Friday, August 31, 2007♥
6:42 PM

And I so cant believe it .
.hack roots had no ending ...
The ending was in .hack GU which is a PS 2 GAME
Phyllo .. how could you die? In fact died of cancer -_-..
Phyllo !!!!!!!!!!! ...
And the worse thing is . One Tri-edge aka Kite is enough .
Now Balmang of the Azure Sky and Orca of the Azure Sea IN EVIL FORM . Oh wow more CHAOS
Left : Balmang , Middle : Kite . Right : Orca
Oh my! Balmang's wings .. Orca looks like frankenstein .. ==
they look originally like this :
The difference so big LOLS
Ohmygods. And shino is not Out of comma yet ..
.Hack please come out more !
I wish the Real dot hack game [ The world ]
cmes out . Wear the head peice , in virtual world . how nice xia . can touch and feel and kill the monsters with ur own hands .. not u control ur character ...

6:38 PM

After the FANTASTIC concert,
Did some correction which I kept drawing the darn angle wrongly
Ying Bin told me to trace and it worked =.=
And Ren jie Invented a new nickname for Ying Bin : Bin Ying
Lol so lame .
Anws had to walk to the tuition centre put my bag down,
go buy sushi and bubble tea ,
Seriously forgot to ask my mum for money
I had 15 cents left after spending it
I stoned there for 30 mins .
Sms-ed WanLin to kill time
Aft that came back ate my real lunch , bathed , went online .
Watched .hack//ROOTS

6:31 PM

During the Teacher's day concert ,
the performances really SUCCKS .
when they sing, they on the real song as in the singer is also singing . How LAME .
and one of the other songs I mistook someone as cheryl larh can . ok Wan Ling can stop luffing at mi le .
The dancing part was so like nice . and Im not being sarcastic .
Cuz its dance right? When the boy hold the girl the audience was like OOOOOOO.. esp the classes beside me They really overreact over nothing .
The fashion show WAKAKAKANESS.
Ryan was wearing some shirt with the collars put up LOL
couldn't stop laughing lah . Then came scott ,
He wear sunglasses + the hip hop dancer suit + the big BLINK BLINK chain LOL
Didn't spot Eric cuz he wear too normal liao
Lavender dressed like a maid and act cute ;xx . =.=
And the girls went crazy when they say Alvin Teo coming out in an OBIANG orange shirt
and the reason for CRAZY is .. he so notorious so what I dunch knows . they juz kept laughing
and saying ALVIN TEO ALVIN TEO Honestly I dun even know what they talking bout
Alvin Teo was my Kindergarten mate nia . like who cares

Thursday, August 30, 2007♥
4:51 PM

Today went to com lab lol..
wanted to watch ep 25 of .Hack//Roots
but it only loaded 30 secs then dunno what I do
it restarted loading -.-
Then load another 38 secs . Time to shut down . Oh wow .

And isabelle poked wan lin's nose today .
see wanlin I remembered to post it (:

Wednesday, August 29, 2007♥
7:49 PM

Lolness. We had our chinese "exam" today -___-
Halfway doing, Mr Tan took my sketchbook from under my desk
I thought after he see the contents I will die T_T
He flip flip flip , I so scared I stuck on the qns LOL .
Then he flip to the bunny ducky page and ask me If that is I draw 1 bo
Then I nodded .
Then he was like saying : 有前途 .
Then I was SHOCKED .
........ What kind of future could some noob looking manga drawings bring me? =.=
and ya my results killed me .
I got 84 for maths but found that I should get 1 MORE mark .
I was like so happy cuz I got Band 1 .
WEEE! CUZ I GOT 48/60 .
LOL . Just nice no nid to go
ALL THE BOYS except RenJie
need go ahaha . ;xx
and today RenJie n Sze Hao Change seats
now Ren Jie's sitting beside me .

Sunday, August 26, 2007♥
5:35 PM

I am finally 3rd Job .
In maple ...... after so long ....
And I just wanted to say I hated the Holy stone or whatever. =.=

5:14 PM

We went to white dog's cafe after looking at the super long queue at swensens ;O
Look at the ceiling . its not painted as we saw some metal thingy through it LOL . kinda dumb but we kept looking at it and debating bout it . =.=

Daniel looks like he's wearing specs LOL . took this by accident . REAlly.

This was taken when Brenda was drinking her oreo coffee whatever its called lah . =.- Lol
Part of it is Daniel's face LOL . =.-
[left : Brenda Right : Me ,Corner (eyes nose) : Daniel

Yummmyyyyyyy.... crusty prawns ....
xDD . ordered by Brenda lolxs .

[Left : Brenda . Right : Me ]

;X Lol . he says he's cute really? I dun think so . ><
Brenda went to PIIINNCCHHHHH his face
How flexible it is . It stretch so farrr . Yes I mean it .

After that . GuGu promised to buy Marcus a ZINC bag . OMG . !
then everyone ended up buying our own bags (:
Brenda Bought a Zinc Bag [Black and White, Mostly Black]
Marcus bought a Zinc bag {Black and silver cant rmb which is the background bleahs]
I bought a CONVERSE bag (: [Pink and grey]
Daniel Bought a Toys Story file case that you can carry =.-
PS : Daniel was so happy till he cried . over a file case bag that costs $9.90 .

Friday, August 24, 2007♥
8:46 PM

Played a few mins of walking-virus . so lame . so ez tio caught =.-
Sian o ...
Died at science ;D Felt very err. wanna die liddat
when I spoke to my mum on the phone .. aiyah it was like this :

M is mum .

M : so how's ur science?

Me : 68..

M: so low!? how come liddat !

Me : how i know..

M: Highest score is what?

Me: 87

M: o..

[Mum talks to some other person]

M: eh whats ur score again?

Me: 68...

M: Huh?! I thought u said 58 . eh not bad what..

Me : uhh okay...

LOL. after talking to my mum felt alot better .
I expected her to be quite disappointed . but no? o.o

Thursday, August 23, 2007♥
2:26 PM

Oh my . my blogger honestly .. siao le ahh.
aiyahs Died at maths exam lurhhs.
): last min do fin . spent 30 mins on this lame qns :

Alibaba or dunno what name had some strawberry and pineapple sweets in a box . When he
added 30 strawberry sweets the number of pineapple sweets became 20%. After that, he added 100 pineapple sweets , now the percentage of the pineapple sweets is 60% . How many strawberry sweets are there at first?

stupid lah took half n hr to do BLEAH .
and the last min . I scribbled
54x5=270 and scribbled 270 at the ans there then
Invigdilator or how ever u spell it , say pens down.
DIE DIE DIE . anyways should really rejoice .
SAY YEAH TO NO MORE STUDYING . for a few weeks .

Friday, August 17, 2007♥
10:12 PM

Lolness. no school for 4 days o.o
had to go shop for assessment book as I lost mine ;XX
and honestly . I dunno what got into me . I chiong my assesment book
then is like a few more days done =.- . and Im slacking for chinese . wownes.
My mum very good lemme plae LOL. =.= .
then uhhhh. hmmm . nothing else le bahs . xD

Wednesday, August 15, 2007♥
11:16 PM

We received stamps instead of children's day gift and national day gift .
Cher told us to keep it and wait till 50 years later and sell it .
But I have a feeling my mum would use it first .
We are shifted into exam position . once again .
surrounded with . girls .
Can say is a torture with a few greedy pple arnd me .
whenever I'm eating my reccess . a hand will stick out
saying " Gimme 1 !"
Please . that is MY food . and I DECIDE who to give it to so stop pestering me okay?
unless i WILLINGLY offer it to you or else you just ZIP .
and I'm shocked . the class forum has been not updated for days .
and I havent said a single "lol"
maybe things aren't that happy for me recently . besides exam .
and today we heard Yunni saying loudly with a funny slang
" -some stuff infront I forgot- GALANG GUNI GALANG GUNI PUU PUU"
or that was What I rmb . and after tt . me and WanLin burst into laughter
perhaps thats when I genuinely . laughed .
and I seriously cant stand pop up advertisements just to get our computer virus infected.

Why I can't live without my beloved LAPPIE . [laptop or notebook]
Saturday, August 04, 2007♥
11:34 AM

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

I have been thinking . If my laptop doesn't exist .
I will still be using my 5 years old Desktop which is like super slow ..
and Take away the Desktop .I would be figthing with my brother all day for the computer . I won't be able to Blog , Play , Chat and do E-Learning work properly
For you see Nowadays . it's just so high-tech .Even my Chinese teacher uses a class forum ! And not forgetting Joining kidscentral competitions.
And the biggest thing I love about my notebook is the fact that I can watch anime , you know? Japanese cartoon something like that. It simply kills boredom. And games . (: still the same to kill boredom but using the computer simply brings me to another world like I'm not longer the me in the real world . I'm someone else . I won't have to worry about this and that . No pressure . And I can sort of reveal my true self. I won't need to hide much worries like I do . No doubt Chatting with internet friends are sort of dangerous when it comes to reality but through the net, as long as I take safety precautions, Its well SAFE! Chatting with them is ... enjoyable in a way (:
Blogging . My favourite thing . I can express myself in anyway I like it . It's sort of a way to tell people my problems not through the mouth , but through blogging.
Some people of my class call me a computer freak >.<
But no matter how obsessed I'm with my laptop , I will never forget my responsibilities offline.
And seriously . If I don't have this laptop of mine , I will remain as a dull , study-all-day nerd and of course get teased by my friends . My results are rather stable and when I mean stable I mean either High Band 2s or Band 1s or A *. I hope it will go up higher...
Oops! almost off topic .
My laptop also helps me to gain knowledge by surfing the net .
Sad thing is ..although my laptop is rather new . I sense its going to break down soon .
I mean . My bro's computer is a few months older but its like so much better .
I hope my laptop will hang in there . as long as possible ..

RockYou FunNote - Get Your Own

RockYou FunNote - Get Your Own

Friday, August 03, 2007♥
6:23 PM

today . I died during science practical test
it was so hard + I never study + It was sort of "old" topics
T_T but luckily . it ate up our entire english lesson ;x
then we had chinese . we listened to YingBin's recording.
he had uploaded the wrong file.
LOl the whole class were rofling .
some others are .. soso larh . lucky only play the pple who needs improvement
x.x AND AND we heard Winston's voice. it was kinda like . a 5 yr old kid .
so not mature lor ;xx.
but cher had assigned work T.T
so did work den aft tt we had a mini code breakiing game hosted by relief cher
itwas all scrambled up letetrs tt u nid to use for forming a word.
there 11 . and I only solved 3 ):
other 8 solved by others . and we got released early ~
went for the art gallery . loved the works done by them .
went to GIANT and boughtj titbits wakakak.

Thursday, August 02, 2007♥
8:11 PM

rofl today was sibei funny
Eric and Clarence were making a full of themselves
and not forgetting Calvin Lol.
unfortunately XingJing's lizard ermm.. according to her when it saw a fly and an ant it sort of jumped out which she described as "tiao lou zi sha" Lol.
and and . during Mr Tan's lesson ;x
zzz... we were continueing writing lala den cher wanted to meet him outside
He was just making some things clear .
not as scary as I thought x.x
this conversation was SUPER FUNNY

[Cher points YingBin's Pen and him and expects someting]

Ying Bin : 对不起。

Cher : 说谁?狗,猫 还是猪?

[Ying Bin hesitates]

[Me signalling him something which he dunch understand ]

Ying Bin : 猫。

[Me laughing]

[Cher looked like he gonna faint]

[points my pen at me]

Cher : 让他看是怎么样做的。

Me : 对不起,陈老师。

dam lame lurh

and and .Eric what playing with his matches .
rubbing it slightly to d matchbox.
suddenly got FIRE ahah. den he quickly blow it off before cher see
Then then
Clarence said " eh i rmb i read a book it say the boy put teh matches in his pocket den his teacher ask him to do sit up then do do do then suddenly his pants on fire ."
LOL I know its very very very lame . XD but . AFETR WE HEARD IT .
love today <3 only hated the part wher i had to take bus home ;x
dunno why sometimes so emo ><

8:06 PM

I watched as you finished the run.
all of them were flocking towards you showering you with care
that i will never ever get
I just sat there . Nobody talked to me
except some who ... i thought didn't really care
but they did , they cared .
but those whom i thought to care
didn't seem to be bothered at all .
when i spoke . it became quiet
then , they starting talking about something else
unrelavant to what I was saying
do i look so strong?
Im fragile inside . tts what i can say .
I just wanted you to care
but none of you seem to be bothered .

Wednesday, August 01, 2007♥
4:27 PM

today is quite -TOOOOT-
bryan took my book erased my name n kept it .
FOR WEEKS. and when cher searched his bag n found it I was like
wtf ??? so -TOOOOTING- suay .
and I ws like " Oh wow . youre bag is MAGIC can scratch out my name wow .."
Lol was sibei sarcastic lurhs,
and XingJing found a lizard =.=
it was so disgusting . but is a baby 1 lah.
and and . 2mr Qie Hua's gonna bring some ants fwerhh d lizard . oh my.
and dammit . must take bus to tuition !~!~ . ahhh . hate it . walk to bus stop so far !~
crap la lol.