Friday, June 29, 2007♥
6:32 PM

Weeeeeeeeee~~ had art today . A foreign Artist came . he was an indian but I rmb tt he didn't come from india maybe from part of it ? -.- he was like .. uhh.. leme just say the way he talks is weird . Lav was so racist lor . when he took her sportade as sample of explaining what is abstract and what is reality . lol. she didn't drink it after he held it 0.0 inside still left like half a bottle lor.
so he started painting for us to see. then when he say need wait for it to dry we did our own work >;D . Somehow . the entire P5 girls or I think all painted the background black LOL. we were like 0.0 . all black?? lol ? then when our black dried we starting work! I wanted to the "Light at the end of the tunnel" but ended up becoming a train . yes a train lol. Lavendar drew a Durian ... Amanda Drew flowers , HuiSze did abstract , Yantheme also abstract , Denise err. dunnp what exactly but there was coconut trees and a sea but it was NOT a beach nor was it supposed to be some scenery.
lol. we got to bring home ours !!! weee~~~~~~~~~~ . They were like asking each other whether they want theirs anot . lol. I brought home mine . But when i shwo my mother she say UGLY sobs .
TT no need say so bluntly mahs . I know is ugly but can say is not so nice mah >< break my heart =(
Now I show u lah :

RockYou PhotoFX - Get Your Own

Tuesday, June 26, 2007♥
3:00 PM

Darn . worst day of my life . 2nd day and ..

1 . Tt bryan got a screw loose isit? pple doing work den wan paste kick me sign . wth .

2 . I couldn't plug in d bloody mouse . the teacher came n said I was too rough . and dented the darn metal thingy . Have it occured to the teacher it was dented before I used it?

3 . Bryan didn't like the group name "Icicle" and he was suggesting darn lame names like .
Icicle Gaurdian , Icicle Sky Tower , Crazy Monkey Demon Force/Squad . wth -.-

4. eh hello? pple doing work go pull my hair . and yes after I blog this i gonna tell teacher.

5 . and yea so what if u dunch like the naem of teh grup eur in . too bad lurhs . keep saying and mumbling " I dun like icicles . icicles sucks stupid icicles stupid kimberley "
and yea . he can scold me all he wants lol. Im not those tt get er provoked easily by tis kind of cry babies . and yes HE CRIED . lol . Soemmore he is disgusting? ..and.. weird habits and naughty and . OK SIMPLY SAY I HATE HIM FULL STOP .
I WANNA CHANGE GROUP SHO BADLY . Or maybe chnge seats ^^
GAHHHH! . I cant stand sitting with him le !
But why ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Why must Mrs Tan make me sit with him . I also dunno why JiaYi n Aetheline say he wun disturb me , he will do his own stuff which is seriously UNTRUE . gosh ........
OK this term is gonna be hell for me.

Sentosa Trip
Sunday, June 24, 2007♥
7:29 PM

Sorry hahaha . Was late in posting this . This post will contain many pictures ^^ .
I first set foot in sentosa . woot. so excited . but when I went into my cuz's resort room, I was SHOCKED . lol. so small . can say 1/3 of my room ... including the bed n grocery n the cupboard
no need walk liao lol . We went exploring sentosa zzz.. The sun must be so hot that day xia ...
so we went to find a place with aircon ^^ . On teh brochure we saw that there was sakae sushi!
heheh . so we went lo . Omg ..... When I thought . we finally .. The aircon there SPOILED .
sobs!! . Unfair lurhs . then we just ate some stuff and left . we saw an ice cream stall . and of course we bought some . when we got back to the resort we were like so full I skipped dinner ^^ .
I wanted to do the flying trapeze but so fast closed liao ? .. Then we went to play teh LUGE
WE quickly grabbed our helmets . I wonder why . is my head so small ? -_- lol the helmets are just so loose tehy keep falling off . zz. and then the sky ride or wadeva . i frogot what its called LOLS.
Then it was so scary the first time I sat . and yea it was fun . I wanted to whip out my HP and take pictures of teh super chio scenery but .. i scare my handphone drop. so we went for 2 times. . mmm. N yea Later we went exploring some Siloso Resort . It was liek a Hotel wor.
here's soem pictures of it lol.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The scenery from the rooftop abit blur ><

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The super big and cool pool . lol. Manage to take a good shot of it .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is the carlsberg tower lol .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is special . Very blur yes I know It's actually coconut trees at night in sentosa.. I was very lucky to be able to take 2 colours at the same time . actually it was 1 time blue light 1 time red light lol.. but somehow -.= it came at the same time lol? and shortly after that , we saw a rat yes a RAT . it looked so cute but it ran off into a bush so fast =( Then after brenda went for a swim we all went home except my cuz lol . AND OMG HOW COULD I Forgot? during dinner, when i was watching my cousin eat , A ,man in light blond hair looks abit liek white but not .
he was like rubbing his hair all over erm doing the same thing the GATSBY Guy did in the advertisement .. me n my cousin was laughing lyk shyt LOL. I was just telling Julia Jie she was laughing lyk hell.

Friday, June 22, 2007♥
6:08 PM

I just called Brenda . She is now in Sentosa . I will be joining her tomorrow ^^ . Too bad I can't swim >.> My swimming costume is DEAD lol. ok a swimming costume can't die I know that reasoning . ok fine tell you what happened >< . It's very simple actually lol. The reason is ...
It is too small yes no doubt I wore it last yr lol. now I think too small le really! Hmm.. so I guess we won't do swimming lol. Waiting for tomorrow ^^ .. my aunt will be fetching me there at arnd 2-3 pm so it's .. around 20 or 18 more hrs from now . weee~ 9 hrs will be spent sleeping lol . crap tt darn mozzie keep buzzing over me head lol. ok time to go now


11:08 AM

Ok. This post will contain about 3 events ^^
*Note they are in order if when they happen from first to last ^^

1st Event - Dinner with .. Guest n Etc .

ytd night I went to have dinner with , My mum , My bro , My grandpa and some guests .
We went to a ... restaurant . at the entrance my Bro met his senior! They chat awhile then we went up le .. then had dinner -.- please lurhs . Adults like to put food on children's plate regardless they like it or not . ARGH! i say dun wan dun wan dun wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My grandfather still put teh chicken on my plate . -.- please lurh . I am damn full ler. zzzz

2nd Event - Crushed Iced Birds Nest

Lol. my mum got a gift which was obviously bird nest lol. so she went to cook it ^^ . and since I wanted it cold I put in the Freezer My bro's bowl also . I put it inside T 9.30 PM so I decided to have it at mignight while wwaiting I was watching DN Angel .. lolzx. Manged to wtach finish it ^^
sian wor... Dark and Krad no more liao -.- . ok now Forward >>> To the part where I decided to eat my Bird nest . Me n my bro went down n :0!! my bro's 1 is abit frozen . mine totally frozen
not totaly but .. erm .. I tot crushing mine will help to sort of melt it so..Yes I crushed it .
so is like crushed ice Bird Nest ? lol ? Similar to Ice Kachang ~ but different lurhs. My bro said 1 sentence tt really amused me " This is the first time eating Bird Nest make me tio BrainFreeze "

3rd Event - Twins , no... Triplets !

I met anotehr twin this morning. Her IGN is lesPRINCESS
lol. we had fun and then this super duper noob leader expelled her from pt!
Then I also left cuz the smuggler zzzzzzzzz...cuz the noob ldr expel den he tio scared then he failed to smugg the peices!!Then we join another pt another noob ldr but atleast no slackers
this time we were slacking . n in tt 2nd pt I met my triplet ^^ .. Here's a pic ... of we triplets ^^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
From the Left - lesPRINCESS , dawnangel , Kastile Me n les were lazy bums !!
dawn was not lols . so she did the work and another picture when we were slacking hehehe..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
lol.. From the Left - Kastile (me) , lesPRINCESS
But later we all gtg and so it ended =( . but if it didn;t end i wun be able to blog ;P
okies . i go watch death Note . Byes!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007♥
12:07 AM

yes. i know it's midnight . ^^ lol.. never realy post fer a long long time lol.. maple lvl 66 nia -.-
I could hav.. I could hav.. 68 !! but I slacked . slacked yes slacked . lol.. and hmm.. recently ..
I can sleep till 10 am . Pro hor? lol. i dunno why.. TT .. haiz . when i wake up at 8 like no energy to stand up mwahahahha . so sleep again ^^ sian.. why must holidays past so fast??.. I need to be 3rd job !!! Please Please EXTEND !! Holidays . Please extend lol but anyways very bored lah
Just finished watching "Chrno Crusade" Ending was touching but I was too cold to not cry -.-
They died . erm . together on a swing peacefully 0.0 lol. Starting "DN Angel" intro was boring but when real action lai le is not bad lol.. Mum rushing me 2 go ZzZzZzZz lo bb

Pissed . . .
Thursday, June 14, 2007♥
11:20 PM

Yeah !! Guess what ? I'm pissed -.=
Firstly .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
My pq sucks . My pt sucks . ok?
2nd ly ... no slot no slot no slot pissed..
3rdly .. buy scroll YAY!!!! BOUGHT 3 FREAKING SCROLLS
AND YAY! I GOT A slot . i dc-ed . tehy found another person. ONCE AGAIN PISSED
.. sorry .. just wanted to vent my anger on blogger... sorry if I showed d other side of me..
zzz.. nvm mesos can be earned back .. there are still many pple still unluckier den me ..
I hope there will be a better tomorrow ...

Maple again ==
Tuesday, June 12, 2007♥
9:46 AM

lol. Yesterday was so fun . I PQ-ed th entire day and guess what . from lvl 53 to lvl 54 to lvl 55 to lvl 56 to lvl 57 by 12 midnight LOL. Now just need to chiong 3 lvls and I reach my goal for the June holidays and .. My longest team in PQ was ....

Now Presenting ...

The Bathrobe Team !

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

LOL. If u really notice , all of us are wearing bathrobe . all the girls are wearing just
Napolean , Bathrobe and Black tube xD lol. The bathrobe team rox! but later..
I think the ldr's hand is tired le keep miss 1 >< . nvm la atleast I lvl 4 times le LOL.

Oh gosh . Mess up ==
Monday, June 11, 2007♥
1:01 PM

I love PQ . PQ Rocks. Ok basically I'm very into pq cuz of its EXP ~ I think I can aim for like .
lvl 55 by today? lol... and yea when I was pqing . the -thing- I mentioned in my earlier post
came . ok lah ... zzzz... ok I will just refer it as -thing- and not to reallt give it away . I will refer otehr things as diff colour ok? . yea. I was so excite dthat i quit my pq ROFL. ok i know tts lame . then i ran down and opened it . 0.0 . woahs . lucky 2dy mahh bro go school ^^ so i brought it up started plugging it to my comp. wth lah how to put -thing- inside xia . knz ... den I go the website and found out and i dl d manual . gosh I thought i was gonna die. and yea i manged to do it . and i tried dl-ing something to put inside see if it reli works =] . ok this way u will never find out what I got .. if u really wan wan wan to know can msn . but note * is me n my bro share 1 =]

Saturday, June 09, 2007♥
10:39 PM

Hoohoo! Hi once again , I'm back into Maple =] heheh .. I hate Audi ! Rawr!! I can't do license
so I guess I give up xD let's just say I'm gonna be lvl 19 for a very long time.. and yeah !! I'm lvl 52
lol so .... did many many quests xD . basically .. with maple . My june holidays .. will be better
and yeah ! While i was browsing through Free market I spotted a super godly overall for mage
below is the pic ..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Cool Huh? + 27 INT leh ! so godly hahahaha . xD I wish i had it..
But.. nah ! It's too exp and my lvl too low =[.. now time for me to go tata~

Solved .
Thursday, June 07, 2007♥
1:37 PM

Yeah . I know this is absolutely lame . 1stly , I have Good News , that is I found my specs , where?
undr my bro's paper or wadeva , why? my mum hid it there ROFLMAO . yah .. who would find it not funny that ur own mother hide eur specs lol? ok . Im pissed == . n I duno why my mum nowadays like so.. aiyah let's drop the subject . I no mood play maple cuz too bored .
I lack motivation to train le NOOO!!~ and anyway . I went to audi lol. very funny lehs I was playing Night 4 and because there was this song called "Butterfly" extremely china china d lor
but its sung in english == . Ok i write down the most disgusting lyrics and worst thing , the singer's voice is extremely high pitched! "Aiyaiyai ~ I'm your little butterfly blah blah blah I'm the goddess in the sky" LOL is so == .. and so . I keep talking crap abt the song but I realized i was losing like hell le so I got serious . How? I muted my sound system =] and so suddenly I began to perf.
x1 . x2 . x3 . Then no perf le LOL . Then i was like . 0o .. wah I mute can x3 LOL . ok i mai show off le . Then nxt song is The black Cat . Is sung in korean so .. I dun understand ..
Ok then we talked like tis . It's not exactly d same tho its abt dere ><

The Gurl : Y got cat and butterfly no dog?
Me : Cuz the dog was killed by the black cat =)
The Gurl : LOL
[Coming to Fm..]
[End up no Fm..]
The Gurl : Sian no fm..
Me : The Butterfly and cat so stingy give 1 fm nia !

Lol . ok la it was full of crap . it has no logic . so dun question me abt LOGIC
And yay!! I getting ... something la .. I mai show off ler =P
Now awaiting my lunch..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007♥
11:18 AM

Today I wonder what's wrong with me..
I'm so pathetic =.= . I lost my specs .
Really ! The last thing i rmb was. when I was fiddling with my specs before I sleep
and then my mum came in my room and I stop touching my specs and i just
left it some somewhere and I went to sleep ==
And next morning which is today , I oculdn't find it == so I had a little spring cleaning.
not exactly lah basically tidy up my drawer nia . cant find == my bed also can't find
so can't be help == I dun care le . TT no mood for maple. cant find my breakfast
Yah I know its pathetic . I guess I will just audi . And ytd was so FUN .
me and Koko met ch0colate in audi =] hahahha.. we ended up being gd friends xD
We xchnaged phone numbers and hotmail xD . coudl hav talked with tthem but
I needed to bathe and I took like 40 mins == Ok when since did i start having tt habit ==
I feel so excited for no good reason . . . .

PS : My Specs!! Please come back !!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007♥
5:38 PM

Apologies for not posting for a few days ><
I was well ermm.. 2 busy.... chionging maple..
Lol. also dunno y I'm so obsessed with maple ==
I mean lyk obsessed till i chiong like nevr b4?
in 4 days from lvl 49 - 51 xD .. hahas. I plann to be ..
atleast 60 by the end of this june holiday
and YAYness. my bro is on a camp which is dam lame ==
the metho he sleeps .. is SLEEP ON THE CHAIR lmao.
he tell my mum d time i heard LOL. it is ridiculous ==
ah yah I go play my audi. I very scared I might lose my skills.
And I wun forget to chiong maple tata!

Did.. did.. I do anything ..Wrong?
Saturday, June 02, 2007♥
5:24 PM

I don't understand it ... My.. My..
Cousin.. came back today .
on .. her blog puts... I'm .. very ..
attention-seeking & like to call pple... "ai dong gua" ?
Did.. Did.. I call .. anybody .. "ai dong gua"? ....
Did ... Did .. I ? please.. ans on tag.. so I can .. put my mind at ease..
.......I wonder what feud I have with my Cousin..
anyway .. I shouldn't care about how people think of me..
Me = me ..
and today was very boring.. my maple lag like shyt..
Can't play properly and somehow I got recruited in guild ..
Basically becuz they need people.. lolx..I think I need to..
shorten my posts. i realize they r getting longer and longer..
and umm.. nothing to blog liao ..

Friday, June 01, 2007♥
11:29 AM

Early in the morning 11.30 , Kastile starting posting LOL.
today is FREEDOM! My bro go school >;D no body nagging at me
say change to starhub or singtel wakakaka. I was dl-ing
some game ... keep getting corrupted knz.
and .. in the meantime when waiting for my dl ...
i played audi . it was so stupid !! . I kept losing at d 1st part
so I hit the space bar very hard . and somehow my letter "N"
came lose le then when i make it bak to normal .. i found out
my Middle finger hav 1 cut.. den suddenly blood oozed out.
lol. I didn't know a keyboard could cause bloodshed .
but abit nia la haha . I go take tissue clean the blood then go wash it
Then i started playing audi wif 1 hand lol. imagine 1 handing 188 bpm
cfm die hahaha . but lucky i played slow songs lar =)
zhuuzhuu jie go beijing le !! TT .. we had our last game fo audi ytd ..
sad.. I think she flew off le =/ .. and.. My cousin returning from China
TOMORROW . lol And oh yah !!I rmb . in one of the games in audi i played
previously , the DJ say cant start so i wanted to unrdy and exit but
i cant !! den suddenly it started . everything stoned at START ,
all of us say aiyah let's chat till music over .. but thenn.. music over still
stoning .. actually i took an ss but i dunno why i cant .. TT
UNFAIRNESS. it was so funneh . the light havent really load yet
so everybody's face was slightly darker heheheh.
lalaalala I m reallie very bored . == . . . . ok nvm I shan't blog anymore
tata~ ;D