Thursday, October 30, 2008♥
7:56 PM

I'm so tired, finally finished the 10 slides, omg.
I've been stuck to the seat since around 2.45pm - 7pm!
I would have long fallen asleep if not for Pringles, aloe vera yoghurt, and some sweets..
if I want to keep awake , I have to turn into a glutton, so what.

yeah I built a tower with Xj and Jing Wen using Rara's uno cards painstakingly, with immense patience painstakingly,
after toppling it with XJ's curses and prayers,
retarded boys using the remote control F1 Car to attempt to crash it.


this is it!

managed to quickly take some pictures before its demise, getting kicked and smashed by the boys.


thanks to Lavender's scanner :3

I'm using my brother's com so, the best I can do is using paint ==


its small this way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008♥
4:25 PM

Oh yes, Lavender came back to school today!
I got the London Eye :3

And, the CL quiz was freaking boring.
like seriously, we just at and watch, not the least interesting, plus I'm not even the participant
Nor do I want to be one.

Then, we had 20 mins recess..
cut short.
why? Even I don't know.
Just because our teacher haven't come yet,
then like..
Our teacher always never comes.

After reccess was quite sian.
yah. so, I shall skip.
and end it =.=
I'm too tired and lazy.

let's just leave it at it is.

Sunday, October 26, 2008♥
4:37 PM

yay I made a new skin, i love it, I want to use it, but I lazy to change.
so I shall make a better one next time >.>

finished the first slide of the presentation ..
troublesome, taking the pics, firstly, have to resize, secondly, still must resize to fit the polaroid.

I'm tired.

Friday, October 24, 2008♥
6:35 PM


Hnn.. should I change my blog url to
with means moonlight, can't find lit :l

and our "Pick up litter" thing at WCP, ended up as playing in McDonalds :D
for once I love the rain <3!

there updated.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008♥
2:55 PM

Talk about bad luck!
Today was a boring day.
That's bad enough I suppose,
then, it was raining, yet I had to take bus home and face the pouring rain.
Cooling, fine, still ok.
THEN, when I was walking home from the bus stop, I had to walk on the road because of the mud puddle,
an effing car went straigth past me, splashed waiter up to my waist.
My whole skirt was wet.

To top it off,
I had to send an email for my mother,
in my own words!

Yaya, shut up about the good practice for situational compo, PSLE is over!


and my only reward from my mother is
1 sweet + $1.


Sunday, October 19, 2008♥
1:25 PM

....I don't even know why I'm blogging, and why my fingers suddenly brought me here..
ok.. reading Detective Conan, decided to read, same thing, my fingers,
and unknowingly got hooked up...zz

Pokemons' not updating, another week till naruto, DGM and bleach is updated.

I drew, lots n lots actually.
but the photo quality sucks.
....decided not to upload, lazy to make it better on photoshop.
oi, not editing pictures, making the bg whiter .

my scratch book is.. umm full
maybe monday I'll be hunting in the oh-so-messed-up store room

oh no my fingers are itching to drw again..
but my pencil n erasers are downstairs..
nvm i shall just quietly read conan


Oh freaking shit. a bad mistake.
someone on class blog chged Puay Tze's url.
maybe. maybe I shouldn't have gave the password to the 2 BIGGEST SUSPECTS.
oh yeah btw, *its not us 4 ok? relax*
I think "we" will know what that means.

Saturday, October 18, 2008♥
12:08 PM

Well, since I was requested to update..
I shall, then.

I finally finished reading Naruto to the latest chapter! (finally!!)
And I won't be watching the anime anymore cause, it's pretty useless and it drags a hell lot..
Oh yes, my photoshop is damn freaking screwed,
my brushes were reset, have to upload teh entire set again, omfg.
I knew, I shouldn't have downloaded so many useless brushes in the first place.
so weifen, your skin will take a little bit longer...

I want to start a new blogskins account too!
for one, my name, day by day, it's getting lamer.
my old style for skinning is noob. seriously, don't know why people even download hah.

Oh yah , in the maple private server, I am level 82!! yay.
too bad it's never gonna happen in the real maple.. pfft..
ok, I happened to type so much, over what I expected, so I shall stop.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008♥
4:53 PM

1st Choice : Nanyang Girls High School

2nd Choice : National Instituition (NJC)

3rd Choice : Rivervalley High

4th Choice : Crescent Girls High School

Pfffft, that's what I gathered from the stupid book.
maybe I'll just anyhow put 2 random school names for 5th and 6th choice.

3:24 PM

Discovery Centre, was fun!
ok, abit interesting ..

Well, Weifen was hoping for a LEATHER SEAT coach, and, it really was leather seat!!
well, the going journey wasn't fun so I shall skip to our break.

I bought Ice-cream waffle :3 $2.50.
Cheaper than buying a scoop of ice-cream, $1.50
and a waffle, also $1.50

Then after that.. we had some race thing..
thankfully for my phone, we saved time copying.. :3
ok.. then we couldn't find a thing at first, very frustrating!
then, we got the hang of it, solved all the questions..
Because we exchanged some answers :x

and because we had so many correct, we had this :

I got the orange doctor one while weifen took the japanese girl pink one..
Rara took the construction worker.. Wanlin took the Army guy..
and Jing Wen took the many people one .

After the race,
we went to.. race once again.

Firstly, we had to answer some quizzes.
We were totally leading lor!
For the questions that we were wrong, they got to answer it and they got it, wrong!!
Hah, we had 2 correct !

Then, the big race.
the boys went.. but we lost, pffft.
for one, the difference in speed of the 2 cars were different, how so?
theirs was more streamlined!
and the gamemaster put our car slanted so Eric, the first player inevitably, crashed the car.

Atleast, we're unlike THEM, they jeered, we merely clapped and cheered when they got it wrong..

Oh well.. just a game..

On the bus,

we played truth or dare, I had to slap weifen :P
and then Xingjing was dared to say "Hey, baby, you're hot and sexy" to Joel.
and she did.
then Ryan was dared to say "I love you" to Renjie.
Whole bus was kind of shocked. LOl.
and guess what Renjie replied?
"I love you too, Ryan"


Oh the best part,
it was Joel's turn to be dared.
they dared him to reply to XingJing "You're hot too"
and she did, and guess what?
They were in the same kindergarten class, well of course I know since I WAS there too..


Finally, have the School Selection Booklet.
So heng.. NYGH Affiliation 251 !!
but only eligible not comfirm in, but it's good ! :3

Tuesday, October 14, 2008♥
5:02 PM

Snow city..
Ice cream making first, shall upload the pictures only later since I'm blogging with my brother's computer.
Well, first, we had to pour in the thickenned cream, then add the flavour, then stir it thoroughly.
The colour was steki~(lovely in jap)
then somehow, I forgot.. we were talking about liquid nitrogen, then the instructer said ..

".. then we will have to put in into the freezer, but that would take 1 hour.. so..*lifts up 2 great containers* "we will have to use these liquid nitrogen........."

Our guess was right! Actually credit goes to Jingwen :3

Then we had to stir stir stir..
after that, "ITADAKIMASU!"
Our strawberry flavoured ice-cream tasting like NOTHING.
Only the disgusting creamy taste of the thickenned cream lingers.. -yuck.
I. hate. milk!

Then we went- to the snow!!

I hate ron, he totally shot my face with snow for no freaking reason can, twice.
and I just got in the place, wtf.
and btw, thats against the rules.

Then the snow, -6.7 degrees celcius, and my brother said "Aiyah, not cold one!"
My foot!!
my nose, my mouth were all numb can.
my gloves were all snow also...

But, heck.
The riding part was fun, sometimes I turned 180 degrees ..
and once..
I went super fast, trying to get up, then weifen came hitting me, fell, then jingwen banged into me. wtf double blow.

Hahaha. I'm making sure to post about all the fun Lavender missed.
Kaoz, can go London 2 weeks. Unfair.

Monday, October 13, 2008♥
6:01 PM

The cinematic experience, wasn't that bad.
I figured it would be like... hmm some lousy, unentertaining, boring, educational show.
but, its the spiderwick chronicles!
Yes, and I haven't watched it before, so it's better.

We went to the film room or whatever you call it..
and Zhixin answered a question correctly and recieved a brats stamp thing.
Bet she loved it.

Then, after going around, we went back there .. and stoned..
then we were allowed to buy some stuff for our movie :3
Was super reluctant to buy anything.
One popcorn $6.50, One nacho $5.20.
Daylight robbery or what?!

OK, but in the end, me, wanlin and weifern bought 2 combo set and split the cost by 3.
$5 from each of us, kind of worth it since we get to drink, eat nachos, and the popcorns, rather than buying one nacho for like $5.20 =.="
Ok then, the movie started...

Oh yah, forgot to mention, wanlin, sat. next. to. LUKE.
apparently, she was super reluctant to do so.. but since Jiawei moved up one seat,
winston had to move away.. then ... sigh..

right, back to the movie.
Apparently, SOMEONE behind me kept blurting out spoilers, and continued for a long time.
rahhhh, like the term, spoilers, it spoiled the movie. ( abit lah )

Hmm.. then I shan't say anything about the movie, except that the graphics are pretty good.

Oh, oh !
When it was for the action part,
Luke... a boy, from his name .. ok sorry..
hugged his bag..
held it over his head..
freaked out..

which in turn caused wanlin to kind of freak out as well, due to his behaviour.
we then passed the message ...
not very nice,
but "good" things must share, right?

being a girl, is hard. really.
not that I'm a boy in disguise.

Kay, so I went back home,
went Bugis Junction to get my track pants, bought an extra top, a shorts, a hair tie.. that it I suppose..
oh and some food of course :3

OK, now to watch HEROES SEASON 3!!
My brotrher lets me watch it but I have to let him play.. oh well..

Saturday, October 11, 2008♥
5:59 PM

Yay, changed blogskin,
Lazy to post about the two exciting, memorable, fun days.
Neoprints rocks!
Pool Party Rocked!

And my brother just went to Woodland to get the thing something like r4 ..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008♥
11:04 AM

hah, my mum let me use the computer, cause higher chinese is just ~

Yay, tomorrow going to watch house bunny
then party,
then skate.


cannot wait :l