we played a very light touch rugby not only did our team not score any goals (haha yes it's so pathetic) I fell once =.= and somehow or another I kissed the ball ! zomg, =.= so disgusting ..... shall not continue about it .. ohhh. and after school, it was raining like super super heavily, everyone had to cram into the shelter. hahaha, me and Shu Hui were standing together, and then GUESS WHO I SAW? hah!
I saw Shawn and Justin ! Lol, both still short, but we didn't talk. haha. me n Shu Hui were abit shocked :3 ... hmm.. ....
don't feel like looking forward to school tmr because thre's geog, history and science tmr.. -.-

PS: can't wait till FRIDAY! 10th APRIL :D

Saturday, April 04, 2009♥
8:45 PM

ugh, I'm annoyed, just from simply having a chat with someone.
damnit, the daggers were masked by those words

7:24 PM

Gosh it turned out more goth than expected ._. lol, whatever, anyway its a new skin yea!
most of the stuff are from SHUGO CHARA an abit kiddy shoujo manga, with GOTH. hah.
and I barely used any brushes, and I'm NEVER gonna do navi skins AGAIN. ugh. 4-5hrs of my life gone ):
and oh I got my contacts(finally) after postponing for idk how many days. I totally sucked at putting the contacts on, LOL. I took ahwile to finally make it go in,
but taking it out is so easy ._. and it feels like I have perfect eyesight with it. haha.
its not even itchy or whatever, yay :D too bad only can wear for 4h on the first day, but I wore for 5 :P

3:36 PM

weifern, your skin codes are ready, sorry for the super super long delay.
now I shall work on mine <3 LOL. sorry lavender, ._. the LFC skin isnt nice.. so/

ps: 700th post! (finally)

Friday, April 03, 2009♥
7:30 PM

today is such an eventful day although its one of those long awaited, tiring fridays.
let's start from after c++..
we went to the hci canteen to buy food from the vending machine :D lol. then, we met one of the guy from infocomm there, thn after that Fang lin had to go to the poolside to meet her friend.
we followed her because we were nt in any rush, were bored and wanted to see what the pool side was we walked down that slope, and then I was taking out my ear piece, and was carring my wallet, my pretz, and my handphone, so I quickly ate finish my pretz, and threw it into the dustbin
and then, when i was about to put on my earpiece, IT WAS GONE!
I panicked like hell LOL, I thought I threw it into the dustbin along with my pretz ._.
but we didn't see my earpiece in the dustbin and I couldn't find it T_T
LUCKILY, really lucky, Peiyi saw a mass of black somewhere, and it was my EARPIECE!
LOL, bleah, now I owe her one, haha.

so to continue, the hci guy, called Grady, led us to the poolside, and Fanglin finally found her friend in the restaurant :D so yeah, I don't think I described it very eventfully, but, whatever.

Thursday, April 02, 2009♥
9:34 PM


honestly I have no idea what they did to our pictures, and they photoshopped our hair,
if you look closely, and the lighting is so bloody strong we look like some ghosts
and I look totally freaky, whatthehell, anyway I'm gonna find something nicer to stick over it.

Can't believe I actually finished all my homework except for one Phys AS. which I think is in sch.
and YES. I can continue with my writing portfolio, teacher told me to switch to reading one at first cause my first compo sucks like hell LOL. whatever, saves the effort :3

and ugh, today, damnit, because they took our ezlinks and I totally prefer my P1 picture,
we couldn't borrow the camera from the library !! so we had to postpone the filming to tmr.
Gah, if only we could pon c++ wouldn't have to sacrifice our reccesses like that -.-
but whatever, we rehearsed so its ok, but we have to CHANGE and secondly, find a secluded area where no one will see us, now thats hard -.-
and yea I'm talking bout infocomm lol :P

Wednesday, April 01, 2009♥
7:33 PM


bleahgsjabf, the contacts havent arrived ):