Saturday, July 26, 2008♥
11:04 AM

Oh gosh, my chinese compo is 5 pages and 3 quarter line long,
broke my record of 3 pages..
hope exam don't come out this type of thing,
got no time for 5 pages....

Monday, July 21, 2008♥
12:10 PM

me is very high..
laughed at Lin for 30 minutes cause she spitted out the toothpick and I found it ridiculously funny.
Then, we went to the fair and I loved the malted candy and the Muah Chee~
heh, then we went down to the canteen, they bought wedgies!!
but Chia gave us the wedgies cuz she doesn't want....
then weifen snatch from me and we started to run around the deserted canteen...
then we all finished eating.....
ONLY LEFT ------- LIN!!
cause i was at the staircase,
I almost fell, and I walked super funny weird and ...
lol, then we rushed up to class cuz we were practically late...
then we met one guy idk primary what but he needed to go to the music room but he doesnt know.
so Chia, as an excuse escorted him to the music room whi9le the rest opf us went back up to class..
then we went to the toilet,
Lin found a wallet/bag whateevr in the cubicle and we decided to be kind people and brought uit to the general office.......
then we were super high!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008♥
2:24 PM

2:06 PM


my new loves.
super nice colours,
and they match.

Friday, July 18, 2008♥
3:17 PM

Just wanted to tell everyone to go to class blog,


no kidding,
anyway, I look stupid, well, not that I really care anyway.
kay, just go look!

Sunday, July 13, 2008♥
12:13 PM

YAY, This post is going to be very long, (I think, If I can remember every single detail)
But, I can't possibly list out everything we laughed for, because we laughed practically, every 1 minute or less LOL.

Kay, I was the last one to reach lavender's house, cause' by the time my mum reached home it was 2.30 already -.-"
Then did some research for the violin..(boring part),
evil plant almost forced me to stay and do the report. hmph.

Then we went to buy sweeeeeeets!!
Heh, then we were choosing sweets while Lavender went to take a trolley..
then soon.. Lavender came back..with..
the small type in cold's storage, LOL.
damn small lah, its smaller than a basket.
then we were laughing like.. LOLOOLOL!! XD
then we started putting sweets in it, a lot!
we bought, hershey's kissables, chupa chups cocacola lollipops,
some mint chocolates,
Yuppie gummies, and more..
then we paid after Lavender's mum came.
Then lavender's mum ask her to go up and ask her brother if he finish.
then she came down and said, havent.
then her mum asked her to go up again and ask if we need to wait for him,
and told lavender not to run, but as soon as she got off the escalator, she started running Lol.
then lavender came down saying that her brother say he can walk home.
we so went home first.

then, we started eating while doing the music thing,
but since I don't know anything about music, and can't diffrentiate a viola from a violin,
I slacked playing audition, LOL.
then when we finished the music, except for the credits part,
we went..
lol, we were like doing CWO lorh. Lol.
pick up leaves and twigs..
some twigs were so thick, while some very thin, lol.
then we picked up and picked up..
then we went to play the swing!!
After that we went to collect more on the way to the "turn-turn-thing"!
2 people sit on opposite side, and someone turns it. zuper fun :P
then we had to cross over 2 drains !
Plant was scared of one of them . Lol.
the second drain to the "turn-turn-thing" had a pineapple inside!! =.="
then we went to play ------ "THE TURN-TURN-THING!"
Lin got the most giddy. Lol.
Lavender had to hold 3 phones lol.
then when we went back, I jay-walked :P

Then we returned to Lavender's house,
Her mum offered us some food, but I don't want.. not hungry then..
then they all insisted on cokies and cream ice-cream which I got sick of a few years ago.
I wanted strawberry but they.. they!!!
so I ate only a little bit of the ice-cream because it tasted so disgusting, maybe it's just me cause' I got so sick of it.

Then we went to start on our RECYCLING BOX!!!
when we were sticking the stuff,we need the uhu glue, so whenever we needed it we shouted
I won't say the process, cause' later other groups go copy, so it's like skipping a hell lot of details.
so we pasted the *******
and then we pasted the ******
and the ******
and the *******...
Then we went to eat pizza!!
the curry chicken was zo shiok!
but I keep taking out the onion the tomato and the idk what,
then my whole plate was filled with that, Lol.
Plant say I waste :P
but, I don't like the way they go crunch in my mouth and the disgusting juice comes out .
overall, very nice :3

then we went back to do our ART!
Plant and Puay was doing the box,
Me, Lavender and Lin were doing the cover.
heh, it was messy, but the result is zuper zuperb.
Then.. afraid of not having enough YOOHOO glue, we went down to her basement,
it's very classroom-y.
and Puay was scared by a FAKE, SOFT-TOY, spider.
then we went up lorh,
unable to find the glue..
but in the end we have enough glue to use,
then we tidied up the room, (see we so good)
Plant and Puay Played first.
then me and Plant,
heh, my tennis sucks,
but baseball was super fun.
at first I couldn't hit properly,
then suddenly I could get single, double! but never homerun ):

Then Puay and Lavender played,
Lavender homerun once,
but Puay homerun twice in a row !!!

Then Puay had to go home...
then after that we continued playing wii, then Lavender's Kakak(maid)(sister in bahasa),
told us that someone's father came then we all rushed down with our bags.
End up is Plant's father,
so we sent her out and say byebye.
then we were very thirsty,
so we drank water, and ended up playing with dried ice, Lol.
then my parents came...
and had to go...

zuper fun and tiring day :3
Thanks Lavender!

Ps : when I went home it was 10pm++ already, LOL.
and I reached there at 2.45pm !

Thursday, July 10, 2008♥
4:57 PM

Uninteresting day again, as usual.
For PE, played hockey again, and I realised I have been, all the long holding the darn stick wrongly.
no wonder I get backache, holding it properly doesn't give me so much backache.
well, Lin shot the ball to the other side of the hall, =.="
for 2 times, had to run all the way there and retrieve the ball. =="

Art - Spent a lot a lot, actually ALL the time, cutting and pasting,
Not telling what we're doing, haha!

English, we cleared A PILE of worksheets, yeah.
finally, a load off my file.

Chinese, the entire 2 periods, for lecturing us,
mainly because some people never do the Chinese mockpaper seriously,
and really, went to the extent of like, leaving the entire comprehension part, BLANK!
no offence, but seriously, it was very boring, and I wanted to fall asleep ._.

Maths Rem.

Stupid Andre and Calvin took Sara's book,
brought it to the boys toilet and blah blah.
tiring chasing them.
they are super lame lurh.
Not fair, I don't even have one.

Then, uhhh, yea, did speed,
quite easy, heh.

Then went home, on the way home,
went to buy GreenTea Mcflurry!
super nice, my mum asked for extra, extra toppings :P
its much better than what they usually give lorh.

PS : Although I did increase my blog font, it seemed to have, shrunk, so now I'm gonna make it big :P

Wednesday, July 09, 2008♥
2:28 PM

Today, was not as interesting as yesterday, so obviously the post won't be long.
Heh, I realised I forgot to bring back my file when I was throwing my bag to the back seat of the car.
Then, wanted to leave it there, but then, got that Maths thingy, have to remove everything under the desks. Zzz
So I ran back and took it.. was panting like..
Then I ate my lunch in the car :3
Not that my mum predicted this and brought lunch, but
she bought lunch :D

Oh yahh, I heard that, the boys toilet, yeah..
Hah, and I also heard that..
got water and bits of shit all over the floor in the boy's toilet LOL.
Kay, sorry if I've ruined your appetite. LOL.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008♥
4:55 PM

woah woah, so many things happened today..
Kay let me start from....

We got a really unpleasant surprise, really, when we entered the classroom,
it stunk, of fish/cuttlefish!!
The whole class stunk of it man.
The cause is from .. A CERTAIN SOMEONE..
called Andrea
apparently, she kept a crab from the dissection, till now.
she had to mop it up, herself.
serves her right.

Then, we had group phototaking Mrs Lee let us choose our own group,
Lin, Plant, Chia, Mouse(me),Sarah, Shu Hui, Jing Wen and Puay Tze
took it together, hah, me and Lin sat on the chair, forced by the others,
Plant even complained we weren't "close" enough, then we asked her,
then what?
she did a kissing action.

PE, ah. I hate PE, basically hockey is not fun, especially during the basics,
when we learn how to move the ball and etc.
Backaches, wth.

And woot, yea, I brought my picture of Allen Walker to school,
borrowed Shu Hui's black pen to outline,
but I didn't want to waste her ink on the sword,
so I used Waffle's one for that.
And then that idiot Ryan wanted to borrow it.
So, being a kind person,(just joking)
I lent it to him, and then, it fell into the hands of Ren Jie. =.="
Then Yunni was looking at it, and that idiot don't want to return it to me,
he was like "Did you draw this?"
I say "What's wrong ?"
"Nono, answer my question, did YOU draw this?"
"Yah lah."
"Omgz."(or so I thought he said that)
Then after that I go claim it back,
he wanted to buy it from me for $2, LOL.
$2 only, Like I will sell lorh,
Stared at the screen for like 0.5h-1h, just drawing Allen,
and all I get ----- $2?
Tomorrow I'll try to get $5
Oh yes, I'm a very greedy mouse if you didn't know.

Hah, then supp,
the entire 2 hours on Chinese, wth.
except for the part where Lin Lao Shi was explaining, it was fun, boring.
Plant kept trying to pull down Jing Wen and Puay Tze's zip, you see,
cause the badminton shirt has the zip instead of button for the PE shirt thing,
I guess you know but well..
Yea, and she tried again and again and again..

Oh yes, in the Canteen, I bought soursop drink, zomg, haven't return Plant the 60cents, LOL.
kay, then I finished mine whereas Plant haven't finish her mango drink,
so Chia said " This is gonna take forever!"
and "S-L-U-R-P"
Plant finished it, finally,
so I said " "Forever" just ended."
Plant said our definition of "forever" is like approx. 1 minute, LOL.
And so Plant said,
Chia is going to live forever, and ever, and ever..
and die forever..
which means, Chia will die in 3 minutes but, only die for 1 minute, after dying for that 1 minute she will be revived :D Lol.
then Plant kept running away from Chia, since she's gonna "die" soon, she was afraid that Chia was going to fall on her. Lol.

And Zhixin is actually a ------------------------ GHOST!!

PS : Apple vinegar + Cold Water = Superb, and I love it.

Sunday, July 06, 2008♥
7:16 PM

Kay alright, enough of those retarded stuff.

Today, went out at 2 to submit my UOB painting which I personally don't really like,
but before that sent my brother to clementi for some funfair thing,
then sent the maid to Idk where, to help clean someone's house I suppose?
then we headed to NAFA.
then the carpark full there, I was scared if we anyhow park like that will get summoned, but my mum say nevermind and really never get summoned Lol.
Submitted my painting,
heh, Hope I win although - duh, super low chance.

Then we went to Bugis Junction,
we bought suan2 la4 tang1 again, I'm in love with it xP.
and also bought some salted chicken thing which was a bit herbal also.
loved it a lot, haven't eaten it in a long time,

I shall go eat it !
Lol, anyway it's dinner time :3

7:07 PM

You know, I hate it.
I did not spam,
I do not know who it is,
and I know to you, saying this is pretty useless isn't it?
since it sounds oh-so-fake.
but really, I was out from 2pm to 6pm, how could I possibly spam?
My mother, my brother and my maid can totally vouch for me on that.

Most of what you said were pretty false.
I won't spend much time on those minor details,
although it hurts.

I admit I didn't go for the debate because I wasn't even a speaker,
researching is super, not my forte.
rather than giving my inferior reports,
of course you would rather me to stay back isn't it?

My clothes, only two of them are pink related,
but definitely not hot pink,
You are very welcomed to take a look at my wardrobe.

For my music phone, yea,
I was kind of showing-off,
Like who wouldn't?
I mean, human nature eh?
You also showed off your new computer and blah blah blah blahhhhh..
Everyone shows off once in a while,
sorry if to you, that I have gone overboard.

and "If this isn't over yet",
how long would you want to drag this useless, timetaking, troublesome, stupid,

Saturday, July 05, 2008♥
6:07 PM

The greenies, the greenies :P
I know it sounds like genies.
Love the concept for the recycling box thing, although the name "recycling box" itself kind of spoiled it, 'cause.. well..

can't wait till next saturday :3
heh, doing 3 projects lei..
although my mum complained, but nevermind to not spoil the mood, shall not say it.

Seriously, I don't see why people are like "OI! You copy me !"
Yea, I admit, I also don't like.
but, hey, have you ever thought about yourself?
I'm sure everyone has copied someone's idea somehow, right?
Like, having an image link thing, I made one, but the idea certainly did not pop out from my head.
But it's human nature, when you see something cool, or really fascinating widget on someone else's web/blog, you're tempted to like have one yourself right?
Just let them copy lah, if they copy about helping you make this or that,
if their final product is not nice, their names are tarnished, people won't request anymore.
Hence, the request thing will be rendered useless as well.
Act famous, then act all you want, after all its "acting" famous, means its not real, no matter how hard you try to be famous or "act" famous, all I can say is good luck.
Also, some people just don't know their limits, they can't do it well, so why bother putting up that you can help others to make?

Kay, this topic is totally random, not aiming to anymore okay.
I'm driven to boredom. Lol.

Ps : there's something VERY wrong with my mouse scroller! Argh.

Friday, July 04, 2008♥
1:06 PM

oh well, I shall post, for the sake of POSTING!
Hah. In school now, the internet sucks, its 10000 times better when I'm using my own laptop.
super lot of homework today, oh ya!!
we disected crabs, but never really did it, all we got to see/touch were from the leftovers from 6F ... not fair .. anyway, was glad I didn't have to touch it..
Gah. so boring, going hom ein 22mins time.
going to get my new phon earpiece cause mine really, really... has something wrong.
still under warranty so it's goon abe FOC.

Thursday, July 03, 2008♥
4:00 PM

So, I shall be a bad girl and break the post I made to my blog.

Not going for art anymore, quite boring, lavender's not going either, haven't pay yet anyway.
Just ate one bowl of suan2 la4 tang1, super nice, better than the one sold in school, but they don't sell it anymore. damn.
and also ate GreenTea McFlurry!
My mum helped me asked for extra green tea powder, usually they put so little only :P
Feel super full now :S

I left my red clean colour in class T.T
Andrea almost took it, but luckily plant help me keep, until tomorrow. Lol.

zzz.. I feel so full, my stomach is so uncomfortable, T.T