Sunday, August 31, 2008♥
8:29 PM

Oh yah,
regarding my pink blogskin,
I'm sorry if it's overly pink or something.
with the links and titles pink,
when the background is already..
it's the only way to keep in the theme.. so..

too bad! hah. :x

oh, and why is the text part so small when I have 1200x800px of space?
well, I like it more compact,
and, enjoy making it harder for you guys!!

8:19 PM

well, Okay.
I'm happy with this blogskin,
have been wanting one like this in agesssssssssss.
and I finally got my wish :3
well, I was very very lazy to do the codings and was unconfident after a few stupid failed attempts..
but, who cares, its still good in the end !

Just now went to Junction 8...
went on half jacket/cardigan hunt,
end up nothing.....
but I bought frozen yoghurt, it rocks. :3
I think it's better than ice cream, I remember they used to sell that during the Nanyang FunFair
but this year didn't have one, damnn.
It was pretty cheap for one cup, like about $2...
but for this...
medium sized is $5.70...

and you know the DS cartridge which allows you to store games inside and don't have to buy..
that thing.. my brother said it was $30 from China,
but in Singapore, its a freaking $90!!!!
no wonder the China one got stuck in the DS, pffft.
and it ended up broken while forcing it out,
well, there goes my brother's $30, who cares, it's his loss.

Oh and I bought black cleancolour !!
for my outlining of course ~
but haven't got the chance to draw with everybody at home..

and oh yah,
might go to weifern's house for BBQ on friday!
maybe me and Lin going there ourselves...
Lin, if you're reading,
my mum offering to send us to Bukit Batok(is it? nt so sure, but my mum will send us to correct one) Mrt,
since it's red line and Yeo Chu Kang also red line,
so we just sit until weifern's house lorh.

11:01 AM

Shit, I may be happy over rejection but I'm scared.
scared my PSLE cannot hit atleast 251,
scared hit already still cannot go,
scared have to appeal go last class,
scared cannot hit 259,
scared cannot beat my brother,
scared get teased by my brother,
scared go some unknown schools.

if only there were this section "infocom"(or how the hell you spell it) for DSA.

Saturday, August 30, 2008♥
6:50 PM

A great cause for celebration!
the four of us + one (Jerene)

failed the NY DSA!!


even Jerene failed :o
kay, I'm not gloating but she's not supposed to..
oh well.

Friday, August 29, 2008♥
11:35 PM

I was figuring you'd be utterly sick of this colourless blogskin (fine, very less vibrant colours)
I planned to make a new one,
it didn't turn out, too good.....
so I'll have to keep trying till I get something I want.

heh, good luck to me, I'll probably take 2 days or more.

6:21 PM

what. the. hell.

my ear piece is giving me problems again.
first, I can hear the background music, no singer's voice,
now ------ can hear both, but only in the right ear.
only after adjusting and fiddling with the plug thing then it works.
it's troublesome.
and I hate troublesome things mainly because I'm lazy.

oh yah, TCD.

the singing parts...
literally gave me goosebumps.
the "Tong Hua" that part,
not only did the girl who sang... kay, no offence,
I know I wouldnt' hell dare nor have the courage or would I even bother to perform but, sucks.
plus, there was this group of girls behind us,
2 of them were singing it, another was clapping.
that probably made me feel colder on a warm weather.

the first performance was by a girl ---- named Kimberly!!
notice the "e" is not there, probably because it normally does not have the "e"
god knows why mine has an "e".
kay she only P1 and zo cute playing the violin.
hahh, duh I clapped loudly.

and oh yah,
waited so damn freaking long for the last performance by the prefects.
it was some kind of dance,
chia bang ow and weifen were well hidden behind but chia was easy to spot later in the performance, only spotted weifen when they were walking back.

and I was almost crushed by the weight of the contents of my locker,
and of course the super thick stack of holiday homework

Thursday, August 28, 2008♥
10:49 PM

Go Pikachu!

PS : Pikachu is a mouse. :3

5:20 PM

omg, I went to read pokemon out of curiosity and influence,
and I got hooked!

2:27 PM



actually it was just 80.5 marks,
then teacher missed out a "2" somewhere,
so I got 82.5!!

but hard to believe that my HCL can be higher than my CL...
apparently the shitty oral ......................

kay anyway, just to wrap it up,
I am high, and very happy,

oh yah, to add to the happy occasion,
my mum bought dark chocolate,
with RASPBERRY inside!

and GREENTEA shampoo :3

Wednesday, August 27, 2008♥
8:16 PM

I feel utterly pathetic because I have a stomachache now,
and is most likely because I added too much chilli to my meesiam.

well, chilli IS nice.

2:36 PM

I calculated my t-score!

it is a mediocre...


well, I calculated using

Language : 100%
Math&Science : 50%

if its all 75% then maybe it'll drop..
but I'm using this 'cause in my brother's time they used this too.
haha, he had 240++ also,
and he got A* for his Science,
He always brags, but in the end the prelims are similar.
hope the score will jump in PSLE like Mdm Heng said,
hope can jump 30 pts (0.0001% I suppose)

272.75 , ROFL!
kay, not possible for me. shall not dream anymore.

Basically my ^$%^$%^#@ oral pulled me down a HELL lot,
compo dragged me down for EL but pulled me up in CL

a whopping 31/40! (for you smart people out there, a 30, no a 31 is SUPER RARE! --- for me.)

anyway, I must work hard for the main papers, ace it get into NYGH, and whooosh, there goes my O lvl ! yay!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008♥
5:05 PM




nothing worth to be sad about,
my real intention is NYGH anyway.

but I haven't even took the art test.
omg, my mum's $50!

f, I want the refund, a mere sheet of OAS is not worthed it!!
In case you didn't know, they didn't let us write on the question booklet,
meaning it was RE-USED!
my god.

Monday, August 25, 2008♥
5:15 PM

Only satisfied with my language results.
maths and science, not so much.
also satisfied with this skin. (:

Sunday, August 24, 2008♥
6:03 PM




flash is super complicated.
like SUPER!!

now I only know how to make things turn,
and gradually appear, that kind of thing.

one word.


Thursday, August 21, 2008♥
4:20 PM

Kay okay,
since you all know my previous skin screwed.
and I'm just too freaking lazy to do a new one.
and I was deprived of posting ...
so anyhow grabbed a "hot skin"?
Lol. ok anyway.

I'm trying to learn macromedia flash!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008♥
5:55 PM

My DS is OK now !!
Idk what my brother used to take out the retarded cartridge,
but my DS was FINE!
Although the same thing can't be said for the cartridge..
it's the type that you put the memory card inside with the games and all..
like the PSP or something like that..
but it's $30,
after PSLE, we shall buy it !
split cost by half, heart pain :3

So, just now I restarted my Pokemon Pearl...
then play until battery flat ._.
but I know that tomorrow is EL Prelim..



.... urh.

Friday, August 15, 2008♥
1:55 PM

weifen, when I wanted to send you the small preview of the mostly undone image of your skin,



I shall post the preview here,
leave what you want remove/added/whatever under my cbox.

Monday, August 11, 2008♥
8:17 PM


Animation has come into my life!

2:42 PM

I guess the animation has spoken for itself, ^^

10:58 AM

I thought ti was my mum on the phone
so I said, "what?"
end up is my chinese tuition teacher !!

got nothing to post,
don't know what to draw.

I've regretted one right click and one left click ):

Sunday, August 10, 2008♥
10:40 PM

super blur, but the best my phone could do I guess...
never really drew the feet cause' in the given pose or whatever you call it,
the feet part was cut off -!!

whats with me today?
Idk, I keep searching for pictures,
then drawing and drawing....
just finished my full metal alchemist one in half an hour,
wanted to daw another anime I watched before but .......
I forgot the title !! >.<


7:30 PM

*whistles oh-so-innocently*

fine, so what if I did make a new skin,
although I stated I wouldn't till psle was over.

if you want to see,
all green and white, pfffft.

new fridge came today,
and---duh, it was obviously time to throw the old one...
older than me by 2 years, know!

2:33 PM

I used the paper to scratch my lip,
and my lip is now cut --- again!

damn, I hate the school paper,
so sharp.
and it ALWAYS, NEVER FAILS to be the maths practice paper !
but nevermind, one or two days later it'll be gone.
but it did swell abit? :s

10:35 AM

not only have I drawn Lenalee again, this time better,
I drew Nel Tu too!!

but the pose for Nel is supposed for her to be looking up,
but the way I drew it makes kind of look at you more than looking up,

oh lavi is there too!

Saturday, August 09, 2008♥
6:42 PM

just came back from IMM!

bought my earrings at SK.
the main purpose was my earrings, but my mum ended up with two pairs herself. =.="
then the sales lady saw my mum and my maternal cousin talking in Bahasa,
and talked to me in Bahasa
I had the I-totally-dont-know-what-you're-saying face LOl
like, why would I learn that?
No interest.
I rather learn Japanese,
my mum says she won't object!

then after that we went to get my cousin's bar fridge,
had to get the display set 'cause no more stock, hoho.
then after that we used to trolley to move it into the car.

and we were passing by some shops ----------
we went into one clothes shop to try my luck on getting a half jacket, always couldn't find a suitable one.
and yet, there it was, HANGING there!
black hoodie one, the insides of the hood is white with grey polkie dots :3
polka dots are cool, okay.

oh yea..

I erased lenalee hoping to draw a better version..
but ------ I kept erasing until the paper had so many marks,
now even my previous lenalee is gone ):

better go bathe and watch the NDP !


11:25 AM

You would never have thought that I would use my hated ----- HICUPS as my blogskin main thing huh.

I wanted to use my "Artificial Sky" but too many flaws, lazy to touch up, so never .

isn't this like much better? :3

Oh yea.


Fancy changing blogskin on Singapore's B'day.

Friday, August 08, 2008♥
10:05 PM

I'm getting new earrings tomorrow!
finally, after using this gold heart shape thing for like 3-2 years.
I drew Lavi, Lenalee already,
I want to draw Kanda but..

as expected huh.
like what Lin says.

I'll be kind and post just ONE
of my pictures from my sketch book :P

Gah, so what if my handphone camera is not up to standard!

1:11 PM

It is so rare that my mother allows me to come online,
yet I don't know what to play or do.
I know I want to colour, but I don't have motivation to colour!
damn. so now I'm going to go maple z.

Thursday, August 07, 2008♥
2:37 PM

I want psle to be over !
so I will have more time to...
well, knowing me...



COLOUR in photoshop :P

I want a scanner if possible T.T

and the pages of my notebook is gonna finish if I draw like 3 pictures a day using a single piece of paper.
but, I can't help it!
I wish that I would draw not so fast.. Lol

Friday, August 01, 2008♥
3:21 PM

Kay, have not really posted in a long time...
let's talk about yesterday, since it was more interesting..

HAH 151cm, so what.
now I can call him S-H-O-R-T-Y
You know, he is dam emo, he got mosquito bite,
he go scratch until a lot of blood which looked like a big wound,
after he washed, it was one tiny bite.

Got a lollipop :3
oh yea, -----
great, I forgot what I was just supposed to type.


(sounds like the newspaper Lol)

Ok, I was sleepy throughout the entire day.
The boys are all sick.

spent time drawing/colouring, fun.
took picture of my artificial sky(you will know why later when I colour it in ps and upload)
and bluetoothed it to my lap..

In short,
today is a boring day
and the start of the seventh month.