Sunday, December 30, 2007♥
7:17 PM

yesterday went to my Grandma house :D
my cousins came too !
after eating dinner and killing time by walking around
my aunt started distributing the presents she bought from USA

Brenda got a hot pink small puma handbag looking bag.
I got a Levi's small brown handbag!

The insides have patterns too..
blur though.. and the colours abit.. stupid camera..

and I got this too ~

and after receiving gifts.. we went to Vivo City to have sushi!
Brenda wanted to try cold noodles
I ordered cold noodles as usual..
we ordered the strawberry smiles too . oishii ~
The tempura ice-cream also not bad xD
my brother ordered noodles too..
My aunt and Abigail wanted to lose weight because they ate too much in US lols.
Actually I could have gone with them to USA if I said I wanted to..
but my mum will surely not allow..
after that we went to "E-Zone"
Played the what you call it .. sorry I forgot what it's called..
and then my brother vs Marcus in Initial-D
My brother won in the last minute!
and after that we went back to our grandma's house and .. watch some TV
till 12 am and went home..

and.. guess what I'm going out tomorrow again ! :D

Thursday, December 27, 2007♥
1:09 PM

I wanted to post lots
but they happened a few weeks/days ago.. so I decided not to..
and my tooth dropped yesterday unexpectedly when I went to shake it ..
and I slept at 2 am yesterday my best record I guess
and today my mum's leaving for Indonesia , Jakarta to visit my grandmother
who thinks going to HongKong rather then visiting her is too much -.-
so my mother has to go..

Friday, December 21, 2007♥
12:04 AM

I went out to Queens Way shopping centre to get my Billabong wallet today
and we were also getting a nike water bottle for my brother he wanted yellow but there was only light green.

Mother : This one how much?

Shopkeeper : har?

Mother : This one how much?

Shopkeeper : can repeat again?

Mother : This one how much?

Shopkeeper : orh..$12 too noisy le
*faces female Shopkeeper* you don't talk liao la

Female Shopkeeper : *hits him lightly with that don't-say-that-infront-of-strangers look*

Mother : *laughs softly*
this waterbottle got yellow colour?

Shopkeeper : yellow gone already now this is new colour already..

Mother : o..

Shopkeeper : *takes water bottle and scans it*
*looks at me*
you good at painting?

Me : eh? ( a reaction from him asking a random question )

Shopkeeper : you good at painting?

Me : okay lah..

Shopkeeper : OK! you go paint the waterbottle yellow then can already!

Mother : *laughs*

Me : *laughs*

Female Shopkeeper : * takes water bottle and puts in plastic bag and hands it over to me*
Thank you !

Me : * takes plastic bag *

Me&Mother : *proceeds to the exit*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007♥
4:58 PM

Day : 1

Nothing much really.
went to airport. the lousy taxi driver gave me car sick.
then we had tea break at the airport food court after that we just went to the plane
lucky there was a screen. I watched transformers in the aeroplane .
when reached, we sat a bus to the hotel. it looked nice outside but the room is seriously small

Day : 2

went to a shopping centre bought a nike shoe.
my brother bought a nike shoe too or was his adidas ..
Went to some market that sells clothes. bought a pair of jeans .and
I bought a hoodie jacket golden brown colour at another shop
and then we went to the roxy and quick silver shop
I bought a roxy top , my brother bought a slipper , an orange shirt and 1 jacket . mind you , that jacket was expensive. ==

Day : 3

went to ladies market much better than the previous market
my mum bought calculators.
I bought mmm. I can't remember how many tops I bought on seperate days
oh oh and I bought souvenirs but I'm not sure if its considered though
it's not a HK key chain or somewhat like that. but I will give on 1st day of school :D
And I bought a black skirt.
My brother bought his PSP
My mother bought a bag
and at night me and my mother went to walk walk
I bought a 18k gold white gold bracelet quite cheap HK$ 138 . :x

Day : 4

we shopped and shopped .
I bought yet another top!
my brotehr bought another shoe
and I bought an original converse shoe from the ladies market for HK$100 only .
in SGD is $20 . my brother say it has the converse tag so it should be original
my mum bought her bracelet
my father bought his bag

Day : 5

woke up earlier went on the bus and to the airport
(you can sense I'm really tired of typing)
and obviously went back to SG :D

Altogether I bought 8 tops - 1 for my cousin - Brenda !
1 pair of Jeans
1 skirt
2 pair of shoes

I bought 6 soft toy mushroom keychains as souveniers :D

and I must say HongKong ..
air pollution is bad !
ok I shall go maple now :D

Saturday, December 15, 2007♥
11:16 AM

Yay I'll be leaving for the airport at 3.45pm
and will be back on 19th
the fight will be about 4-5 hrs

Friday, December 14, 2007♥
3:05 PM

My brother quit maple because his cursed scroll failed and his Maple Kandayo boom-ed
and I will have his account now MWAHAHA.

Thursday, December 13, 2007♥
4:39 PM

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
my dens

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
u know

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
from 490k drop to 460k

`KIMB♥RLEY- says:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
then go up to 470k

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
n 480k

`KIMB♥RLEY- says:
my sincere grats!

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
and drop again to 460k

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:

`KIMB♥RLEY- says:
my utmost sincere grats!!

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:

4:14 PM

Today I was forced to go to some temple to get blessed so I can achieve good results for PSLE
We waited like ..... 2 hours, we should have gone later!
wasted half an hour of my precious sleep..
and I was yawning throughout the wait
and when it was finally our turn
the Shi Fu was chanting
and then spraying holy water at my books my bags my pencil case
and ..
she dipped her paint brush in red paint and..
just dotted my hand
my hair
the back of my neck
and my face
and my pencil case
and its insides
and my bag
and my uniform
well I guess that's all
lucky its
and then we got 1 abacus keychain
packet of food or something < my brother got 1 I got 2
and a bundle of pens
and lastly a paint brush to put at the top left hand corner of my study table
we bought slurpy on the way home
and we were so exciting to see what was in the packet
I hoped it was chocolate
but it was some white stuff which was disgusting
almost vomited eating the first packet
and I found the best method to eat the 2nd one
every time I bite and swallow I plop a sweet in my mouth
and it worked

Wednesday, December 12, 2007♥
11:43 AM

I finished my tub of haagan dazs ice-cream yesterday.
and I'm leaving for HK in 3 days time
and the worse thing is
We haven't started packing yet!

Sunday, December 09, 2007♥
1:50 PM

me and my brother were peacefully eating lunch when we heard
a woman screaming "yahooo~!"
it turns out that I was observing a game while afk-ing to have lunch
and the song happened to be CanCan

Saturday, December 08, 2007♥
7:27 PM

I successfully became a cleric in 7 days !
well to be exact 6 days because I stopped for one day.
I bought 2 tubs of Haagan Dazs ice-cream well it was on offer.
while Ben&Jerry did not have any offer .
there's nothing to post really..

Friday, December 07, 2007♥
3:12 PM

My brother was imitating the NPC when I was playing 1 2 party and he said different numbers and not according to the beat -.-
Then he said one day he will buy over audi
and bann all of my accounts or put bugs like permanent miss .ect
and if he buys over Maple
he will bann MrYandao
incase you don't know him
he is the first person to be lvl 200 (max level in maple).
I was rocl.

*rocl - rolling one chair laughing.
I can't possibly suddenly plop down to the floor and start rolling and laughing right -.-

11:35 AM

Can't wait to go Hong Kong.
At least I need not stay at home all day long and play maple
I can go shopping!
& I can buy ice cream and sweets and chocolates!
ok maybe not the sweet stuf
but clothes,accessories !!
and now I'm just awaiting that day

Wednesday, December 05, 2007♥
10:51 PM

I know it looks tempting but
in fact
all of them taste the same
except that
what its made from is different..

heh. the biscuits xD

Tuesday, December 04, 2007♥
10:40 PM


Audi is boring.
I can't find any rooms to play in
and when I finally found one Night 4 room.
this lvl 19 dragged me down
lost the mood to Audi

5:30 PM

Chionging maple lately heh.
together with Brenda
heh. this morning from lvl 12 chiong to lvl 18
then now we creating one in aquila
I making bowman ^^
Brenda creating I/L wizard
nothing happened today
basically nothing special happened
except that I played maple and all.
I won't be posting unless there's something to post

Monday, December 03, 2007♥
5:53 PM

Oh my Oh my.
I just calculated
I need 28.2k a-cash to get my "dream" set in Audi
now.. where am I gonna get $32.10
Maybe I can do without the hair
which costs 12k a-cash
fine I need 2 a cash cards -.-
Maybe I'll wait for
next year my birthday
and get every one to buy one card for me
but that'll be

Sunday, December 02, 2007♥
10:37 PM


Nothing special happened today
except that
I finished my tub of Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream
I had a freaking nightmare last night
It was about like
My house was haunted
and then it was really active
and freaky ==
Heh. eg. something just kept moving
weird sounds
and worse
My father started saying weird things
too scared
woke up in cold sweat
Couldn't move / Too frightened to move for 10 minutes
maybe 20 minutes
I was only able to move my arms ==
can't sleep again
too scared will continue that nightmare
and another 15 mins
can move abit
another 15 mins
can move le
then go see the time
6.45 am
when got a bit sunlight
slept again.

Saturday, December 01, 2007♥
11:44 PM

After going to my grandmother's house,
My mum needed to go Plaza Singapura
to collect some cheque

And on the way we passed by the Christmas Lights
I got bored
so I ..
took those pictures..

Blur Picture ==

The curvy pattern of the light

Hah! the pattern on the side

The more ...... eh simple pattern .

Close up on the snowflake

Random lights hanging from the trees

This was the nicest Christmas tree out of the only two
yes there were only two
the other one was really small
and decorated with blue lights
it looks ugly

The Plaza Singapura .

I have no idea why its so small
Probably because I zoomed in
The police car
trying to catch people parking illegally
we wanted to buy dou jiang and you tiao but.
too long queue
and my father said
all the cars parking at the side
are illegal parking
and I thought it was a public car park
Full House

2:43 PM

Got bored again
atleast the eyes look decent and proper
not like my others
Just scribble something that looks like an eye ==
and I love this one the most ;X