Thursday, February 26, 2009♥
7:03 PM

lol yay, no mre insomnia cuz 1/6 is using it and they're going first for talent time..
hmm.. I decided not to buy the school jacket.. not like I'm gonna wear it even if I buy ..
LSC is coming.. zz talent time rehearsal tmr..
and have infocomm tmr also =.=
will be a tiring day zz

Wednesday, February 25, 2009♥
8:54 PM

omg I love nana mizuki's songs xD
why must we have insomnia for our talent time song wth!
lots of people like it but it sounds super weird to me and I dont like it at all =.=
zz.. whatever, just have to accept it

Tuesday, February 24, 2009♥
7:40 PM

ha! omg! I'm gonna learn jap (really!) in the community centre at thurs nights LOL.
yay, I'm so happy ^^
and the fees aren't exp either :P

Monday, February 23, 2009♥
8:36 PM

went to the dentist today !
Haha I'm gonna get my braces in May !
no extraction needed :P

heh. I'm so dead
I forgot to bring back the worksheet for the newspaper cutting for chinese wth.
have to rush during reccess tmr ==

Sunday, February 22, 2009♥
10:10 PM

I hated the rain ! rawr, it just had to rain 15 minutes before tuition ended lah, luckily wanlin's parents came to fetch her, or else I had to use that kiddy looking unfoldable umbrella =.=

oh yes, yesterday we went to some restaurant in Liang Court to celebrate my grandmother's birthday ! and guess what,
in Liang court, I saw a shop selling those goth outfits that I like to draw LOl, omg. but was only able to stare at it for a few seconds, and it sucks that Liang court is so freaking far =.=
lol, and when we when up to the restaurant the kids, yea whatever, was isolated to another smaller table...
so my brother and my cousin talked about school life since they're both in the same JC but diff years, well, I had almost nothing to say -.- I'm only sec one, lala. and really, the entire time was all about school life lol.
so mostly was just talking and eating ._.

and I have to take bus to school on Monday sometimes now, zz..

hope I don't screw up my day tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009♥
8:02 PM

survived yet another week! lol
haha have been too busy lazy to post..
heh.. and I'm glad/shocked/happy to know that Lin actually vists this blog everyday ahaha.
hm, whatever, today I went to hci with some of my CCA friends for infocomm..
... the com lab there is super far from the bus stop -.=
and the com lab was so chaotic -.-..
zzz.. c++ is so confusing omg.
oh and guess what, I saw Kah Ween (is that how his name is spelt?) there when I was walking to the bus stop lol.

Friday, February 13, 2009♥
3:13 PM

Ya Ho-!
haha, tomorrow is VALENTINES day heh,
today is so fun lol, gave my angel hello panda..
weifen treated me to a mentos, LOL
and my angel gave me a toblerone, arigato!
and then MsWangDD gave us chocolates too haha
Yunni also gave me some marshmellow choco, lol
I'm bored now in infocomm =.=
I did whatever I needed to do alr ..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009♥
10:14 PM

zzz, omg I can't believe I lost my thumbdrive, infocomm stuff inside, lucky not important,
but my ict powerpoint is inside wth!
and I have ict like first period tmr, that sucks.
lucky I still have my phone zzz.
and I'm installing my 1997 microsoft powerpoint, hope its compatible with vista,
or Im dead

Monday, February 09, 2009♥
8:51 PM

yo, today, was kind of .
hm, let's just say i screwed up like hell in chinese speech, and our group is doing broadcasting.
we were kind of shocked when the other group already had drama in mind, how convenient.

did jumping in PE, hmhm, and played odd-one-out during reccess LOL
.. LA was like a free lesson again, really I love LA the lesson, not the subject.
but the storytelling will come soon, ah. lucky I started scripting, even if it was just abit,
and I'm not sure if I can keep it within like 4 mins.

so, for class contact time, we went down to the art room to continue painting the boxes.
this time, I used purple, the paint was damn good unlike the other oily orange.
so we finished quite fast?
and luckily I wore my PE over my hong zi, it got stained, just a little bit. -.-

oh crap I need 8 more pictures for infocomm tmr.
have no idea why either, I hope Mr Chiu doesnt tell that the pics were by my handphone =.=

Sunday, February 08, 2009♥
4:49 PM

sigh, the weekends, assignments always on my mind,
super scared that I'll forget something and die on Mon -.-
so many many SIAs ..
but if I still have time to read manga its not too bad I guess =.=

Saturday, February 07, 2009♥
11:58 AM

omg, just realised that I need gao zhi to do the newspaper review thing,
and I didn't bring it back zz
whatever, at most use foolscap.

Thursday, February 05, 2009♥
8:30 PM

Lol never post for a while,
so many assignments and stuff, zzz.
weekends will have so many many things to do =.=

did painting in AEP today, zz I dirty my hong zi,
orange somemore -.-
I wish our jackets will come soon so it can cover it ..
zzz and that particularly orange paint has so much oil at the surface , painting the box was so hard and tiring .. shall never use that orange again... if possible

Monday, February 02, 2009♥
8:25 PM

yeah! finished 1o1 blog!
yes, finally hahaha, and then the next free day I ever have will be on Wed =.=
having CCA tomorrow :3

And I think I almost collapsed in PE,
yah you must be thinking like, wow rly?
hahah, everything was becoming more and more white, so yeah I tell the teacher before everything became white, LOl, obviously ==
and my classmate said my face was super pale, haha.
then had height and weight, my god I only grew 2 cm wtf =.=?
I don't want to remain at this short height -.-

hmm, oh and no matter how many bloody requests I clear the thing keeps saying I have 99 requests left !! RAWR! I relog also still the same, oh and if you're asking why I'm back in facebook after being inactive for i don't know how long, it's because I'm bored,
Lol :PP

Sunday, February 01, 2009♥
8:54 PM

jst came back frm Lavender's house,
from 7 people invited, only 3 came LOL.
me, weifen and ryan, lavender is host so not counted :P

tired.. but it was fun, we went bowling, well, surprisingly I actually managed to hit the pins,
the last time I bowled, I didn't even hit anything -.-
hmm, then we went back to lavender's house and played guitar hero..
after that had dinner, bbq, yeah!
then, had to eat the 7 vegetables -.-, forced it down :l
then did the louhay or whatever you call it,
after that is cake !
the chocolated cake was nice, but was quite full..
then ryan's mum came, then Lavender invited her and ryan's sis to come in to eat.
afetr that he go,
then we went up to try the cooking mama for nintendo wii weifen bought for lavender.
but my father arrived just when the game started .. ==
so well, in the end I never play cooking mama -.-

i knw its brief, i'm tired and lazy