Monday, July 30, 2007♥
4:23 PM

Yayness . Skipp school~ . No larhs .
Bleahs . darnn alarm woke me up at 7.25 am but I snooze ;x
and aft tt . went to my com . >< went to 5A chinese forum .
Did some chatting ahblahblahs . ;x
Then had tuhh record my voice while reading some passage cher gav us ;l
my voice sho doesn't sound lyk me . eek
Then had to go fer english .. and then science ...
Then started doing my assignments .
And finally finished x.x . Then had to upload the voice recording ..
If you guess is e-learning @ home you correct le .
But overall so boring . Honestly . I rather go tuh school ><
Just liked the part where can sleep till 7++am
And Im like super bored . ;l
can't wait for 1.6km run ;x
dunch know why . I look forward to it . xD
and and . I watched high school musical ytd .
But i still dunch understandd why last yr
sho many pple crazy bout it . -_-
The ONLY amazing thing I find abt it is
suddenly all of them start dancing , basketball prac - dance n sing ..
But the songs were nice ;]

Saturday, July 28, 2007♥
9:37 PM

Wow updated my blog . basically ate up 5 hrs ;l . 2 hr on finding a blog skin and 3 hr trying to fix it
lol . Today watched finish Chobits ;) Happy ending but somehow Ep 26 is same as ep 24 . AHH . Im missing 2 episodes then .. =.= ... and I had super late dinner .. well early compared to bats and owls .. 9.30 and my mum was "on the way home" at 8 pm WOWness 1hr to reach home lol.

Friday, July 27, 2007♥
5:53 PM

ahhhh! I almost died at NAPFA but still I got 25/25 ;l had to do my sit and reach like hmmm.. lets see 4 times? and I havent run my 1.6 km yet waa!!
and Yayness!! I got my very first track shoe and I got a new shoe mwahha.
since my old one was seriously pathetic LOL.

Sunday, July 22, 2007♥
3:08 PM

Yesterday I went for the NE show lol.
went super late ;l ended up having a white stripe and a
dumb looking yellow bag .
I just dun understand why our school only has Green and Yellow bag
While others has orange , black , red , purple and all the nice colours
and when we were in the bus we had a camera fight rofl
And I showed the army tank pic tuhh Ren Jie .
He was liek uh ! what the ..
then when we reached .
all of us had to stand on the muddy grass instead of the clean pavement
we were protesting but Mr Wu was there zzzz..
and after standing and chatting for 30 mins we finally got to move..
we walk ah walk . finally went to the stadium
the starting oart abit boring lah . so me and Ah Huang ate early
Dinner when they were singing the Opera ..
Then they show off their planes boats and fire trucks and army tanks
Then nice part start le and since the nice part started . I spammed pictures
very nice I tell you . I took over 100 pictures on my phone
My phone almost died . So i quickly off . ;x
Then when the fire works display start we were all standing up screaming our heads off
Lol when the screaming over my ear was like ......... ;l
Ren Jie and Yao Wei were putting the singapore tattoo Lol.
then they together touch their face LOL THE WERE GAYING LA
Then when it all ended we started talking lurh .
Actually at first I think d girls teased Ren Jie then he started throwing things at them
and the things are AIR which is obviously NOTHING
then the girls started to wanna hit RenJie wib their water bottles
Then YaoWei went and turn Ren Jie's face to teh side where he had put the Tattoo and say
then we somehow nicknamed them Mr and Mrs Singapore ^^
and we even imagined Ren Jie in the wedding gown and the white transparent veil that the bride always wears LOL . WE WERE ROFLING AGAIN .
when we finally can go ...
there were so many gaps so we CHIONG AH RUN INFRONT LOL
then suddenly ah huang started pushing me all teh way infront
then Belle starting shouting " OI KIM DUN CUT QUEUE LARH"
I say They push me one!!! ..
then Jia Yi also say the same thing and they kept repeating
as if they never hear what me saying zzzzzzz
then finally ah huang push me back again lol .
den we were all chionging den luke suddenly stop we were like gonna crash lurh
then we were discussing when luke grows up n drive car .
skali he speeed den suddenly brake den become lian huan che huo lol
and he will lead to the destruction of human nature .
I knew we were exaggerating ;l
and on the bus . eric n andre sat tgt
den eric started complimenting himself
den andre keep saying something negative LOL
Then uh . eric dropped something
he went to bend down and take
then mrs tan was looking
ah huang was pointing at his butt signalling fwerhh her to kick
Then Mrs Tan say " I was tempted to do that"
den we started rofling again Lol
den after tt when we reached school
the bus door opened
ernest was stuck
Mrs Tan had to ask the bus driver close the door and open again den he is unstuck
Lol. after tt we went home ...........

Ps : Sorry for not putting all the photos I took here You'll see it on TV anyway ><

Thursday, July 19, 2007♥
6:44 PM

Ah Huang came to my hse .
Ah How couldn't make it .
We ended up with a half made army tank =x
We were doing a pig ;x
but the body insides is look like army tank
and recalling what hppened 2day Ren Jie wanted to make a army tank lantern
so me and ah huang were planning to show him the pic we took ;x
and i choked on water . cuz I told ah huang this thing that clarence told me n d others
during science when we were learning FORCES .
We were supposed to give examples , suddenly clarence said
Eh Shit also can what " uhmmmm.. uhmmm.." pushing ma . then he started laughing
Mad laughing came from me , bryan , xing jing and qie hua and joel LOL
ROFL LURHS =.= n after i was telling ah huang tt . I went to drink water
N i recalled my neighbour from long ago whom I heard he sang the sars rap
till a fish bone got stuck in his throat -.=
I walked ah huang to d bus stop ;l
skali is wrong bus stop . ek.

Monday, July 16, 2007♥
6:54 PM

As i sat on the bus . dam tired
But cannot sleep . Cuz whenever i wanted to
the bus jerk ow. my head hit the thing =.=
wake up den over n over again ;l darn bus

6:45 PM

Cher wanted us to make a play
Bryan was crying out loud just because he wanted to be the leader again
But Jerene got the role . yogata ><
I becoming 孟母 EEK.

Sunday, July 15, 2007♥
8:59 PM

I'm back to Pangya SEA ;x
Reason being , too bored ;l
and Gosh . havent learn 听写!
死死死死死死死死死死死死死 x.x
And I was being super lame . I was learning it on nackvision
They say "Don't waste paper" so I used nackvision =]
I only learn the words I need to know nia . ;l
Im dead ;l must memorize so many things

LOL =.= sentence lazy write
hmmm.. lets test my 精选段落

zou jin jiao shi de shi yi wei nan lao shi , nian yue si shi sui , shen cai zhong deng,chuan zhe zheng qi . tong xue men xiang ta qing an hou , ta na dui you shen de yan jing xiang jiao shi sao shi le yi xia, jia yan su de jiao ke qi lai .


Friday, July 13, 2007♥
6:46 PM

There were 3 friends . A , B and C
they were doing some craftwork or wadeva
they needed to use 2 pringles the container . so B paid for them 1st
B took the contents of 1 of the pringles . the other one was kept with A
The next day, B wanted A and C to pay 1.70 each . when the total cost was $5
meaning B only had to pay 1.60 . A and C were shocked .
A and C wanted to tell B but they were afraid.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007♥
3:33 PM

Wowness. We had chinese lesson with Laptop.
wasted a total of 3 periods and he ate 10 mins of our reccess -.-
Ran 5 rounds round d darn track 2day . WeiFen almost killed me.
Yes. KILLED as you know ... when running we take turns - 1 round each den switch
she walk so slowly . anyways let's go to the fun part!!
it started when XJ and QH started laughing . THen I was like wa?? then somehow
tio influence by them and started laughing lyk mad also. so long till stomach pain lurhs.
den after tt we finally stop , b4 1 min laugh again =.= dots .. den we continue laughing until science . i couldn't laugh anymore =.-

Tuesday, July 10, 2007♥
5:00 PM

We had tea appreciation today .
I can't believe I drank tea .
it was super bitter
but i enjoyed it
Yes , ENJOYED it

4:59 PM

Wanlin : Eh Yunni what u eat xia so oily?

Me: haha yah lor

Yunni : is honeydew!

-me and wanlin started laughing like mad-

Sunday, July 08, 2007♥
5:42 PM

O my. My mum was esp great today .
she let me n my bro buy 2 tubs each of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream .
But she'll be coming after me after finding out I have ting xie tomorrow and I haven't learn.
Shhhh!! Don't spread ! -Gets Ting Xie List-

Saturday, July 07, 2007♥
10:32 PM

Ah Huang :
ah tan.. wad u doing now?
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
reading last few chapters of book 4 of harry potter haha
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
4got what happen liao
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
so read last part nia
Ah Huang :
in fornt of the com..
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i reading in d com
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
Ah Huang :
sry if i disturbed u
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
no la
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
juz now
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
super pro
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
the powertio triped
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
black out
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
so funny
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i halfway eating den
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i still continue eating
Ah Huang :
the whole place or juz ur house?
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
den went up to continue reading
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
hse nia
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
n then for 1 hr
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
all girls in d hse ma
Ah Huang :
Ah Huang :
ah tan bo chap
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
all of them dunno hw to fix
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
n since i wun help
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
continue reading lo
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
den my mum call sum person to fix
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
Ah Huang :
Ah Huang :
duno how to fix?
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
my bro outside
Ah Huang :
ur family so bz
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
left me my maid n my aunt
Ah Huang :
including u
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
all of dem dunno one la
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
n hw u expect an 11 yr old girl to know
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
eh u do the lead one oready?
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
and my mother
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
n xi zi?
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
expire when?
Ah Huang :
tmr i think
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
xi zi lol... i think i nv bring home d book
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
rush thru reccess can lah
Ah Huang :
but b4 recess got chi
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
but is hao gong min
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
rusdh during english then!
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
english like she care liddat
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
forgot all bout it
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i dun wan drink tea
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i hate tea n coffee
Ah Huang :
i learn for 3 yrs liao la
Ah Huang :
learn agn..
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
last time i accidentally drank coffee at 8 pm
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
cuz i dunno so late
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
endep up slping for 4 hrs nia
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
but i still like it
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i love coffe
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i hate tea
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
only ice lemon tea
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
im so not making a tea for myself
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
cfm taste like knz
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
n if cannot sleep
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i blame tt programme
Ah Huang :
the whale n his teeth
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
wow eyes lower den its teeth
Ah Huang :
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
i show u
Ah Huang :
droppy msh
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу says:
hmmm dun look like whale

lame conver with ah huang . not typing le had trouble wif this post cuz ah huang's msn display name clash with some html knz thingy!!

4:07 PM

Me and Ah Huang were talking crap again

Ah Huang : Eh Why is anime all Japanese one?

Me : That's why it's called anime .

NYGH FunFair Rocks. The JieJie so good, buy me chocolate fondue, we went to play the screaming game , I had soar throat so when I tried to scream , a squeaky sound came out eek. The Haunted Hse Scared The hell outta me -.- But we were laughing our heads off inside . I wonder if I would have nightmares if I went in ALONE >.< The scariest part was when a "ghost" wearing a white mask, similar to the the hollow in Bleach was wearing but no details . It was crawling out slowly.. looked like wanna touch us but since it was so slow we tot it was ok so when we tried to cross he tried to grab us . we screamed . xD
and when the jiejie ask the person outside b4 we went in whether the "ghosts" will come and touch us . she said yah . eeeek. and when we got out we saw 2 fake ghosts outside . 1 of them dress up in a nice dress "blood" flow down from her nose n head patting her doll and another 1
same lurhs just that it was holding .....A REAL LIVER....

Friday, July 06, 2007♥
2:34 PM

Ytd went to ah how's hse . not bad lurhs .. but.... it's so obvious she hates me TT
Under her msn groups . I was under teh group called spastic lol. She was like Eh? why ur name there? zzz.. i know she hates me... zz..Didn't know I was ever classified under a group with a negative name .. and XXX told me ah how hates me alot . n My right eye the bottom keeps "jumping" my mum says something bad will happen , ah huang say eiter pple thinking of me or talking bad bout me . Who would want to do that for 2 days?

Sunday, July 01, 2007♥
11:16 PM

Omg . I wanted to kill myself when i started reading Harry Potter . When since did I like Reading -_- ? And I'm curently on Chamber of Secrets -_- PS: I'm re-reading teh entire thing. -.-
And I spammed my $60 on School FunFair . Yes , I sense a fight coming between me and my cousin =] . Started with her taking the idea of the "You are not welcomed!" thingy loh lol.
she just started saying about me copying letters from her msn name 0.o 0.o 0.o .
κą§Ťιℓє™ κιм๖єяℓєу Seriously . I have no time to test out all the codes n find out her name
Basically the only 2 things that are teh same is the я and And if you're reading this , [Brenda]
Firstly , the TM thing is my bro teach me and alot of pple use it .
Secondly , the R is like so many people use? lol? and I didn't take anything of yours I take from either i anyhw spam the numberpad of I ask my fren whether can take okays? Please don't put it in such a harsh way of "COPY" and how often do u get the idea of
"You are not welcomed" and u put the Idea From Kastile thing , good thing you did . ^^ so lets end this

PS: This post wasn't meant to offend u of something -_-