Saturday, May 31, 2008♥
4:26 PM

I'm bored,
after making my 13th skin.
Yea, I know I'm making skins at a very fast speed 'cause I've got nothing to do..
And Lin is annoyed by the fact that I'm practically slacking every day while she's working so hard.

well, we're planning on a study group !!

She wants my house..

Lavender, Fern what do you think?

Friday, May 30, 2008♥
11:35 PM

I'm so very bored.
tmr, Brenda will be going to grandma house..
might be doing a collaboration blogskin if there is time..
but looks like no time like that haha..
kind of depends if our Aunt is bringing us out actually..

Lin, please go online, or I will die of boredom.

2:40 PM

Yay, Bad news to all that hates me - My com is working well again!
Yesterday, it crashed.
Cuz' of the stupid theme, who would know after the programme that made it expire can cause it to..
then today, Idk what my brother did, it was workable.. but not completely cured..
so I reformat it ..
have to download everything again..
at least no more stupid errors~

haha ..


Wednesday, May 28, 2008♥
8:31 PM


reached 500 :D
but of course it was 2 years worth of blogging, including certain out-of-point posts ~

Today, winston never come hahah!
you can say I'm xing4 zai2 le4 huo4 but..
I can put my file on his table..
and Wanlin can move there when copying science notes !
and we're going to NYGH on 16 and 17 JUNE for the NYGH workshop !

Mrs Tan made us draw lots..
tore out many small paper..
drew 1 star each on 10 of them and mix them with blank ones..
whoever get the star paper gets to go..

After Mrs Tan dropped them on the table, everyone snatched Lolz.
I poked my hand in and managed to get one paper between my fingers, almost dropping..
then I was very slow in unfolding my stupid paper..
then, I saw 3 of them getting star ):
I thought I wouldn't get it..
then.. I opened, I saw a star!!
Lin saw it too..
then we were like holding hands shouting " I GOT STAR I GOT STAR!!!"
lolz. went so high xDD

Must be fate, the 4 of us are always together xD

super sian, almost fell asleep while browsing a gazzilion brushes..

8:10 PM

1. Start Time: 8.10pm
2. Name : Kimberley
3. Nickname : Kim
4. Astrology sign : Aries
5. Gender : Girl
6. Hair color : black
7. Eye color : brown/black?
8. Height : 148cm ( at term 1 )
9. Favorite color : PINK, HOT PINK
1o. Glasses : Have..
11. Tattoos : Nopez
12. Birthplace : Glenegles
13. Area code : Postal Code? Dont wish to disclose :D
14. TRUE friends : The Four - (me) Lin, Fern, Chia, NOT FORGETTING RARA-SAN!

15. Cut your own hair? Yea. Mum asked me why there was so much hair on the table Lol.
16. Done something in the past regret? A Lot, even posting this.
17. Have you ever met someone you were not supposed to? Maybe?
18. Skipped school? Yes! My mum didn't object xD
19. Bungee jumped? I want but never.
2o. Punched someone? YeaYea, but seldom.
21. Cheated on someone? Idk.. I'm honest ~ haha jk :x
22. Been arrested? innocent ~
23. Broken into someones house? Hey, I'm not a thief.
24. Been to a funeral? No
25. Used a lighter? Very, very very very very very very .. Rarely

26. Season : Winter, I never touched snow before ): Not even the fake one.
27. Ice cream flavor : Raspberry Sobert
28. School subject(s) : MATHS!!
29. Candy : Like all except for those disgustingly sweet one without any sourness.
3o. Breakfast : Ice Cream (:
31. Juice : Cranberry and pomegranate
32. Book(s) : Horror books (TSGS!!) Or those like Harry potter.

33. Favorite fast food restaurant : KFC - ( only the shrooms xD )

34. Disney Princess : They ALL suck. (no offence to those who love them)
35. TV station : Channel 8 and Channel 5!
36. Name for a son : Never thought of this
37. Name for a daughter : Hmm.. Castile? Lolz

38. Chocolate or Vanilla? for ice cream, vanilla, for just itself, chocolate.
39. Alcoholic or not? No, although I like liquor chocolates XP
40. Scary movies or comedies? Both!
41. Short or long hair? Long~
42. Croutons or bacon bits? What are croutons? :x, I guess bacon bits.. last time i ate bacons was 3 or 4 years ago..

43. Mexicans in general : Mexico?
44. School : study, study study.
45. Grass : flowers? Lol.
46. Cow : Mad Cow disease
47. Canada : Well, Idk? somewhere I never go before?
48. Mouse : Me!
49. Hands : AUDITION!

have you ever,

50. Watched a movie? Yea

51. Talked on the phone? of course
52. Cried? On the first day I was out of my mum.
53. Choked? especially when I'm laughing
54. Drank a glass of water? Yea.
55. Done Drugs? Medicines lo
56. Read a book or magazine? Yea but VERY seldom
57. Watched TV? Just did
58. Looked in the mirror? I have a mirror at home, and I'm not blind.
59. Taken a shower? ..stupid question, but of course I did
60. Taken a picture? Want see? On 2nd thought maybe I don't want let you see..

61. Listened to music?
62. Kissed someone? My mummy!
63. Told someone you liked them? No, I hate all boys :D
64. End time : 8.23pm


Tuesday, May 27, 2008♥
6:24 PM

MISSION : To get my mum to buy me a lollipop

should have posted that 6 hours ago, but oh well..
Just finished all my homework that needs to be handed up tomorrow.
except for 1 question, the stupid cow one :l
and the earthworm one, I got numbers like 3.5235..

Tmr is last day of sup!
At least, I don't have to wake up so early ~

Trip to genting canceled <-- I know I'm posting it late on my blog but who cares
because they couldn't reach an agreement as my Aunt wanted to go back to her village to visit but the others didn't want to ..

But my other Aunt promised to compensate it with.. a 1 day of food and shopping!
Time to cross out items from my wishlist xD

1:50 PM

Teachers dumped us with lots & lots of homework..
Chinese was the worse but luckily I did finish the Compre in school..
Maths, Idk how to do Q2 !
Whats with the stupid cow .. -.-
English.. the test paper..
science have or not?

Monday, May 26, 2008♥
7:54 PM

Just came back from Lin's house,
a thoroughly fun-filled day (:

We went to Mac Donalds, I was damn full after eating 1 filet o fish -.-
Forced down the ice-cream ( regretted buying )
and Lavender said let's race while waving her mac chicken
we all thought she was talking about eating
then, when lavender was taking her last bite,
Lin said " I thought we were racing?"
Lavender said " I was talking about swimming!!"
Then we all laughed LOL.
and sadly, my mum was busy so she couldn't give us a lift ~

And Lavender had her first taste of life.
when we were crossing the road, the car was like coming and she yelled "STOP!!"
obviously the driver couldnt hear her.
and she kept complaining it was so long way ..

Then we did our Maths Homework
Then audi 3 games
then we went swimming !!!
we played marco polo 2 blind mice, with 1 director mice ^^
Learned to swim too -.-
kind of injured my knee, but the pain's gone although its blood red now.

Then we went back, while waiting for Lin and Fern to bathe,
me and lavender played battleship, I won thanks to pure luck ^^
Then we played the game of Life
Lady luck was shining on Lavender, but only at the start..
it shone on me next ^^
kept switching salaries..
sadly, Fern had to go home..
so I played for her..

Then my mum came !
I was so forgetful.
I forgot my pins and my hair tie
and my water bottle
Lin brought down my water bottle but she never brought down my pins and hair tie
so had to go up and take again
and in the end
I forgot
my file.


I'm expecting a long post from you three. Haha.

Sunday, May 25, 2008♥
8:17 PM

Saw a very chio blogskin,
wanted to use it but I've recently changed my blogskin already.
but Lin said it was okay.
so, I changed my blogskin!

its rainbow after the downpour

6:28 PM

I'll turn a blind eye to all rippings then.

would you have credited if I had not reminded you?
must you shoot back those words?
insulting me is fine, but my friends?
and the basecodes is completely and UTTERLY the same, for one, you never changed ANYTHING under the basecodes, only the background colour of the blogskin.
if you change it to black , IT WILL BE ALMOST THE SAME.

I'm sick and tired,
put this to an end.
and improve your memory.

10:48 AM

She has creditted and the matter has been left to rest (:

The person,
who scolded regine like $#^%#%$#% for ripping my basecodes,
thinks I am thoroughly blind..
Here is a side-by-side comparison
click to enlarge

she has ripped my basecodes.

mind you, no credits.

no matter how many times I search at the credits portion.

enjoy spotting the difference similarities !!

black bg one is mine
blue bg one is hers

Very honored..
people actually want to use my basecodes,
it shows mine is up to standard..

PS : I'm not that angry cuz thats my old basecodes, not using those anymore ~
but, ripping is bad ):

10:14 AM

MSN failed me while I was talking to Lin yesterday ):
Just when she finally was willing to be online.
she was appearing offline all the while ! =.=
And when I troubleshoot it, everything's fine, MSN is just unwilling to let me sign in ):
well, lucky there's something called SMS!

Feeling bored, there's nothing much to do eitehr besides blog hopping and etc.
Audi is boring, especially when 140~ rooms are kind of rare ._.

Saturday, May 24, 2008♥
5:48 PM

I am bored.
so bored that.
I did 3 out of 6 English Comprehensions
so bored that.
I did the Science MCQ.
so bored that.
I almost forgot about my Chinese Tuition.
so bored that.
I am posting a lame post like this.
so bored that.
I am going to end this post.

12:26 PM

Holidays suck ):
There's nothing to do anymore.

Friday, May 23, 2008♥
6:11 PM

while everyone is at the roadshow..
I am at home!

and.. I bought a new hairband !!
I think I have abt 8 already..
must stop this addiction..

Oh yea, and I bought a swimming pants,
and a black&white polka dot top for swimming at Lin's house on Monday ^^
I doubt I'll bring my laptop..
since we're gonna SWIM!

June Holiday Schedule..
I look at it..
I can faint ~

3:07 PM

2 weird people asked me for directions while I was walking home from the bus stop..
both had different destinations..
very difficult to explain to them..
tell me, is it lucky or unlucky?

and my maid took freaking long to open the goddamn gate.

I am ultimately pissed with Eric for always kicking my chair whenever he walked by.
well anyway, its the holidays..

did the whatever NE Quiz today..
I only got 7380 points..
Bryan accidentally quit and didn't save his score..
and in 3 minutes, he got 700 pts lol..

my mum.. took her rm key with her..
so I can't enter her room to bathe, my toilet is out of use because of the whatever feng shui..

2:55 PM

esp the colours..

now for my ugly one..

tada!! so ugly, I hate it. =.=

and as you can see I changed my blogskin ..
and its June Holidays!

Thursday, May 22, 2008♥
5:11 PM

Muscle aches !!
my thighs, my shoulders, my waist, my stomach T.T
It hurts when I laugh,
It hurts when I walk down or up the stairs ( very unfortunate.. many stairs at home T.T )
It hurts when I bend down,
It hurts when I bend to any side..

Today ran my 1.6km !
Sorry Lin D; I went first.. and so you didn't get to go today ):
partly their fault, they spent half the time explaining about this and that..
well.. I have gotten 11th place..
sucks but what can I do?

In art.. finish my ugly, hideos painting I hate..
Lavender's one was chio !
I took pictures!!
but I'm too lazy to get my handphone from downstairs and upload it (:
my legs hurts as mentioned above -.-

super tired.. lucky I finished all my homework in school today !

Wednesday, May 21, 2008♥
8:31 PM

so busy these few days..
yesterday had to go plaza sing before going tuition, when I came back it was already 6.
rushed out some homework.. which means almost no time for much..

today.. very busy as well..
finished my napha at 2.50pm (:
but, had to wait for my mum, Lin accompanied me to wait for my mum..
and in the end my mum offered to give her a lift home as it was not that far..
after that got home, ate my "lunch" (it was 3.45 then..)
then changed and went tuition..
mizo gave us so much homework..

School teachers also dumped a lot, a lot, of holiday homework on us ):
and on all 4 subjects (should be..)

and today.. some .. retarded boys.. were going "CLEAN AND GREEN"
I won't elaborate.. too lazy..
and when He Lao Shi was walking us back to class..
she was just walking ahead..
as we were fooling arnd, we were kind of lagging behind.. and only realised the other's were playing a trick on He Lao Shi much later ..
she was like.. ahead of us by 20m - 30m already...
rest of us giggling behind.. then some oh-so-goodie goodies complained to her..
only then did she realised we were so far back.
gave us a nice scolding which went in our left ears and out from the right.

But I am happy because .. the entire Chinese Period was wasted, Just like that!

sigh.. tomorrow .. our 1.6km..
don't feel like running.. the weather is getting from bad to worse..
33 degrees celcius !
you tell me, nice to run anot!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008♥
8:33 AM

hello, blogging from school today.
music instructors never come so we went to com lab 5 ..
took like so freaking long to just crack the goddamn internet thing..
so I'm sharing my com with lin..
sian ~

Monday, May 19, 2008♥
3:35 PM

I have finished my 10th skin.. finally 2 digits..
and I'm feeling very sian..
haven't read finish my fruits basket manga because I was bored after all the excitement was over and I decided to make a blogskin..
so well.. tomorrow school will reopen..
and it will be 4 more days to
"byebye school for 1 month!"

2:27 PM

忠 ™ best in me. says:
i think u can eliminate 1 and 4 no one choose
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
of course la
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
ya lor
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:
choose a number from 2-3!
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
忠 ™ best in me. says:
223 la
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
so chia makes the last decision
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
lets wait
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:
i'll make her say 1
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ I don't think it's just me... but i think its going overboard. says:
i'll kill u
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:

Sunday, May 18, 2008♥
9:53 PM

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
choose a number from 1-4
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
i guess next time i dun wan ask u liao
♥ κimвεяℓεy says:

9:21 AM

Apparently, my cousin's classmate
ripped off my basecodes.. in blogskins..

still claiming that.. ALL of those were hers
hahaha.. seriously I find it very funny, can 2 people REALLY make the same basecodes?
with the EXACT shade of colour?

furthermore, almost all my skins except the first 4, are in fact already in the same basecodes.

I'll give you a lil' comparison.

(too lazy to take ss and upload so I'll just give you the links :x)



I'm sure everyone likes the game "spot the difference"
so try and do that to the basecodes ( not including the text and the image )

Have fun!

The below is adapted from Brenn

Regine is such a ripper, can.

"I don't know why I'm obsessed with seeing people writting my bad points on their blog. -.- I guess its because it's kinda funny when they critisize me and didn't realise that they themselves do the same thing too. I'm such a sadist to myself."

Because, you deserved it. Before i go on to the ripping matter, i would really like to critisise her.

a) Obsessed is a strong word. It means you are searching over the seas to see people writing her bad points.

b) Truth is, you really have too many bad points, i cant finish writing about them!

c) THEIR BLOG. Freedom of speech.

d) Don't give your readers a -.- face. They visit your blog and you are to respect them.

e) Kinda funny when they critisise you? Whoa, we dont take it as a joke when we say about you. We take it seriously, can.

f) So you mean im actually secretly mixing with Joni and have a stepmother like you? Fascinating. But no.

g) Sadist. You know what it means not? Donno dont use.

"Well, I'm back after submitting my skin and recoding my own skin :D

Rate, fave and comment if you have an account! Actually it's so crappish that I doubt anyone wld want to download it."

So are you telling us we MUST FAVE?

Yes it really is too crappish because you rip. BLUE PINK! You can rip blue pink!


And yes, back to the most serious matter.


(This biatch actually ripped from wanyi too!)

Look at this: the basecodes and the 1st few lines on the right!

And the brushes:


Click for a better look

And zoomed in:



She either is a ripper or is forgetful.

But alas, she actually tells me she made the base herself there!

Really, can believe not?


Somemore say all mine so confidently.

The brushes/ stickers are from photobucket. And i cannot see the creditting!

(P.S. Now her blog is under maintenence, asked her why and she saw doing new skin. I predict she's ripping someone else now. Unlucky for them)

"Alohar! HERRRR famous slang."

Wow. alohar is in hawaii. Not hers, its been lonnnnnnnnnng created. Ripped off hawaii too!!


Famous. Her famous. Till just a minute ago, i didnt even know she had a slang. AH!

Something else. SLANG is the way you talk, not the vocabulary..

Must improve your english kays! ^^

If she use base image, she will inform.

WHO? Inform who? Lee kuan yew?

And so, she's telling us that the picture is she take one la.

So i decided, out of my goodwill asked her again:

♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
im giving you a chance
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
did you rip
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
or not
! If you like someone, tell them because broken hearts are caused by unspoken words says:
well i din
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
ohh sorry i dont read slang
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
Can you please reply in proper english?
! If you like someone, tell them because broken hearts are caused by unspoken words says:
well i didnt -.-
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
And how did you make a blogskin?
! If you like someone, tell them because broken hearts are caused by unspoken words says:
erm. frm blogger i code liao then post in blogskins
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
Dreamweaver or Lomax902 beta?
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
And HOW in that sense did you make a base?
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
That everyone even those who rip can tell us that
! If you like someone, tell them because broken hearts are caused by unspoken words says:
h1 h2 h3. my fren frm blogskins told me where to edit and then frm there i edit edit edit lo
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
yes. didnt you credit your friend, THEN?!

If you like someone, tell them because broken hearts are caused by unspoken words says:
she say no nid credit her wad
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
Xinni, perhaps?
! If you like someone, tell them because broken hearts are caused by unspoken words says:
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
Xinni insists at her blogskins page that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CRED HER no matter what or she'll report
♀`ßяєηða ♥ '†' ---x LOLLIPOP addict•™ says:
surely she forgot?

I asked her at first, she said

"What rip?"

then i say she rip my cuz, she said:

" Which cuz?"

Waaa. Pro at feigning ignorance.

So i told her in the end, after denying for almost 1 hour,

" Since you say so, you would have to learn it the hard way. Sorry."

And this is the hard way, plus some few surprises coming her way.

(P.S. I was going to trick her if she say that lomax thing then she's faking coz there's no such thing! XD)

and this::


Got it in regine's blog.. (See i credit k!)

You know this pic you ought to credit the stickers too XP

But more of that later,

I'm sure you know you are insulting your own photography.

It's so darn friggin blur you still put it up.

It's so darn friggin ugly (showing your vamp teeth and no eye) you still put it up?

Still have the cheek to put your precious girl.


Therefore a mile away from precious.

Insignificant. I'd live happily without you, all the same. If you live here on earth, id try to get along with you (in vain) and in this case we use insignificant and semi-precious as the correct usage.

IM NOT TRYING TO GO ALL UPPETY but yes, kind of gross.

Your precious girl.

and the white colour thingy is so totally screwing the picture up even more!

I want to play my audi now and can't be bothered with you.

The rest will take care of you.


Good luck! ^^

You would sure need lots of luck..

Friday, May 16, 2008♥
8:50 PM

I am not going to watch bleach for a long time, well atleast after the fillers are over.
The fillers are so boring.. not intruguing.. seems boring..

Made my 9th skin. which kind of sucks.
and still, no inspiration for class blog ~

I personally want an anime themed one but..
the problem is Chia doesn't like it..
Chia why can't you like anime T_T
and football, only 4 people in the class ( or so I think ) are interested and crazy about it..

and the new blogskin won't be coming if no themes comes up !
because Plant will keep complaining, FYI I edited the current class blogskin twice for that

Best is Lin, no complains, even if there are minor flaws :l

Today totally slack through Chinese and English..
English.. we had to share what made us happy..
.. I was one of the last few to go..
Jia Yi purposely picked the ice-cream stick with my index number!!

and.. the woffles.. is no decent soul..
he is dirty minded..
... this class..

5:44 PM

Great, just great.
my counter died on me,
no matter how many times I refresh it,
it stays at one !!

... it was reaching 3000 already..

Thursday, May 15, 2008♥
6:20 PM

well, suddenly, I felt like logging in.. so I did of course.
hmm.. oh yeah, went to Lin's house to fix a puzzle
decided to fix that goddamn fat elephant, for most of the pieces were blue.
and supposedly easier to fix?
but wasn't easier anyway ._.

... I forgot what really happened yesterday so just gonna skip it..
and Winston.. talked to me!
thats if I ask him to say something,
he still won't say Eric or woffles is an idiot!
and.. woffles demoted him into a worm.

and today during art, had to continue my hideous mona lisa which the face was.. @%^#%@#$
the body was alright though..
did the background shabbily and handed it in..

and .. in Art specialists....
had to continue yet again.. my ugly painting..
I hate it
the hair of the manga characters are like solid looking .. no flow..
and it just sucks lah
now currently trying to draw the hair with the flow~
not referring to my painting.

so well.. happy now? I finally posted after being lazy to sign in into blogger for 2 days

forgot to mention we had to come up with a fractured tale today (:
so fun ~

we chose "the poison apple", in other words snow white!
I'll try to write it again..
from memory so there might be many errors
and .. we EMPHASIZED the words alot (:
Plant's favourite line was "Must EMPHASIZE!!"


(writing from evil witch's point of view)
haha you dont get to see the oh-so-beautiful emphasition <-- I know the word doesnt really exist
I am snow white's kind and loving<3 stepmother, as everyone knows me they think I'm WICKED and EVIL which is 100% NOT true.. here's how the story goes.. Snow white ran away from home as I failed to give her a golden rose - unobtainable.

I had only known of her whereabouts when 7 dwarfs came knocking on my castle doors. they were complaining how horrid snow white's housework was.
they had begged me to bring her home.
I refused as I knew it was tougher than lifting the entire castle with my little pinky.
however, they bribed me with a magical mirror that would talk!
you know how lonely I get sometimes when I'm alone at the castle..

And as I knew snow white's weaknesses, her favourite fruit was APPLEs and she had a soft heart for the elderly. so I injected a delicious apple with sleep potion I got from the physician. Little did I know.. he gave me POISION instead!

So I dressed up as an old and oh-so-pitiful lady.. I sneaked up on her.. and I offered her an apple when she realised I was there..

"MUNCH!" Snow white took a bite of the apple and fell unconscious. I panicked. she was almost not breathing! I ran to the physician and ask him for an antidote. "there was one.. " he said, " a True LOVE's KiSS."

Then, a prince was passing, I asked him for help. to my surprise, he fell in love with my oh-so-beloved daughter at the first sight!

"MUACKz" My oh-so-beloved daughter woke up!
the oh-so-evil dwarfs had set me up and told snow white a lie, I was the one who caused her to almost die.

I've been cooped up in my castle for a long time now..
I dont think there will ever be a time when my oh-so-beloved daughter would come back..
nor will I get my magical mirror ):
I'm Lonely!!

*some portions added in myself hehe..

The oh-so-magnificent Authors : Lavender Chia, Huang Wanlin, Ang Wei Fen, Kimberley Tan

Monday, May 12, 2008♥
2:49 PM

Actually wanted to post a lot.
but.. my spirits were dampened..
anyway, thanks Lin for the encouragement (:
although she wasn't going for Gate C, she still ran towards me and said "cheer up"

thanks .

Sunday, May 11, 2008♥
7:02 PM

Happily downloaded and cracked Adobe Flash!
But in the end, when it came to using it ..
I was 100% lost.
never used a flash program before !

help ? ~

5:42 PM

Yay! I've got a Pink Theme ~
Made a black one, a crimson red with black one too ~
though the pink looks kind of weird :l
well, still have 14 more days to make as I like ~

The tomyam for lunch ..
the soup was .. was.. was..
translucent !!
I know soups are translucent but.. normally tomyam is very red/orange with a lot of chilli oil floating on it right?
this one is the typical chinese soup..
oh well, it still tastes great.

Saturday, May 10, 2008♥
9:50 PM

Arranged my desktop neat and tidy (:
now there's only 5 icons.

"My stuff"


"Mozzila Firefox"

"Internet Explorer"

"Recycle Bin"

Why I didn't put songs in "My stuff"?
Cause iTunes requires relocating =.="

4:45 PM

Making a blogskin for a fussy plant is not easy.

3:21 PM

was trying to be kind.. and ask politely..
told her the error..
say I critisize..
react so big for what.. if you didn't then just say so..
and in fact critisize me... in a way ..

1:23 PM

I post so many posts today D;
anyway, I've complete Lin's blogskin and she's using it ~

11:49 AM

Anyway I've done both Plant and Lin's blogskin images,
if you so happen to go online when I'm offline you can view it here,
click to enlarge (:
I'm sure you can tell which one is Plant's which one is Lin's

11:43 AM

don't know how to make..
then don't make..
use people one..
just change a 'lil..
and it's considered yours..?
at least be wiser..
and change a whole lot more...
so it won't be so freaking obvious..
and.. the worse..
you just had to..
take it..
someone.. close..
to you..

11:24 AM

Yay! I have fully recovered ( I think )
My nose is not so clogged after I sneezed more than a dozen times -.-
and my brother is flying to China!
The internet is mine.. mwahahaa...
and since my Father is most of the time at work and so is my mum, I'll be home alone again..

still have to go for chinese tuition later!

and the thunder last time was so freaking loud luckily it subsided after awhile..

My brunch was meesiam and I swear I felt like I was eating plastic..

Friday, May 09, 2008♥
2:04 PM

I'm close to being a healthy girl again !

10:58 AM

I am at home enjoying the luxury of being spared from school.
well, I had a fever of 37.7 degrees celsius <-- sorry Idk how to spell..
feeling much better now, but I'm hungry.. T.T
currently quite sad about my mcq results for both science and maths.

science : 50/60 <-- so little

maths: 18/20, retarded careless mistake.

going for dinner tonight, to celebrate my aunt graduating !
shall end here, cause I'm gonna get some tidbits to munch on.


better appear offline.

I wont say why on my blog ~

Thursday, May 08, 2008♥
2:36 PM

Liverpool rocks: SO DEAD

weifern: DEAD BLOGG! :zonked: hehe jkjikjkjkjjk

.... yes yes sorry, mum banned me till today, tell me, what can I do?
Screwed during Maths today, so careless.
Me and Lavender seem to always make the same mistake..
Lin and Plant says its telepathy, and somehow I'm used to calling Fern, Plant now. Lol.
Chinese .. I love my main paper marks, 50/60
but my compo marks pulled down like shit.