Saturday, January 31, 2009♥
6:10 PM

waaah, i dont want to do weifen's classblogskiinnnnnn
weifen, please rly, cn I don't make ? zzz
I'm lazy+it's also not my class ... ==

I did finish my tuition hmk, finally, cnt wait for tmr ~
*humming* ~ ~
but after that I was bored
so I did something like this

more enjoyable than making a blogskin, kills more time too ==

zebra skirt leopard berett LOL, oh tiger hair urh, tie, but totally not obvious .

Friday, January 30, 2009♥
5:58 PM

I'm in infocomm club !
hahah, yeah, we had pizza for orientation, played the chicken game and the cat and mouse game ..
sec one compulsory to co-ed with hci for some programming thing .....
shu hui was supposed to go but she wanted to appeal for choir ..
didn't knw anyone there, there are 201 seniors there ^^
and another girl from 1/13.. made friends, exchanged numbers. lol

Wednesday, January 28, 2009♥
8:02 PM

just when I came to school today so super early, we were locked out of the classrm ==
hehh.. well, my angel gave me cny goodies, arigato !!
hahaha, yeah, the firecracker one was cool..

and.. lesson lesson lesson..... then.. humm..
oh yeah, tmr for AEP we're gonna do CHALKS and PASTELS ! :D

rawr rawr rawr, he didn't critisize my logo, so how am I gonna come up/improve it for the final one?!

Monday, January 26, 2009♥
12:26 AM

yay, 2 new games in my DS and I won't be so bored tomorrow ^^
shugo chara & code geass !!
both in Jap how sad..
heh, anyway, I'm happy both show some scenes from the anime, haah

Saturday, January 24, 2009♥
3:00 PM

new year, new blogskin (:
cn't bloody wait for reunion dinner tmr !!
I finally made a goth blogskin woohoo!

Friday, January 23, 2009♥
9:22 PM

today is a super fun fun fun day !!!
hmm, the celebrations in school were kind of boring (sorry) except for the dance :P
and then, we went to back to NYPS :D
when lavender's driver sent us there, the security gaurd was talking to the driver,
the driver keep saying what he wanted to, with the windows closed, and Lavender was like
"Open the window, open the window!!" haha, and then he finally got it when Lavender tried to press the window button thing, funny lols.
then we got out, haha so nostalgic ~

then we went to the staff room there, went in and flooded mrs tan's table, haha really.
then we took lollipops and pictures, XD
after that had lunch, the western food has hashbrowns now D;
lol, ok, then we talk, talk, talk already.. and oh yah,
there was this pathetic guy selling the magic school bus books like at the back of the canteen,
and then, well, Andre needed to sell his coupons, for i don't know what reason,
and then weifen told him to go try to sell to him, 1 coupon is $10 btw,
and he really successfully sold to him, like wth?!

cybertronix :D
well, we went in never really played, we just dragged the beanbags to the middle,
and sat down, hahah, and watched the others play wii
laugh + talk + laugh + talk..
then we went up to take our bags,
only 3 people can go in because they don't allow ex-pupils in anymore, too crowded.. how sad.
and 6A is still one of the top classs !!!! Yay!

Then Eric suggested we go Mc Donalds ..
it was just casual saying ( maybe??) but we ended up going in the end..
only 7 people went though, the rest go home ==

bought mc flurry, weifen and lavender bought some weird drink,
wanlin bought one large coke and twister friess,
the boys just sat at another table :P
then, when we were eating,
lots of 61 `08 people were walking around...
then... one entire group of 6F `08 people passed ... =.=
so many people, LOL

hmm.. oh yah, then lavender suggested we go her house ^^
but weifen couldn't so only me and wanlin went,
we played guitarhero ufufufu ~
then watched simpsons, then I sent wanlin home -----

wow, longest post in a while ....


Ps : my nametag the pin thing and the tag seperated D:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009♥
8:18 PM

Calligraphy is sian,
today the only lesson we had in class was maths, the rest we were running around and scrambling to classes, ah oh crap my aep homework.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009♥
9:35 PM

.... my brother told my mother I broke an egg in Giant and she actually believed it.

Monday, January 19, 2009♥
6:39 PM

Ok, who cares already, I'm just gonna use my geisha figurine.
my cousin gave it to me like 3-4 years ago, enough history? LOL
and, atleast geishas can be researched on, unlike my personal memory ==
and they didn't specify which country it has to have significance to ..
or is it understood to be SG?
oh and I asked my mother and brother the same question,
and they gave me the same answers..
of course I asked seperately.

K : What's the oldest thing in the house?

M / B : Daddy lor

K : ...

oh yah, my printer is useless now, it's incompatible with vista, how sad

Sunday, January 18, 2009♥
8:06 PM

shit, shit shit!
I'm so dead, I can't think of any item for the history assignment,
I don't even have any item worth of historical significance to myself or whatever, how am I supposed to do it T.T
and if its personal, how am I supposed to research it ?
well, the difficulties part is easy - finding the item itself ==
zz.. and what can I possibly learn of my own qualities, or what new information??

my brother tells me to make my own story, but I have to make one that can nicely, nicely,
have all of those weird conditions ...
I think I'm gonna die just trying to find an item and making a story ..

Friday, January 16, 2009♥
10:44 PM

ack haven't done a single assignment since I got home :P
have to do maths and LA and History and Science and read Geog.
still got AEP .................
nvm, tomorrow chiong all can already, maybe..

Thursday, January 15, 2009♥
8:34 PM

... assignments are rolling in,
don't know what to do for history assignment =.=
AEP has to deisgn some logo and do so many things..
luckily still have time to draw kukai and utau hohoho.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009♥
9:25 PM

today had Nan Zhong Quan, I didn't know what it was at first,
so I didn't bring PE, then I found out that it was wushu,
omg, the moves are tiring, my legs ...
and yay, tmr finally got aep lesson ^^
and a I bought a cool notebook, inside no lines, just blank page, the paper quality is good,
the ink from my cleancolour wont seep through that means I can outline,
and the front cover is empty !!
it's actually meant for me to create myself, but, it's cool the way it is,
it'll attract too much attention if I put "Kim's sketch book" on the cover,
like my parents, brother would want to see
gah, I'm bored!
I finally feel the bored&sian&don't-feel-like-doing while doing my homework,
especially the maths one =.="

Monday, January 12, 2009♥
9:44 PM

yay I'm so happy, this is my 650th post
and Rachel reads/watches shugo chara too!!
and she is an amu x ikuto fan too hahah.

lazy to do long posts :P

Saturday, January 10, 2009♥
11:08 AM


Thursday, January 08, 2009♥
5:13 PM

yay my angel replied me, today!
I'm gonna put the letter tmr, i alrdy wrote just now while waiting..
i sorta scrwed the infocomm interview, maybe.. LOL

Wednesday, January 07, 2009♥
8:48 PM

yay, so I finally convinced my mum to let me have netball !!
but, infocomm or netball?!
because infocomm will have adobe flash and all but even if I want to take 2 CCa
...both timing is on the same bloody day !!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009♥
3:23 PM

today, was kind of fun, maybe,
but super tiring, sports trial, the whole bloody day!
under the freaking hot sun,
and I'm exhausted now, my legs are suan and I want to go to sleep, but later at night cnt sleep..

ok, so I was selected for Gymnas but I never went to the whatever thing at 1.30, Wanlin says it wasn't nice anyway...
heh, Judo, quite cool, we get to throw the seniors, but not selected ~

and track was kind of boring.. so I shan't talk about it.

softball, hah, the first 2 throws got me selected, 3rd throw probably got me kicked out, yay.

then netball, surprisingly, I caught all 3 shots successfully, the jump and catch thing,
the running thing was kind of easy.. and then the shooting,
I thought I sure die, why? because I never once scored in primary school, lol,
and it went in, the ball I mean, like twice, wtf.
anyway it's just a fluke .. and it's outdoors....
my mum say best don't outdoors..

then, uh, squash ..
I totally, utterly SUCK! at hitting the ball, because it bounces so low,
and then had the zig zag running thing, and idk how why or what, I got selected.
and, and, squash, the real thing is indoors, with aircon, yay!!
so, most probably squash, provided I can actually get in tomorrow lah,
they accepting 10 people, at most.

Sunday, January 04, 2009♥
9:32 PM

omg wth,
I thought I was REJECTED from AEP,
but my name is on the AEP list,
why? why?!

anyway let's just hope I got in,
pay less schoolfees $.$!

Friday, January 02, 2009♥
9:50 PM

first day, kind of boring, >.>
all the rules and the motto already learnt in primary school, even the school song is the same.

I'm in class 1/1 =.=
weifen's in 1/4
wanlin's in 1/5
Lavender is in 1/9


but I'm in the same class as Shu Hui, Hui Sze and Denise.
the Japanese food was not bad, I never really tried others..

my class has like 23 AEP people, I'm not inside btw.

and school starts later on Mondays, cool!

Seniors were kind of hyper at the talk,
the PLS were quite friendly, and when we were playing double whack-o, evryone like, don't know who is who...

hope Monday will be more interesting -.-