Friday, April 25, 2008♥
6:36 PM

On wednesday, I went for math&science tuition. totally nothing to say..
the boys called a fat girl - air pork
and they said I was wearing a prison shirt just because, it was with black and white stripes.
I met Charmaine .. which was quite a surprise..
Everything's okay ... but.. it just adds on to my homework burden ..

Well, on thursday..
we had to draw...
in which.. i totally couldnt draw the ... face..
everything okay, just.. the ... FACE!
well, better stop here..

Well.. today..


end of story.

Sunday, April 20, 2008♥
9:06 AM

Today is my birthday and my mum just banned me because I never study my oral.
what a fabulous way to start my birthday.

Saturday, April 19, 2008♥
10:27 AM

I feel lazy today,
I don't want to go tuition
nor do I want to study..
I want to just slack :P

Friday, April 18, 2008♥
10:40 PM

Was reluctant to do it..
but Lavender made me do it..

She forced me to take a pic of myself with my new specs.

10:09 PM

Well.. so I got my new specs.. hehe..
not quite used to it yet cause my right eye had a little bit lazy eye, and now the degree is correct so everything is so clear suddenly..
My brother says I look weird in it..
I think I look .. normal..
kekeke... 2 more days to my special day..
well, in fact its not special..
but still..
its my birthday..

4:48 PM

Made my new skin :D
but quite incomplete, will make it perfect after I go collect my new specs :DD

Wednesday, April 16, 2008♥
3:17 PM

Today during Science,
Ryan was stupid enough to think that the soil was to bring on Friday instead of today.
so, only Jerene brought soil, but unfortunately, her soil.. has leaves, small twigs, roots..etc.
and, since the tissue was too big, the water had a hard time seeping through it.
and.. it took approx. 4 minutes for just .. a drop.. of water..
then .. Mrs Tan started reprimanding us for being so noisy..
the water was "stuck" in the funnel...
and as Mrs Tan talked...
the water went down.. ( not down into the beaker, the funnel.. that part.. )
and then finally..
*plop* the 2nd drop .. dropped..
and then we were trying to make more water come down,
so weifen added another 40ml of water.
and Mrs Tan told us to play cheat and stir it..
so, weifen used a smaller funnel's tip to stir.. and then the brown muddy disgusting water.. idk how, it was stuck in the tube of the small funnel.
Ryan attempted to blow it out.. but he didn't dare to put his mouth at the rim of the funnel,
so weifen did it instead. and.. she was going around asking for tissue after that.
then Ryan had no choice but to wash it.
Then I, playing with the leftover tissue from what Jerene gave us.. I tore out a bit which is like a string.. and I used it to like touch the water still in the tube of the funnel with the soil..
and.. unexpectedly.. all the water that was stuck in the tube came running down.
then.. we had to do part 2 of our experiment.. so we asked Luke and Ryan to wash everything, you see, they're actually our maids.. hehehe..

Then.. to avoid making the same mistake, I put in only a little bit tissue..
then we put the soil.. and weifen spilled some in the process..
and then down the water !!
and instantly the water came out..
instantly lurh !!
then Idk why weifen went to get more water and pour it in the funnel..
as we used a small beaker so we could measure 20ml, the beaker almost overflowed.
and it looked like "a person having diarhoa(idk how to spell.. something like that from what I remembered) and its coming out from the person's butt" quote from Ryan.. the maid.

And.. it's so infuriating during Chinese.
He Lao Shi wanted us to do listening compre to just practice for tomorrow..
so we okok lor..
then uh, since the P5s were having their's as well, the volume had to be soft, and some of what they were saying were like mumbling to me.. and in the middle, IT STARTED RAINING HEAVILY. as a result, I had 6 wrong..
and then she was babbling about how good other classes were and we should not get this bad, but since other classes have already done it, they did it on a none exam day, their radio volume could be 2x louder and clearer than ours + it started raining.
Fair test?
.. still go assume until.. like our class is so bad...

3:12 PM

Had a hard time sleeping last night.
the room tenant, direct connected to the modem for better internet speed while playing dota.
however, the modem was located in my room and I had school the following day.
My mum already told him I needed to sleep, a hint to ask him to scram.
but he was still playing..
Thinking it was considerate enough just to wear a headphone.
Apparently it never occurred to him that the clicking sound of his mouse is not soft.
and he didn't like just, *click* then ... a few secs later then *click*..
he... *click*x3 .. pause for 5 secs or so.. *click* x7 and so on..
had to use one of my bolsters to cover my ear, and the other ear pressed on my pillow.

Luckily, my mum finally chased him away, he left.
I bet he was pissed :P

Monday, April 14, 2008♥
5:20 PM

Screeeewed. up.

firstly, I clean forgot abt the hotel slippers for the cyber cafe.
secondly, I have to use wei yi's account to access counter strike for my brother is not home yet.
thirdly, I have to cope myself while my brother is not home
forthly, the freaking download is taking ages.


And.. I may gonna have contact lense/new specs :D
or maybe both.. wakaka.. =x

Hey wait. I have to solve the hotel slipper problem first..

Sunday, April 13, 2008♥
12:57 PM

got this from Bren's blog.. quite lame actually..

10:00 AM

The quiz is extracted from Nicolette's blog.
and Idk why its all in pink now.


1. Do you like anyone? No . ==
2. Do they know it? dont like anyone
3. Simple or complicated? None


4. Had sex? No.
5. Bought something? Ya alot ..
6. Gotten sick? No.
7. Been hugged? With my mother <33
8. Felt stupid? urh. guess so..
9. Talked to an ex? No ex sorry ..
10. Missed someone? yeah
11. Failed a test? Ya.. the stupid science thing.
12. Danced? No.
13.Gotten your hair cut? No.
14. Lied? Ya..
15. Nervous habits? Cant think of any.
16. Are you double jointed? No? what does that mean? =P
17. Can you roll your tongue? Ya , and I can wink too . *winks to lin* =P
18. Can you raise one eyebrow? who cnt..


19. Said "I Love you"? When I was.. a toddler I guess to my mum..
20. Given money to a homeless person? hehe.. not me my parents..
21. Smoked? nope
22. Waited all night for a phone call? waste time.. might as well go zzzz..
23. Snuck out? snuck out when there's a comfortable bed at home?
24. Sat and looked at the stars? Maybe
25. Do you swear/curse? Yea .
26. Do you ever spit? Yea but not saliva .. spit out bubblegum lo..
27. You cook your own food? No.. except maggie mee
28. You do your own chores? Hehehe.. no.
29. You like beef jerky? I dont fancy beef.
30. You're happy with your life? No. for the fact I need to study.
31. You own a dog? No pets.
32. You spend your money wisely? Yes unless its something I want desperately.
33. Do you like to swim? NO.
34. When you get bored do you call a friend? Maybe..
35. Sleep in a bed with the opposite sex? Is flatty(My flat boaster) and the others male or female?
36. Hooked up in the woods? Nope.
37. Drank a bottle of alcohol by yourself? Nope but I drank alcohol before
38. Hooked up in the shower? like no.
39. Been Dumped? NO. =.="
40. Stolen money from a friend? Im not a thoef.
41. Slept naked? Crazy.
42. Been in a fist fight? ...kick fight?
43. Had a crush on a teacher? Like absolutely not .. =.="""
44. Been on an airplane? Yea.
45. Missed someone so much it hurt? Not really.
46. Fallen asleep during school? Almost..
47. Been lonely? Yes.
48.Cheated in a game? hmm.. Idk?
49. Been in a car accident? TOUCH WOOD LA.
50. Had detention? No
51. Missed your first love? No love sorry.
52. Cried yourself to sleep? hehe when I cnt freaking sleep.
53. Sung in the shower?
54. Kissed a complete stranger? Like. who would
55.Laughed so hard you cried? Almost
56. Regretted hurting someone? Maybe
57. Regretted liking someone? Never liked anyone :D

Saturday, April 12, 2008♥
5:52 PM

sigh.. feeling very exhausted recently..
got panda eye.. and eye bag alr..
idk why also.. maybe because of the retarded lizard inhabiting my room, last night idk how I sleep, felt very, extremely disturbed by the ... noise of the lizard.. you know the sound it makes it sounds abit like tch tch tch tch tch. freaking loudly.

I'm so happy my tuition teacher didn't mark my unfinish compre :D
and. there was no homework today !
I have to start banning myself from the computer..
but.. how?

I can't find the very motivation to study either..
mention studying, I get totally turned off..
but I do enjoy doing challenging maths problem sums :D
the problem is the Andrew Er books lack that and.. do already want go zZzZ..
Especially the feeling of having done correctly a hard question :DD

English is worse.. My vocab sucks my grammer sucks my comprehension sucks..
now what's left of English? Ya and recently, the composition that Mrs Lee assigned to us the rambutans that one.. wrote a very hasty ending

"The two children looked at each other awkwardly and shrugged. They went home to savour the rambutans."

Eh hello? I got a 30/40, damn funny la cn..

Chinese I hate it.. well.. compo on this side is good as well..
Atleast don't have to rewrite like the other 28 of the class as well :P

Science.. Ok la I did some :D
But I still suck at it.

Talking about subjects because, I have no other topics to blog about.
and.. afraid that you guys would complain of me having short posts..

Friday, April 11, 2008♥
10:07 PM

Boring day. still have to do my tuition homework tmr.
and the teacher never marks it ok.
and when I happen to not do it, she wants to mark.

Today, in school.. nothing special..
but our clock spoiled =.="
and, our chinese teacher almost, ALMOST.
let us go for recess at 9.55 instead of 10.20.
but because, it was kind of obvious that we were.. bad liars..
and then she called for Terence to show her his watch..
but in the end we still got a 5 mins early recess.. better than nothing uh.

The western food stall guy..
Omg I super hate him.
Let's call him Western Food Guy : WFG

WFG : ey I got 283 for my PSLE know!!

Sara : *walks away*

Me : urhhmmmm..

WFG : urhmmm.. what.. quickly say lah.

Me : 1 potato wedges..

WFG : and.. what..? don't so stingy la.. *peaks into my wallet*

Me : *hides wallet quickly*

WFG : so much money... don't stingy laa!!

Me : Eyyy. My savings leh.

WFG : savings can spend what..

Me : Must learn to be thrifty!!

WFG : since your learning, you dont have to be.. just spend all la!!

Me : Fine fine.. 1 garlic bread lar.

WFG : * takes garlic bread and potato wedges *
*does the Loser sign*

Me : *walks away*

.. Please.. if he really got a 283, why was he working as a food seller or smth in a school canteen?
and if he really got such a whooping 283, he should be working in a big company right?
or maybe its his attitude that brought him to disaster.

and .. some of the wedges were uncooked and yet they serve it to us students.
some people even thought they were new kind of wedges =.="
I am so not gonna buy anything from e western stall anymore.
and I sold my garlic bread to Ryan hahaha.

Finished 90% of homework in class.
and I srsly think if I continue like this my psle cn only get 200.

Oh yah and my superstitious and feng-shui obsessed grandmother said that the
shifu said that, if I continue using this chinese name, I will become more stupid.==
well, then I must have been a genius in that case after my intelligence decreasing for 12 years already. and the same goes to my brother
because of the character "枳" it has a "木" in malay you call it kayu.
and kayu in other words is stupid.
haha my brother's worse than me.. 16 years of decreasing of intelligence
and weifen said "good what.."
when she heard it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008♥
8:55 PM

Submitted another new skin again..
skin reqs anybody..?

damn sian..
only cn make skins and to kill time.
and I forgot to bring back my maths wk sheet.
and idk if need to do zuo ye or xi zi.
sure die la.

Monday, April 07, 2008♥
8:34 PM

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
izzit me or

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
is the "kimberly" on ur blog spelled as kimberly?

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:
cnt u see the

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
i cnt see the e

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
ishow u

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ sends:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... sends:

* Transfer of "lincnt see the e.PNG" is complete.
♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:
wa transfer so long

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
ps i laggy

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
that doesnt seem like an e

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
if u dont look closely

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:
it so obvious

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
mayb its one of the lines that is blocking

♀ κimвεяℓεy™ says:
lonelygal. please chge your specs

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
and u dont have to be so curel as to take the whole chunk

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ No One's listening but who cares.... says:
its got nothing to do with my specs

6:41 PM

I hate mosquitoes. i scratched one until it was so painful..-.-"
And Ryan is stupid
Andre is stupid too
had water fight today..
I hate eric
and ren jie
in fact i hate all 4

5:56 PM

some people from NYGH came today..
there was this girl who came.. her name was Melissa..
she got 276 for PSLE and is in Theatre club.
description matches "passerby(:" who tagged at my tagboard last time.
but when I asked her she said she didn't think so ):
tell me.. how many people in NYGH have 276 and in theatre club...

Sunday, April 06, 2008♥
3:30 PM

finally chge bs alrdy..
after like 3-4 hrs of making the image and coding..

Saturday, April 05, 2008♥
7:20 PM

15 days to my birthday
4 days to bleach
4 days to bye-bye my grandmother (not die la, she go back)
2 days to school again

Andre sms-ed me during tuition .___.
he said he was going to spam my tagboard.
but it was sparkling clean when I came home.

Friday, April 04, 2008♥
7:57 PM

one more note to sabo andre.

He pon tank (skip) sports meet.

7:50 PM

Spent like, the whole day making the blogskin for weifen, and from a half n hour waiting time turned in a few hours waiting time because weifen wanted navi. then she wanted both hearts and stars, and..she needed a column to put music.
well, partly my fault because i asked for her preferences

ok anyway. During sports day GREEN HSE GOT 2ND.
by a mere 100+ points, in which we could have won if the girls relay were better.
and our cheer won.

*I have deleted the extremely cute picture of XingJIng, if you missed it, too bad.
Look at those retarded scores.
Now ryan cnt say anything against me =PPP!
Yellow house third, same goes to weifen.
Red house First =(((((
by just 160 points !!
infuriating !!

Thursday, April 03, 2008♥
6:49 PM

see andre? I told you I would post it.

6:48 PM

Andre like to take girls' stuff and use/wear them.