Thursday, January 31, 2008♥
3:16 PM

Was about to kill the ant that was crawling on my leg as I felt a ticklish feeling on it..
when I saw.. it was not an ant !
I thought it was a spider; and its not just the really small one, it's big!!
then I stood up and shaked my legs like crazy until I noticed it was gone from my leg
I spotted it crawling to one side and it was no spider
don't know what insect was that..
but it was around 2cm long and 5 mm fat. ==

Back from Camp :D
Wednesday, January 30, 2008♥
8:00 PM

I'm finally back from camp ~
Did anyone miss me..? heh. joking lurh.
Camp was overall very fun, although the bathing part was kind of troublesome..
The food was unexpectedly quite okay o.o

Day 1

went to school feeling excited :D
and then went to listen to Coach Jay's instructions..
then we went to meet our coaches, our coach's name was chee guan
and somehow through the way, we called him bak kua
then we had our student leader called Timothy from HCI
we worked out our cheer and flag..
our group names was "Bullies" which I did not like ):
some of the girls had drifted away and wanted the name "Bullshit"
well, what could we possibly do but go ahead with it...
the cheer wasn't very good..

We went to East Coast Park to have our station games
the sole of my brother's shoe which I am wearing then was 3 - 4 years old.. came off..
and then Ren Jie and Ryan called me flabby shoes !
we did many of the games, the only one we failed to complete was the magic carpet

waited 1 bloody long hour for the bus to come
while the others might have already reached school!
but then we chit chat and played some lame games to kill time..
Ryan and Eric's was of killing time is totally...
well, they sang this

Take it down,
pass it round,
100 bottles of beer,
100 bottles of beer,

Take it down,
pass it round,
99 bottles of beer,
99 bottles of beer,

Take it down,
pass it round,
98 bottles of beer,
98 bottles of beer,

Take it down,
pass it round,
97 bottles of beer,
97 bottles of beer....

After that we went back
and bathed and.. had dinner and nothing much after that..

Day 2

Our Group Cheer was decided by Bryan
and the girls , including me
did not like it at all .. seriously..

In the toilet, the smelly toilet,
the bullies burped one night,
the bullies farted ,
an earthquake started,
and everybody died.

Headed to sentosa :D
Long trip, shiok bus , the seat was so spacious and there was a leg rest!
Then we went to do our Dynamite Cheer
Nanyang Primary is a Dynamite
and if you mess with Dynamite
it goes Tick(x8)
Ba Ba Ba Boom! Dynamite!
Ok. A bit lame.. but I didn't make it !!
then we urh..yeah we went on with the race
we walked instead of taking the tram, and Mrs Tan sulked xD
hm.. we started off well but ended off not very well xP
we taught the tourists the chickie dance and took pictures with them..
went back and bathed..

The Campfire rocked ~
although the fire was fake..
we sabotaged Andre to go up.. and Andre sabotaged Ryan to go up !
too bad not for dancing but instead for lighting up the sparklers
and then the people opened the .. what you call it?
lots of colourful papers and sparkly stuff popped out and some went to gather some and threw around..
As we went down for supper, Ren Jie named himself "Sparkle Man"
Weifen "Glitter Girl"
Andre "Glitter boy"
When we came up we had to dance some really retarded dance..
the last step was shaking the butt =.=
And there was this Male Modeling..
It was so ghey!
slept at the same position but got asleep faster because I was tired..

Day 3

I didn't like this one very much.

we failed to find all 5 clues but we had fun..

We went back to school and went to do our packing..
then we went down to the hall..
Cheer contest , obviously we lost but most people laughed :D
And oh oh .. Mrs Tan was right, Bryan's world of knowledge lies in the toilet

The album movie, simply hilarious.. couldn't spot myself although I knew I was in it
Ren Jie, Calvin and Andre were seen the most ~
And we all laughed through it xD

This is what they all wrote for me during colours of life
FYI, you write something positive for someone

Hi,you're very fun to play with ! Haha! xD - Wanlin

You are helpful - (Jerene)

smart! - weifen <3>

smart - Calvin

lend pens - Clarence

helpful - Eric

nice, friendly - Ryan

friendly - Ren Jie

secretive (blog password) - andre

not talkative - anonymous

helpful - anonymous

helpful and friendly - Jia Yi

very helpful and smart - Yunni

Honestly have no idea why they say that ..

PS : I dont' think I'm really helpful xP

Sunday, January 27, 2008♥
3:29 PM

Changed blogskin because I was tired of the old blogskin :x
tomorrow going for Camp!
I haven't even pack finish yet >.>
I can't possibly pack my toothbrush now <.<
if not.. how am I gonna brush my teeth tonight and tomorrow morning !?
I'm excited for the Camp anyway..
I will be cut off from the rest of the world during these 3 days..
to make things worse , I have to go for tuition right after break camp !
worser still, I haven't found a replacement for the sleeping bag..
worst.. My cough is .. not improving at all..

I just hope things will still turn out fine;
just like it always did

Saturday, January 26, 2008♥
11:49 PM

Today, my mum found the long lost house keys that she entrusted to me and my brother
in my brother's bag!
and he had accused me of losing it because I couldn't find it after I put it in my bag!
so the culprit was him .
he took the key from my bag.
and .. he accused me !!
this is ..

I am

(mutters "so" a gazillion times)

My brother lost his bag of the sleeping bag, the one where you put the
sleeping bag inside and pull the string..
well.. he lost it..
and that .. person who briefed us on the camp
said that it must be folded properly and PUT into that bag..
now what am I supposed to do?
not my fault ..
My brother lost it..
I wanted to buy a new sleeping bag but the one who objected to it was my mum..
she says put in plastic bag..
but that person said no..
now what.
I'm so gonna get scolded there..
for nothing

Friday, January 25, 2008♥
4:05 PM

Weifern made me laugh so hard today
when she pushed her long pony tail to the front making her look really funny..

Having flu ..
*arh chew*
excuse me ..

Weifern also got me a new G2 . special colour :D

Wednesday, January 23, 2008♥
4:27 PM

Fun day in school..
best thing is..
wooooots ~
but got tuition homework to do ...

Weifen made a list of Japanese words.. and its meanings
but .. I know more than the list ! xD

Now.. we can hurl vulgarities in Japanese in our group hahhh.
except that Mrs Tan understands because she once told us she learnt Japanese before..
well Atleast the other teachers won't know :D

Ryan got 0/10 for his sentence transformation or something like that because..
he never put full stop . lol.

And Ryan will buy me a PINK G2 if i write him a list of Japanese words :D

Jia wei has a SECRET ADMIRER!
he gave her a present and put his name as "???" lol.
and then he gave her CHOCOLATES!
and Andre wanted to take the chocolates away..
and then I told him not to take her love away..
then wei fen said it back fired to Andre . HAH. gheys.

School is very funn . :D
although it's P6 and there's lots of homework.
most I do finish in school so it's quite okay.

Monday, January 21, 2008♥
5:13 PM

Just baked some cookies with my mum :D
had a hard time stirring the powder that my mum bought, the chocolate chips and all were included in the powder already...
we added a large chunk of butter
an egg and stirred.
after we stirred finish
we put it in the oven .. and voila!
but we need to wait for them to dry first it's still doughy
and I ate one in its doughy state
quite nice actually..

Tsk .
we had to vote for the name of our new cybercafe
and obviously I voted Cybertronix <-- I do not fancy that name at all.. however.. it is suggested by a person in my class so if I vote his and the rest of the class do.. and hopefully others too.. we get 45 minutes of gaming with teacher or principle ( whole class ) well that's IF we win..

almost fell asleep during english lesson supplementory today

Sunday, January 20, 2008♥
9:32 AM

Yes , your eyes aren't tricking you
I finally posted something !
recently nothing much to post about..
that I'm totally obsessed with The Ballroom mode and Special BBoy mode in audi :D

And.. I want a 3 mega pixel camera handphone with lots of space to put songs.
and .. it must be ..
big screen and slide up one and cute :D

Now where can I find a handphone like that >.>

Wednesday, January 16, 2008♥
3:57 PM

I failed my maths test :(
24/35 passing mark was 28/35 !
dammit. I absolutely would not have gotten 24 if not for my baka carelessness
2 qns 0 because my units wrong
3 qns 0 because never read properly

Tuesday, January 15, 2008♥
6:49 PM

Today was such a suay day god dammit.
first I forgot to wear P.E pants and only wore my skirt =.=
so Lin accompanied me to the general office to borrow one .. and bloody shit it was too big.
but I just had to do with it..
secondly.. we were released 10 MINUTES LATE for recess .. which didn't really affect me .. except that I had less time..
thirdly because I didn't bring my wallet to P.E I had to climb to 5th floor wt..
and then walk down again .. and guess what P6 SS no stock . great..
4thly . during the maths test. I got 3 qns wrong which costs me 6 marks because I was CARELESS.
maybe I should read the questions properly next time .. zz

Luckily my luck improved at home although I detested doing the compo english teacher gave us..
I stoned for half and hour for what to write
where to start at.. blah.
starting was ok.. but decided to rush at the end because I had no mood to do it anymore.
and my mum bought me an english assesment I dont mind maths or science but I hate I HATE languages . Best is maths :D though I'm so careless which minuses away all the good points I have for maths =.=

Saturday, January 12, 2008♥
4:49 PM

Wooot. Collected my bursary, it turned out to be $200 instead of $150 !
and I was caught in the rain on the way home ==

12:26 PM

My maid was shocked when she saw
all-day-playing-computer-and-lazy me tidying up my messy room in which my parents had always reminded me to tidy up and I always answer "Most of it is Lionel's one !!" which is true ..
1 entire stack of worksheets and textbooks belong to my brother while only 5 or 6 books and a few worksheets belong to me ...
I was kind enough not to stack his hand-phone box and the Ipod box to make it look not so bad although it already looked bad enough..
now its very empty and neat..
except for a pile of books and worksheets sitting at one corner destroying the neat ambience

Friday, January 11, 2008♥
11:03 PM



5:16 PM

Today we did our skits.
why why why??
why did it have to start from Team 8 to Team 1 !!
Wanlin became Lady Macbeth
the "idiot depressed woman" as described by herself..
I was attendant 2 which basically stood aside and did nothing ._.

Andre's group was really really reaaallllyyyy.
I laughed until I almost cried, lucky the skit stopped there..
now let me describe it ..

Andre was wearing his "Ang Bao" Helmet which is umm.. you know the ball-like lantern just that there's and opening at the bottom..
yea .. he sure wore that.. and he has his towel which he covered the top of his head before the ang bao helmet and holding a ang bao shield which looks like a flower and lastly his almighty..
sword as known as his pen
I can't really remember much from the beggining but..
Eric was the messenger .. and he said ..

"Ey , your wife die already arh?"
to Macbeth aka Andre

Everyone was laughing hysterically.. I mean singlish in a shakespear play.. amazing.. really..
Then I couldn't hear his speech well as the Ang Bao helmet was covering and preventing the sound to travel..
and then Eric and Andre started fighting..
he used his..... pen.. and Eric took a pen from the table and used it like a sword..
and once Eric's pen flew off.. he took something cant see clearly..
and swinged it around like a what a cowboy would do to his rope...
and then .. Andre suddenly came with his .. broom!
and started whacking Eric and..
when Eric was lying on the floor , Andre proceeded to stepping on his..
that thing that will determine if you have Father's Day or not..
but Eric covered it .. and then Calvin and Ren Jie as soldiers holding a tree branch
to camoflague themselves (in the story but in the play it was pretty obvious)
and then they basically stood aside while Andre continued hitting Eric and finally it ended..
well maybe the way I described it isn't as funny but if you had really seen it..

and .. they can seriously be comedians..

Thursday, January 10, 2008♥
6:50 PM

We did Art Today..
Me and Wanlin were a team initially but somehow Jia Yi also joined O_o
We decided to do the chim-er lantern xD
Overall quite fun . but our triangles weren't really .. straight
never take height and weight ....
lazy to post .. x.x

Wednesday, January 09, 2008♥
4:20 PM

didn't post yesterday as I had a pile of homework..
and to add to that, I'm having chinese tuition later..
today is.. just like everyday - differently funny.
during recess .. Eric was in alot of sweat and then ..
he went to shake his head as he had alot of sweat on his hair on luke's table..
and ..
the entire table was .. wet.. and he shook so hard the sweat could reach
weifern's and ryan's table..
me and wanlin were laughing at one side.. and burst out laughing even louder when..
luke looked at the side of the tissue which he had used for mopping the sweat ..
it was brown ..

I will never bring dried cranberries to school again..
lest weifen tries to steal or beg from me..

and P.E yesterday was seriously pathetic ~
didn't do anything at all ..
not even height and weight .. afterall, Mr Lim's class took so long that it was near recess by the time they were done so we had early recess..

Monday, January 07, 2008♥
2:38 PM

I can't believe I was once excited for school to start..
I mean the whole day I was in class waiting for 1,30pm
no, maybe tomorrow I'll be waiting for 4 pm..
Class is boring boring boring..
and I feel like sleeping - always ! in English lessons..
Chinese .. lots of story telling.. really..
barely did any work for Chinese..
tomorrow have windows literature programme and P.E..
we have to write it out .. instead of just performing it and write it's tactics to win..
that.. I am very bad
because all the strategies are for like games? ._.
computer games.
well the good thing is I can say goodbye at the end of the year..
but if I really get into NYGH ..
I'll be stuck in the same uniform for another 4 years..
can't they like, change it or something?
and I can't wait to take my height and weight !!
I've grown taller over the holidays~
and I can't wait till chinese new year too.

Today is weifen's birthday , everyone gave her presents ..
when it was my birthday only weifen and wanlin gave me presents..

I want psle to come and go like a flash.
and still get good results.
but that may not be possible.
for now I'm just stuck, studying ..
well.. maybe not really studying..
considering the fact that I'm posting now..

Sunday, January 06, 2008♥
3:05 PM

Guess what? I cut my hair again. -.-
and me and my mother walked to the salon as it was walking distance..
My mum brought the umbrella the shelter us from the sun which I thought was unneccasary.
and then when I cut finish it was drizzling and then it was raining and then it was pouring =.=
luckily my mum brought the umbrella, although we did not use it for it's real purpose..

Saturday, January 05, 2008♥
11:38 PM

Heroes is nice ! :D
Hiro is so cute when he does the driving action when asking Nathan whether he could give him a ride, Hiro was like *does the steering wheel action , pretends to press horn and says "puu puu"

And.. weifen is incredible..

- weifern - (ت) says:
hahaa kim go seee my blogg!1
- weifern - (ت) just sent you a nudge.
- weifern - (ت) just sent you a nudge.
- weifern - (ت) just sent you a nudge.
- weifern - (ت) just sent you a nudge.
- weifern - (ت) just sent you a nudge.
- weifern - (ت) just sent you a nudge.
- weifern - (ت) says:
haha disturb u.

Luckily I was in my grandmother's house
even if I had not went , the nudge sound does not affect my Dvd Player on my computer

Wanlin is on her typo-ing spree too..

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ Oh well. Here we go again. says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ Oh well. Here we go again. says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ Oh well. Here we go again. says:

I'm totally acting like there will not be PSLE this year ._.
I skipped tuition today.
Me and my brother were coming up with excuses..
my mother wanted us to go because the tuition teacher will scold her ==
My brother said " Chinese A1 no need go le!!"
and I said "Chinese A* , Higher Chinese Distinction also no need go !"
but obviously I can't skip the next one..
The thing I dread most is Chinese tuition..
I don't like Chinese at all.. but it happens to be one of my strongest subject ==
and the subjects I want to be good at I'm not..
how strange ..

Friday, January 04, 2008♥
5:11 PM

This is seriously.. like .. I thought things will at least get serious today..
well the only teacher I see which is serious about PSLE is Mrs Tan
No doubt the other subject teachers have started as well,
They should really leave their stories and morals stuff after PSLE
and no offence but I tried really hard to stay awake.
and.. there's no many activities in P6 ._.
Life science trail , NE trail , CL trail? , Star Camp , Sup classes , Windows to Literature ?
Well I bet after PSLE will be even more activities..

The 2nd Homework given by the English Teacher..
Comprehension both MCQ and OE
MCQ still ok.. but OE 10 questions..
seriously no mood to do..

I watched 2 episodes of Heroes and maybe I'll watch episode 4 when my brother comes back
it isn't nice to watch some gruesome scene when you're home alone..
especially Claire ..

Thursday, January 03, 2008♥
8:53 PM

Second day . even more boring then usual ._.
Teacher wanted to start lesson but ended up talking all the way so no lesson ;l
and today we went to see maids . as in want change new one ..
we saw one which was passable ..
and then me and my brother walked home ._.
walked no bus.. but still okay lur .. not that far..
abit no mood to post le ..

Wednesday, January 02, 2008♥
8:16 PM

First day was great :D
we went to school and assembled at the courtyard waheheh. I'm a P6 now !
and then .. our class was located at the 5th Floor T-T
and basically Mrs Tan decided our posts and our sitting arrangements..
I am an assistant group leader..
I'm sitting with Jerene and Wei Fen :D
we named our group Takoyaki..
but Mrs Tan just drew the Takoyaki and wrote "Tako" next to it..
Wanlin's sitting with Terence .. and in Jia Yi's group..
sad o.. :x
and anyways . quite happy with sitting arrangements
except that Luke is in my Group.. Lucky there's an empty space dividing the girls and the boys.
unlike other groups , we not sit 1 boy 1 girl LOL.
ok .. I gonna watch heroes ler. :x

Tuesday, January 01, 2008♥
6:14 PM

Yesterday went out with my aunt.
went to my cousin's house and played awhile..
then went to buy bubble tea :D
Brenda found an uncrushed Oreo cookie in her Oreo Milk Shake
Then we bought waffle and ate them hah. reminds me of waffles * YingBin
and then we went to suntec city to have chinese food for dinner.
we went to Crystal Jade restaurant.
the serving was very big o..
but also very delicious ~
after that we walk walk and went home
nothing much actually ;l

2:10 PM

I hate hypocrites