Friday, November 30, 2007♥
5:49 PM

Hah. Brenda says my blog url doesn't suit my blog.
But I'm afraid to change it
after all it will cause a lot of hassle
going around telling people you've change your blog url
and the trouble you've caused them
they need to log in to blogger and relink
so perhaps
I will stick to it
I think it's time
to change

And Brenda told me my blog doesn't allow people to highlight my text
totally great.
I need not worry about people who copy n paste stuff anymore

10:48 AM

I think this is the most
satisfying breakfast since the Holidays started
and filling too

Thursday, November 29, 2007♥
11:42 PM

I actually got top 25% in Singapore
and I get $200 for it!
well thats for poor people
like me
Even Wanlin doesn't have it
(I'm referring as she's rich heh)
and I hate going to collect it
Feel so extra
The only one from Nanyang
Well , most people from Nanyang are rich kids
unlike me
but still
I get $200

4:49 PM


4:47 PM

I've broke a pencil before
when I was really frustrated and angry
and I want to break one now

2:04 PM

Just bought 2 tubs of Ben & Jerry Ice-Cream
1 for me 1 for my brother
both will be for me if my brother doesn't find out
'Cause you see he goes out everyday.
well , almost

Wednesday, November 28, 2007♥
11:05 PM

I want to find something to do unrelated to my laptop
it will suffer if I use it like this everyday
it is so warm

10:56 PM

I feel so weak I can't even play Audition properly
It must be because
my mum didn't allow me to eat chocolates
and I only ate 4 today

2:27 PM

I am bored
PPG Z haven't been uploaded
LastChaos somehow I don't feel like playing
Audition I just played and I feel exhausted
Mysterious Place 3 no slot
I'm just gonna
or kill time

2:25 PM

My brother went to school
My father went to work
My mother went to work
My maid for some reason I don't know went with my mum
I'm alone at home.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007♥
8:37 PM

1. What do people usually call you?
Kim , Kimberley , xiaobaiishuu , Kastile , Zhi Ying

2. Do you have freckles?

3. Have you ever been to another country?

4. Do you feel comfortable dancing in public?
Never tried , don't ever plan to

5. Have you ever kissed a mirror?
Like who would

6. Do you still talk to your bestfriend from when you were 14?
I'm still below 14

7. Can you skateboard?
Never tried but I may consider if you get me one

8. Do you own an iPod?

9. What was your favorite tv show as a kid?
Let me think Powerpuff girls
and I still like it now just that I like the Japanese one more

10. Do you still have feelings for an ex?
don't have one

11. Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive?
sky dive

12. Who is the hottest celebrity?
I'm not a celebrity type of person and I don't even know their names

13. Who was the last person to call you?
My mum

14. Do you like to text message?

15. What kind of music do you listen to?

16. Did the movie Titanic make you cry?
I never watched it

17. Have you ever punched someone?

18. Has anyone ever punched you?
My brother

19. Have you ever been dumped?
refer to question 10 if you would please

20. Big dogs, small dogs, or cats?
none , I don't like pets , too big responsibility and too lazy

21. How many cars have you owned?

22. Do you call your bestfriend everyday?
Like no, I save money

23. What do you live in?

24. Have you ever gotten drunk?
Cherry Liquir chocolate didn't make me drunk when I ate 3 in a row

25. Have you ever stolen anything?
Does sweets and chocolates count?

26. Who do you think about the most?
Me , myself and I

27. What is your most prized possesion?

28. Do you like to watch tv?

29. When is the last time you went to the movies?
2 months ago

Do you wear glasses or contacts?
Glasses and I'm not proud of it

31. What country would you most like to visit?
Japan . ANIME !

32. Do you think anyone could ever really be satisfied?

33. Are you religious?
religious as in Buddhist or religious as in ..?

34. Do you live with your parents?
Yes , I can't possibly tell them " I don't want to stay with you anymore"

35. Would you like to live to be 110 years old?
No , I'd rather die earlier

36. Have you ever approached someone of the opposite sex?
Is my father and brother not of opposite sex?

37. Do you kiss on the first date?
once again refer to question 10 please ^^

38. What hair color do you like most on the opposite sex?

39. When is the last time you took a shower or bath?
2 hours ago

40. Have you ever been to a concert?
sadly no.

41. Do you talk to your parents?
I'm not a mute

42. How many siblings do you have?
One sarcastic brother

43. Do you like to have your picture taken?

44. Do you have more girl friends or guy friends?

45. Have you ever played in the rain?
My mum would scold me

46. Ever seen a tornado?
Yes , in cartoons

47. How many meals do you eat a day?
Breaskfast , Lunch , Dinner ?

48. Who do you most resemble in your family?
I don't resemble anyone of them

49. What kind of accent do you have?

50. How long have you known your bestfriend?
I get new best friends every year ;X

6:50 PM

I can't bloody find PowerPuff Girls Z episode 44 onwards

6:48 PM

Wanlin finally went online
after 4x24
96 hours.

Monday, November 26, 2007♥
4:06 PM

Yuki ^^
Well only Wanlin will know what I'm talking about
The 2 on top random stuff
I may not look like it
I like doing this kind of stuff
I better shut up before I embarrass myself further
Please understand that the paper for all 3 are white
they turned colours because of my lousy handphone camera
1 mega pixel

12:16 PM

I wish I had a punchbag
so I can rip it apart

for now I only can use my small note pad

*plucks out 1 peice*
*tears fiercely*

11:24 AM

I was downloading songs while afk-ing in maple
and went I clicked it
this came out

I was just downloading my songs
they accuse me of trying to hack!
hmph I go check if my maple tio banned.

Sunday, November 25, 2007♥
11:19 PM

Why can't blogger make it look bigger
in case you can't read,
here it is


Xia Ri Wan Jie Ju






1 User






[ ]

( the bar is empty you see )



0.01 kb/sec






50 kb of 6,642 kb


This is not edited

10:26 PM

Weifen told me my blog has no archive
and I can't be bothered to add one

Well , it can't be helped.

10:23 PM

Mojo : Look closely, does these eyes look like I'm lying?
*Bends forward and widens eyes*

*PPG Bends forward to look closer*
PPG : Yes , it does.
Mojo:*sulks and walks away sadly*

Mojo wanted to conquer the world because 1 french fries was missing.

10:22 PM

I sincerely apologize for not posting


Been busy with Maple and watch PPG Z

Saturday, November 24, 2007♥
5:59 PM

My mother wanted to use the computer
she asked me to go to some website
and when I typed they said server not found
But found it in google
There were many sections
my mother ask me click 1 section and than say
"Ah ! is that one"
I sighed loudly
Then she scolded me for being impatient
as it was a search engine for property
I offered to help her find
and then she was on the phone with her friend
Then her friend can see one of the searches
but she can't
so she went to search again
and then
because you select the whatever to search
she scrolled down slowly
I offered to help
Then she don't want
Then finally she did it my way
Then she had to go another website
she clicked the down button at the side of the address bar
I was trying to tell her
that the website she want isn't there, it's been cleared
since she haven't used my computer for a long time
she said I was being impatient again
and scolded me
and told me to bring my brother's laptop down
so she used it herself
to her my actions were
rushing and being impatient and wanting to play as soon as possible
she never wanted to hear what I wanted to say

Friday, November 23, 2007♥
5:02 PM

I actually find
powerpuff girls z

I highly recommend it
but for those who uhhh...
it only can be watched in crunchy roll
which has bad quality
I want to watch it in Stage 6 !
But no one uploads it
And you can watch it in full screen un-pixelised

PS : Bubbles is much nicer and cuter
Blossom will have diabetes worse than me
and they have fingers!

Thursday, November 22, 2007♥
8:01 PM

I want a scanner
I can actually get it
I tell
my mother
when she asks me
why the hell
I want a scanner for?
It's for uploading stuff I drew to my blog
My mum will think its useless.

5:56 PM

After going to many people's blogs
I realised they all liked the sky
so I walked to the window and stared at
the only part of the clear sky not blocked by anything
there was nothing

5:36 PM

__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
mayb i dun wanna knoe
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:
__`` Lonely Gal ``__ says:

5:32 PM


4:17 PM

I just realised my fan was on as well as my aircon
nowander it was so cold

3:24 PM

I feel like laughing
because it seems so fucking funny
I'm not happy.

11:27 AM

I can't believe I woke up at
11.05 am
it's the latest time I ever woke up
as long as I remember

Wednesday, November 21, 2007♥
11:58 PM

I just feel like strangling someone
with 0% originality
jealousy - the main thing
uses other's creation without crediting

6:03 PM

My chocolate coated heart was broken when
my mother told me some of the 10 over chocolates she bought were
not for me

5:55 PM

I want a PSP
I can have a PSP
but I don't know what games I like
so I decided not to have
Well , thats unless I find a game I like

Aside PSP any ideas what for me to get
I think I have everything I had ever wanted to have
sorry my dots are very uneven

fine fine fine fine fine.
I want
A converse shoe!

5:13 PM

Just watched finish Jigoku Shoujo Futakamori
ending was so sad T.T
almost cried .
3rd season is coming out but I have no idea what title it is and when ..

3:42 PM

I am amazed
I think my mum just bought more than 10 boxes of chocolates
because it was on offer bellow $10 and those were branded chocolates.
Well , I doubt it'll last long enough to the start of school to share with my classmates.
Oh well
I had a few chocolates for breakfast

3:38 PM

Went to see an apartment might buy , it's quite big
at Queensway Tower. The owner's colour combination sucks .
Bright Yellow and then Blue , and milky sky blue . eee.
well , if we really buy , we'll be renovating the toilet , the floor , the kitchen the room not forgetting the wall .
After that went to some place , my mum bought me seafood tempura ! ^^
all for myself nia , wahaha.
After that took bus home .
Having car sick lately
and I experienced headache
due to the chit chattering from my grandma , my mum's friend and her client
just talking Bahasa . =.=

Tuesday, November 20, 2007♥
11:52 PM

I shall explain the origin of my name
Long Long Long time ago .
There was this series of Power Rangers
Pink Ranger happened to have the name Kimberley
and my brother , then ,
he was a fan of Power Rangers
so I was named Kimberley
My brother thought of my name
Now , I wonder how my brother got his name...

6:01 PM

Wanlin says her head is spinning
If her heads' spinning
what about the body?
and she added it was just like 360 degrees
so I was just imagining
her head in the air spinning 360 degrees
and her body just sitting there playing audition
and she described it as fraky
well it was an typo error I think.

5:51 PM

W : My sister wants everyone who ninja her to die.

( Let's skip some useless chat shall we )

W : HAHAHAHA I ninja you

K : no

K : You cheated !!

K : you x7 x6 x5 x4!!

W : I did

W : I didn't !

K : see you admited you cheated.

( Let's skip again )

K : (some numbers) Correct

K : You cheated !!

W : Correct

W : No

K : see you admited HAHAHAH




W : don't want to play anymore

K : because you cheated and I revealed everything


4:36 PM

I feel like having a black blogskin
shall edit once I finish watching Jigoku Shoujo

4:10 PM

Sometimes I wish I didn't know anything
Then, people would stop asking me questions.
How peaceful.
But then again I don't want to be a brainless retard.

Monday, November 19, 2007♥
7:16 PM

My grandmother is unhappy because I use the laptop everyday
I eat and go up again
while her friend's grand daughter is much better than me.
hello? I'm like experimenting html to improve it.
Now my mother wants me to go watch TV with her
and she will talk to me about fucking weird stuff
which most adults will ask children
and we hate that right?
and the TV shows are boring
whats more ,
I use the laptop everyday.
She hogs the TV everyday
and she insists on Channel 8
and when we switch she will switch back
We can't even enjoy english programmes
To her those are not nice.
I use the laptop everyday.
She hogs the TV everyday
isn't that almost the same?
what makes her think that hogging the TV is good using the laptop is bad
she wants me to accompany her , that's it
but .. sadly I don't want to.
I envy my brother
going out for band practice every day
while me
stuck at home
with ....

6:30 PM

it's too bad I don't have photoshop

10:58 AM

Pacific Bookstore cheat my money.
on the book list it clearly stated that I want the revised primary english.
but I can't find it in my box

Sunday, November 18, 2007♥
6:54 PM

My mother - M , Me - K

M : I bought coca cola chicken wings!

K : HAR?!

K : what the shit is that ?! what the ..

M : chicken wing soaked in the coca cola sauce la.

K : nice?

M : you try la.

K : ..

6:36 PM


Saturday, November 17, 2007♥
11:17 PM

Oh I ate 2 Ice creams today .

11:14 PM

I'm going to Hong Kong for Holidays
and it all started from a simple sentence from my mother
" You all this year want go holiday ma? "

One major problem.
I handed in my travel plan consent form stating

12:00 PM

Sometimes I think I'm totally spamming posts .
but I don't like chumming up 12345 different unrelavent things together in a post.

11:51 AM

Amazing , I'm actually skipping breakfast. Well , it's not like I want to ...
But there's nothing to eat!

10:15 AM

_I_ my counter resets when I change my blog url

9:44 AM

While I was happily posting my post for the class chalet, the cheque book fell on my laptop's keyboard.

9:25 AM

Yesterday overall was fun.
We took half and hour to find the fucking bike rental shop.
And Escape Theme park was closed.
And when I rode the fucking high bike I fell. _I_
Then I changed bike , and I realised I couldn't cycle
Then , Wanlin Sin-seh only gave me some tips and I could cycle at the end of the 1 hr -.-
Then we walked around , we went to cheers to buy drink
the evil shopkeeper targeted me and Wanlin
luckily we did not fall into her evil clutches.
and we bought H20 instead.
Then we waited for Wei Fen and Wanlin's mother
After they both came , Wei Fen and Wanlin and me went to the bike rental shop again.
This time , the bike fell not me
The brakes came out or something..
And because it was dangerous for a begginer to ride a brakeless bike
Weifen and me exchanged bikes.
After that we went back to get the bike fixed and continued our way.
After our 1 hour was up,
we met Mrs Tan .
Wanlin's mother bought us some shakes
they cheated our money , it didn't taste like green apple at all.
or mango or strawberry
After that we went in and brought some people in and Calvin owes me $1.
Then me and Wanlin were watching the pathetic boys making the fire.
The fire did start but sadly , they fanned it too hard the fire died again and again
Then we asked the other people to help us as their fire was better than us.
And we girls got the pit in which the fire started first.
We cooked the chicken and satay and some other stuff.
Then after eating we roasted our marshmello
I stopped eating after awhile as its fucking heaty and sweet.
I then proceeded to watching TV until we took a class photo
and then continued watching until we had to go.

Oh yes I forgot to mention our favourite phrase while barbequeing is..
when the fire was too big , and our reactions were slower than our speech.
By the time we saved the chicken it was chao tah .

And Ernest shakes his butt when fanning the fire

Friday, November 16, 2007♥
12:11 AM

When Wanlin wanted to tell me she could actually crack her toe knuckles
she misspelt it as muckles.
and I was laughing at her when she was like
" ..... "

12:09 AM

I'm so excited for the class chalet tomorrow
We'll be renting bikes
Playing at Escape Theme Park
and having BBQ
the renting of bikes
the one to Escape Theme Park
only applies to
Me, Wei Fen and Wanlin
too bad for the others

Thursday, November 15, 2007♥
9:25 PM

Omfg , the Sha Shou Full MV (22 minutes) is fucking disgusting.

8:10 PM

Some cheese came out of the cheese hot dog when I bit it and it landed on my thighs.

2:18 PM

Finally finished the blogskin
took me 4 hours to make over a plain blogskin to this =.=

Wednesday, November 14, 2007♥
10:51 PM

Xing Jing - XJ K - Me

XJ : I'm a little teapot , we're all little teapots , you're a teapot right?

K : No.

XJ :

--- After a while ---

XJ : Your greatest ambition is to become the smartest and fattest teapot right?

K : No.

XJ :

6:31 PM



An evil , horrible , scheming , backstabbing and despicable
is coming to my class next year .
and YaoWei is finally out . ^^

6:21 PM

I don't like my grandmother
I don't like her cooking
and mind you it's my maternal grandmother
my paternal grandmother is good.
bad news is she's staying for another fucking week.
and she talks alot
In the morning she would talk to my father when my father is waiting for me to come down before school
and when I come back , my mum fetches me
she will immediately open her mouth and start talking to my mother
even when my mother's on the phone
and I don't understand bahasa so it's like she's talking to nobody
and there was once I was trying to sleep.
she kept walking in and out of the room
( I am sleeping in my parents room because my grandmother is sleeping in mine)
talking to my mother as usual when she is on the phone
obviously I cannot sleep
and when it's 10.50
she laughed at me because I haven't slept yet.
How am I supposed to sleep with all that noise ?
I seriously tried bearing with her and respecting her.
but ...
even my mother can't stand my grandmother sometimes
I don't blame her
after all she is irritating.
I hope my grandfather who is still in Indonesia lives to a ripe old age.
Because if he passes away she would stay with us permanently.
and I'm not cursing him or something don't get me wrong.
and I finally understand why they argue so much.

6:19 PM

My mum said if she were my teacher,
she would send me to the library to cut my hair.
after all
my hair is not neat.
and I like it that way
and the teachers don't even care

6:06 PM

Professor Kim ( left ) and Professor Wanlin (right)
My hands are missing ! -.-

We were at the Science centre learning about some DNA stuff.
And we had to wear these umm.. Professor - like clothes -.-
We added soap to our bacteria, and then put it in some machine and then the mixture was clear and then we added some special alcohol liquid and we could see the DNA of the bacteria , it was .. white and spider web looking.
Then we extracted them and touched them with gloves.

After that we made our own "DNA" with styrofoam and ice cream sticks.

HAHA this is weifen's she bent it more nicely than me x.x . and lucky it blocked Eric's face HAHA .
And then we were playing Big 2 in the bus.

sad , I suppose this will be my last post on school.
after all ..
today is the last day
and I need not go anymore from tomorrow onwards
until school starts again that is .

6:04 PM

Yesterday night I was just hoping it would rain in the morning so we need not sit in the basketball court.
And it really rained.
extremely heavily.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007♥
5:31 PM

Something really retarded happened today.
it'll be long if I type it out,
and you know my nature
I'm lazy.
so you don't get to know what retarded thing happened today

5:29 PM

Great there was this fucking error
and I wasn't 5th
I was the 7th .
Who cares I'm still in top 10.
Mrs Tan thought I was crying
But I had dirt in my eye
so I looked like I was crying
Darn , Ryan and Shawn took over me and Puay Tze

5:26 PM

I can't believe it
I'm so excited that my hands are trembling
I almost died of shock
I was panting
when I was about to quit game
Oh my god!

Monday, November 12, 2007♥
4:05 PM

Yay .
I'm gonna have a reward
But I realised I don't need anything urgently.
I shall remember this and redeem this reward when I spot something I want badly.

2:29 PM

One of Top 5 in class .
with a score of total 317 and Avg Percentage as 79.3
Pathetic .
& I think I'm the last of all 5.

PS : Wanlin got 79.0 for her avg. precentage
But my mum says they count by T - score.
who knows?

Sunday, November 11, 2007♥
9:25 PM


can I call you anything I like?

- SmarterChild - *unicef contributing to charity says:

I guess you can call me anything you like, sure.


Hi malfunctioned , stuffed with iron sand , never-to-work-again , ero robot.

- SmarterChild - *unicef contributing to charity says:

Hi again!

*ero means perverted in Japanese

8:54 PM



great , now I taste blood .


Saturday, November 10, 2007♥
7:02 PM

$5765.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

wow , My dead body's worth $5765

151,441 People

208 WATTS Body Battery Calculator - Find Out How Much Electricity Your Body is Producing - online dating

wow so little .

zzz.. so wu liao today .

6:55 PM

Great, I went to this Blog Rating website and I got this .

free dating sites

I was hoping to get a higher one.

Guess I'm not bad enough

6:52 PM

Nothing to do.

4:36 PM


10:05 AM

Night Safari was fun, one of the snakes escaped during the creatures of the night show, and then we went for the tram ride , they totally scared us by saying there were crocodiles , I was sitting at the side and I saw water so I freaked out and thought there was a crocodile like next to me ? Then continue our tram ride .. and I forgot what this animal is but it's black and white , cross section of a elephant and a pig. We were unable to see it the first time but the second time , it was just right next to Wanlin because I switched place with her since that crocodile scare -.- .She was talking to me and she turned back and freaked out when she saw it xD.
Then we had the walk , walk walk walk walk .. until our legs were aching x.x Then soon ,we went to the bus , I called my mum and said I would be there in 30 minutes time. When I reached the pick up point , my mum was still ... at home.
Less than 5 minutes , majority of them had already gone -.-. except me , Sara and Shawn in which Sara went first than Shawn .. I was .. the only one left .... so my mum really came and .. obviously to bring me home .

Friday, November 09, 2007♥
3:13 PM

Kimberley ( me ) - Correct

Wanlin - Wrong

Weifen - Yes

Lavender - No

You get what I mean ? That's our nickname , we're playing to use those names and create a audition character ^^

3:12 PM

Yay!! going for Night Safari later ^^

Thursday, November 08, 2007♥
10:31 PM


Rofl-ed when they showed the ad.

3:24 PM

PS . Changed blogskin again . =.-
Today , went to restock my titbits as I had none left
ended up getting a blouse and titbits and candy ^^
& there was this free gift - a small bottle of mango juice with nata de coco bits.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007♥
4:37 PM

While queuing up to buy Lor Mee,
Isabelle was talking about getting some Chinese Books.
When ...
I = Isabelle , W = Weifen , K = me

I : Eh you going to buy books?

K : Nah.

W Buying boobs?

W: Who wanna' buy boobs?!

I : Me ! I want buy chine-

K & W : * laughs hysterically*

I : You trick me !!

W : hahahaha , so you buy boobs , you have a collection of boobs at home , one whole shelf of boobs.

K : ahahahahaha.

I : N.. No lah! Don't anyhow say.

* By the time we were here , we changed subject and our Lor Mee came so we proceeded to finding a table *

4:37 PM

I almost missed the bus stop today


Lucky I noticed in time and that other people had pressed the bell.

4:35 PM

I just found out ..



Does not know how to play Uno!

4:34 PM

Class chalet - Confirmed
Night Safari - Friday xD
No need to go school tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007♥
8:30 PM

House T-shirt will be the best choice.
People will be like ..
" Ohhh.. so you're in Green House , I thought you were in #%^%# House"
Some think I'm from blue house
yellow house

8:23 PM


We are allowed to wear any bottom for the Night Safari Trip but
We have to wear the top of the Nanyang shirt.


8:20 PM

sorry weifen.

Monday, November 05, 2007♥
3:52 PM

FaceBook is Fun!

2:24 PM

YAY ! A Distinction for Higher Chinese totally unexpected , I thought my composition was crappy.

Sunday, November 04, 2007♥
10:53 PM

Laughed my ass off when Wanlin asked me to go here

2:36 PM

Wanlin's M - WM , Wanlin - W , JiaWei - J , Me - K

WM : so your name is ..?

J : Jia Wei

WM : orh.. Jia MEI

K & J & W : NOOOO!!!!!!!

K & J & W : Is Jia WEI..

WM : orh so is Jiawei . Then you are Kiberley right?

K : Kimberley ,

2:21 PM

Jia wei made us go to 3 gaurd houses and she was at Wanlin's Block

Saturday, November 03, 2007♥
10:33 PM

Today to celebrate my maternal grandmother's birthday and since she just came from Indonesia ,
we went to East Coast to have Seafood at Red House Restaurant. We got a lousy seat but lucky it wasn't raining and it was breezy. After eating I bought a small cup of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.
And my brother was looking at me when I was holding my Ice Cream , he was like , "only one ?"
I was like "duh" Then he was like staring into space with that shocked expression.
Boring post . so don't bother to read
oh my it's really boring .

2:35 PM


Friday, November 02, 2007♥
9:01 PM

Yay changed blogskin again

Thursday, November 01, 2007♥
3:18 PM

I scored 53/60 for Higher Chinese Main Paper
and I beat Wanlin .
she had 52 1/2 /60
mwahahahahahahahahaha .