Friday, March 27, 2009♥
9:16 PM

Have been.. too lazy to blog lately :D Lol, Uhm okay.. so I shall compensate with a long(?) post :D
yesterday, I met my brother on the bus!
haha, whatever it was halfexpected because my mum told me he's going back at the same time also =.=,whatever, and we did charcoal drawing in AEP ! haha we all had black hands, and previously we drew a nose, now its the mouth .. geh, so bloody hard to draw.
today, we rearranged the seatings ! yeah! but I'm in the middle ._. and in 3rd row.
hah, I reserved a seat for Rachel ~ She has high fever -.-
and infront of me is HuiSze, diagonally left is Jubilee yay! the same people LOL.
oh yah, and Huisze looks cute but is actually a very very bad girl, HAHA, should see what she drew.. cartoon versions of.. shall not say it here :P!
And we were all like laughing like crazy after looking at it..
and for some reason I'm in the 8x50m relay thing =.=
...Today... c++ was.. uhm.. nvm, its so damn hard and complicated ._."
but anyway, after CCA, me, Peiyi and Ade were HUNGRY!
so, we decided, to go to the HCI Canteen LOL.
and I feel thats abit crazy but, whatver, and Peiyi was damn brave lah, haha she was like
"Excuse me, guy!"
when she was asking some guy for directions -.- and we asked like 3 times in total.
in the end I'm not sure if the place we reached was really the canteen, didnt bother to observe,
but there were vending machines, so we bought the MAMI noodles thing for a cheap 40cents lol
then, luckily I caught 157 in time -.- zomg i totally rushed like hell,
and I met Zhongxin in the bus!!
and I saw Ms Teo at one of the bus stops on the way home,
but Zhongxin didn't see her..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009♥
6:09 PM

...why is it always so easy to find photoshop cracks..
but not dreamweaver's or illustrator's =.="

Sunday, March 22, 2009♥
6:30 PM

waah! I'm so confused! Like, do we have to do the 感想 on another paper for the CME thing?
'cause the 反省 part is already there on the diary part.. and whatthehell do they mean by 总结 =.=
I know I should have clarified all these earlier instead of today when school's like starting tmr. LOL

Saturday, March 21, 2009♥
9:36 PM

OH! I heard someone said on youtube that Hyuuga Hinata's Voice Actress is actually Nana Mizuki!!

6:53 PM

Hmm I totally rushed CME today, not like I actually finished it though ._.
there are still one or two points that I'm not sure whether I still have to add, and for the diary part, I used PHOTOSHOP, whereas others would use excel, omg, will I die, and I added flowers .. =.= and if you're wondering why I didn't use excel, its because that desktop didn't have one, or rather I need the irritating code to activate the 2007 excel and I can't find the 1997 disc.
Had I known my brother would go out for dinner today and not use the laptop, I could have done it in excel and have a lesser chance of dying ==
Hais. Still have LA SIA to do .. how do you make a story with space junk ?! and not to mention I haven't even done my part a yet, lol, ok I'm such a failure.
and yay! My aunt bought me a black bagpack, although I haven't seen it yet since she just returned to SG today..

and people who has virus on their msn should really go fix it, the default messages are like super irritating ._.

Friday, March 20, 2009♥
1:45 PM

... how am I supposed to react when she tells me something like that?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009♥
8:13 PM

I'm bored, although I know I'm not supposed to say this because I have a hell lot of work, and have no motivation to do any, especiacially the crazily troublesome CME homework, and still have Chi SIA! Guess the rest is still okay, haiz, being on the computer is boring, and I just went to try hotel 626 just now and at the starting I was so scared something would pop out that I closed the window straight away =.= scaredycat yes, me ._. I think I'll only dare if someone else plays with me Lol.
My infocomm senior says its not scary at all.. but I can't help it since everyone else says its scary.
Bleah. maybe I'll go back to the boring life of making blogskins,
oh by the way, weifen I finished making the image of your blogskin, just too lazy to code, haha,
as for lavender, your skin, uhm, I totally suck at making skins which involve photography of people, so yeah its not gonna turn out nice, and I can't squeeze in much brushes because you said you didn't want my girly ones LOL, and it's not like they actually match liverpool. okay, so.
lavender's skin will come later ? or I'll code it together or something okay? whatever, lavender you don't have to use it if you think your current one is better, really.
ok enough about blogskins, *clears throat*

I can talk now!
yes, really I got my voice back yes, thanks to the medicine from the doctor, the previous medicines I took didn't work wth, eat for nothing =.= but I can't take cold water and spicy food rawr rawr rawr.
oh, yesyes, forgot to post about yesterday!!

We went ice-skating!! yes!
to celebrate Valerie's and Hui Sze's joint birthday :D
we played with hamsters at Valerie's house first, and her house is surprising near to my house..
then we went to the Kallang there, the same place we*(lavender,weifen,wanlin me) skated last time! hah! we ate at pastamania, and uh, ugh, I think, I shall try to avoid spaghetti from now on
hm, then we went to the arcade and me and Rachel played Para-Para LOL, used to think it was very lame, but it's actually quite fun lol == spent $5 there, and then I lost one of my tokens, then I had an odd number, all the machines needed even numbered coins so me and Rachel sold our remaining tokens then we went to ice-skate, and yes, thanks to the previous experience I can skate! but Hui Sze and Jubilee .. xDD lol Hui sze was so cute haha, anyway, tried teaching them.
and I didn't get my blisters, oh and when we went to buy our drinks, Rachel bought her horlicks, and it's the type of vending machine where the cup drops and then the machine starts squirting/shooting in the drink right. Just after Jubilee chose her drink, she asked Rachel if she took her drink out, No.
the 2 drinks were like .. =.=, luckily I havent bought yet, would have wasted my money..
after skating, we went to walk around, and we bought donuts.. after donuts we went back to Valerie's house, played some games.. after that went home with a lollipop 

wow. long post.

Sunday, March 15, 2009♥
9:48 AM

... Yesterday felt like a Friday, today feels like a Saturday although its Sunday...
the work shop.......
shall not talk about it..
let's just say I lost at scissors paper stone ._. and had to do a super retarded thing.
and my voice is still dead,
the outing for movie n neoprints is cancelled as I heard from Weifen T_T
... don't feel like going tuition ..

Thursday, March 12, 2009♥
8:53 AM

I have a fever, AGAIN, wth!
it was 38 degrees celcius when I woke up , now 37.4
should I still go to school?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009♥
7:29 PM

haiz, today um, quite an uninteresting one I think/
zz.. uhm, uhm, yea okay, 2 more days to March hols :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009♥
6:43 PM

ughhh.. what a bad day, I think I have a fever =.=
37.6 degree celcius so low lah but I feel horrid -.-
still have to do maths and LA.
wow I can really say that cheer now..

I've a fever, I'm hot
I can't be stopped
I've a fever, I'm hot
I can't be stopped
Got a front - ooh
back - aah
can't be stopped
Got a front - ooh
back - aah
can't be stopped

.. how retarded.. sorry I'm like this maybe its my fever -.-

2:57 PM

I passed! I just passed my History Test and Assignment !
and I just failed my Science quiz by 1 mark ._.
bleahg, today was all giving back of quizes and tests and I'm like so dead ..
also had POP maths quiz but luckily it was easy ..
....I survived today :D

Sunday, March 08, 2009♥
8:29 PM

sorry angel, that's the best pic I can get you >.< actually the photographer did get the pic, but not like I cn take it frm there. bah, this is excluding my stockings and ribbon and the super lots of glitter on me undeliberately, and the wand!! -.-

costume by Hui Sze, Yu Qi and Hsi Chien :D

Friday, March 06, 2009♥
10:41 PM

Back from Camp, Yea!
101 won first place in treasure hunt and 3rd in something else, I forgot =.=
the prizes were just tidbits and sweets, but better than nothing.
got a hell lot of things to post, but lazy ....
whatever! the cheers were cool, we had our "sexy" cheer HAH.
and Rachel invented the chinese version of the "I've a fever, I'm hot, I can't be stopped" thing.
and she was super high after drinking milo, and they gave milo during supper somemore
omg -.-
and I was sick of the milo we drunk everyday..
oh, and I didn't manage to get a pic of me in my witch costume as requested by my angel..
they took our phones, damn.

tired now, lol, and finally changed skin after using that one for 2-3 months,
my longest record , usually 2 or 3 weeks change alrdy ==
hais. ok shall wait for Grace to upload the photos and facebook,
and if I'm particularly bo-liao, I'll post some here -.-

Tuesday, March 03, 2009♥
6:12 PM

Lol this was supposed to be yesterday's post bu nevermind, Lol
yesterday's workshop was fun!
yeah, the coach super loved forfeits like wth.
haha, and he made us do the sexy chicken dance as a forfeit zzz..
and the guy from catholic high who taught him that dance was Rachel's friend HAH.
whatever, and we broke the record of 10 .. by 8 ! so Yeah we did 18 people..
for the thing that 2 pple had to sit opp. each other, hold hands and attempt to stand up at the same time thing, but well it was 18 people who did it so.. :D
oh and looooook! My wand hah, Hsi Chien made it omg, she's damn good =.= looks like the CSS one right? Lol gtg zz

Sunday, March 01, 2009♥
7:42 PM

Haha, for those who had hoped for me to get lost, I did not!
yay! it's such an achievement LOL. =.=
when I reached Rachel's hse, Hui Sze, Yu Qi and Shu Hui were alrdy there, slacking on the swing
lol, and my costume was made! yes its quite nice!
Tmr will be a full dress rehearsal ...
haiz, then we just started doing the costume/laughing/joking xD
and then Hui Sze was saying the word shopping~ and sassy~ in the very bimbotic(?) way LOL
and then we kept saying and laughing after each time -.-
oh, and Rachel's sister said I looked like a vampire .. ._.''
well, since I got there late because of tuition, i missed out some parts, how sad RAWR
oh and when Rachel was painting her sash "Ms Dust Bin" the B and the I got sort of stuck tgt and it looked like " Ms Dust Bun" lol.

hmm, yea then we went to AMK Hub for shopping~ lol
I bought a skinny jeans and another tights that go down all the way to my sole LOl.
Rachel bought her dress for her cousin's wedding dinner. and her cardigan.
then we had yoghurt ice-cream, I finished mine by the time Rachel finished trying on her dress and changing back to her own clothes..

Then yeah, sat the long bus trip =.=
haha, shall go bathe now

10:08 AM

Have a feeling I'll get lost while going to Rachel's house in AMK =.=