Tuesday, December 30, 2008♥
6:30 PM

school on friday,
how sian,
but it's good, school keeps me busy, rather than surfing the net looking for manga to read.
I totally lost count of how many I read, 20? 30? (it's definitely more than 10, so..)

tomorrow, gonna go grandma's house to celebrate new year.
wow, after so many years not celebrating it =.=

oh yah,
i got rejected for the AEP
Lol, as expected >.>
all 3 pieces were screwed.
feh, nvm, not like will die also.

and this post simply sounds so boring and lifeless and I don't think you even want to read if I type more. =.=
so bye, for now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008♥
10:59 PM

Guess I should post, once in a while,
my brother's com died, today, the day before christmas eve (not important, really)
it should have died yesterday, but we revived it and after we offed it, it really, really did die.
well I guess 2years is okay, but the bloody installment havent even finish yet, god.

and it seems like things keep getting broken (for some unknown reasons)
another example ---- my clip.
that very important (or not so?) clip.
nvm, I guess I'll have to get a new one or find one.

Thursday, December 18, 2008♥
8:56 AM

Yay omg,
I can't believe I got into NY with my shitty borderline results !!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008♥
3:24 PM

wow I haven't posted for a week!
and Weifen is back, Wanlin will come back on 16th !

I gave up the goth skin because it didn't really work out well,
and the roses looked weird, (rose is part of goth right?)
so I decided on this,
and .. I think I can't use this laptop to do any more blogskins in the meantime,
so I rushed out mine, and Wanlin's blogskin today.

and, Yea, the new patterns I downloaded rocks. Lol.
I think I kind of overdid it but who cares,

(4 more days!)
just joking, I'm not excited or scared of the posting results.

and please don't tell anyone I accidentally broke off my brother's half broken space bar,
but I managed to put it back the way it was.
(half broken, in which the right side of the spacebar is already off, and the left side barely attached)
and to think my space bar which I banged and slammed so hard playing audi is still so intact.

Sunday, December 07, 2008♥
12:59 PM

Well since my last post 4 days ago,
let me tell you something, the 3 things listed are not even done yet!

Maybe I shan't list things, once I list them, I find myself not doing them until a very long time later.
because sometimes I find a more interesting manga than Ravemaster and I start reading,
and then I find another one, and the cycle continues until I finish ravemaster.

and Wanlin is leaving, like tomorrow!
for 8 days!
Well, weifen didn't really say the specific day she leave, all I know she is in Korea enjoying herself now!
Or maybe due to the timeframe she is sleeping?
Idk, and also Idc.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008♥
8:49 PM

Yay, so I found something to do while I'm bored

- Do codings for my goth bs

- Draw and colour whatever anime girl I may possibly come up with (Best for killing time, really)

and I want to quickly read Rave Master to the latest chapter!

so, when I finish Rave Master.. I would probably commit to photoshop?
but that .. hmm.. Idk..

I am too idle.

I want to watch Bolt!
damn, my brother already watched the 3D one like yesterday the yesterday.
I wonder if its already uploaded..

PS : I'm posting for the sake of posting ( lol )
so it's basically some stuff I manage to squeeze out of my boring days during holidays.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008♥
4:19 PM

Yay I'm so happy I killed 5hrs just by doing this.

PS : I did this instead of my blogskin, LOL.

PPS : the lace for the bottom layer of the dress is really just my scribbles :D

11:44 AM

Well, I haven't blogged for like.. 4-5 days?
Mainly because I'm sure you don't want to hear my rants because I have nothing to do.
but today, I'm gonna rant anyway, basically because I have noting better to do.
sounds so pathetic eh?

I read this I read that, and they all end so bloody quickly.
Yesterday I read cardcaptor sakura, it's actually quite nice,
it's just the anime that made it seem so girly.
and I love how Tsubasa RC, xxxHolic and Cardcaptor Sakura links :3
but for those who don't read won't understand.

I will do a new blogskin for myself.
red and black maybe?
goth rocks :D