Nil !
Saturday, March 31, 2007♥
1:06 PM

Lol...guess what? Brenda called me today and told me she became a hc !
She traded her hcs for 1 chi sofa 1 giant love heart and..some stuff ..
And she also wanted to make a Toilet -__-
So I decided to sell her my loo seat :X
Okies enuff habbo stuff liaos
sian lor.. They always play rugby.
Nobodeh play virus liaos. and evn if they want to.
not enuff pple -__- is not my fault I don't want play
rugby mar. u see is like so ruff lo. n I m a Girl ! no offence to the girls playing rugby >.<"
so we rott lor. lols. alot pple say me weird n crazy . WOOTZX . ~ !
Ytd we went down to gate A wif Amanda to get her medicine
cuz nth to do then I told her we only can spare 5 mins. Then I set stop watch LOl.
Then she was like ... Then Shu Hui keep luffing lmao.
Ok sometimes I'm kinda' annoying LOL.
Then finally 5 mins liao. >:) bwwahahaha.
We were likke go liao arhs ~!
then suddenly her uncle come liao
pass her teh medcine
Then we chiong up .. Lucky not late for lesson xia lols.
Ok end of mah post :)

The Middle XP
Friday, March 23, 2007♥
5:22 PM

Ok people the ending you have been waiting for so long is here :
The angel brought the soul to the Head Angel and sought for permission to reincarnate Jasmine.The Head Angel disagreed at first but was moved by Jasmine's touching story.So the Head Angel granted the angel to reincarnate Jasmine.The angel carried the baby into a nice basket and flew to Jasmine's house's door step. She put the basket down and rang the bell.As soon as she rang the bell, she disappeared...When Jasmine's parents found the baby , they were delighted and took care of her as if it was Jasmine herself. However, this is no ordinary baby.She grew 1 yr on 1 day and she began to look just like Jasmine and at the 12th day ... She was Jasmine!! And she had her memories as well! She found a letter in her drawer,
Dear Jasmine,
I'm glad you're back.Please do not wonder
Where I have gone.Like you,I have made a wish
and I have sacrified to do so.This wish is for you to come back. please cherish your life and be fillial. Don't go make any wishes with some angel anymore!Now I will tell you where I have gone.
I have sacrificed my place as an angel for you to reincarnate. I myself have also reincarnated.The moment I see you, I will have my memories as an angel back . So if you see me on the streets please Do not come to me.. you can write letters to me.Just write my angel name and it will come to me although I have given up my place my angel name is "Felicity Angel"
write it on the envelope..

end of story..

Poor thing isn't it? it's not even an ending XP
haha I might if I'm free luh to continue it but my parents are stricter due to don't know what reason lala.
so I can't play at all LOL. Haiizz.. no chance to show you the picture of the magic drink..June holidays I'm begging you.. please come ASAP~ T_T end this suffering of studying!! It's boring~~~~~~

Sunday, March 18, 2007♥
9:27 AM

Yesterday my mother scolded me becuz umm The whole thing was like this ..:
Morning Brenda Called
So when my mum wanna transfer phone b4 she go out cannot
so i got scolded . and my bro also got scolded
cuz she was in a bad mood .
-__- note to brenda : please please please.. don't call me anymore..They might indirectly kill me.
And i thought about it Last night .. and thought of a very sad story ... :
There was a girl named Jasmin, everything she does is play computer , watch tv , slack and never does her homework. One day an angel came down from heaven to change her ways. However,that didn't work .. but Jasmine appreciated the angel and played with her .. Until 1 day her mother scolded her useless and nagged and nagged .. Jasmine thought about for a very long time .. and asked the angel , " Can you grant wishes ? " "Yes but I need something equivalent in return.." Then Jasmine said " I want my family to be more wealthy and my siblings' results to be great.-" "What about yourself?" the angel interrupted. "I am the sacrifice."" The angel was shocked and paused for a moment.Jasmin asked ."Can't I sacrifice myself?" The angel said " Yes you can but are you sure?"jasmine nodded. "But I have 1 request ,!" jasmine said. "What is it said the angel . "Can I spend 1 good day with my family before I leave?" The angel said " Why not?" And the next day .. there was no work for her parents .. The whole family went out together and had a great time..until they reached home.. Jasmine told her family she would no longer be there by midnight..and kept changing the subject about where are you going at midnight? They all went to a place at 11.30 and jasmine said all her last wishes .. and as her last tear dropped on the floor, she vanished..However,there was alot of sparkling blue glitter in the air .. The angel came and said " It seems like this wish is only worth her body..Her soul is still here . the angel gathered all the blue sparkling glitter like things into an empty jar and flew back to heaven , jasmine's family were shocked and sad.. as they grieved for Jasmine who had sacrificed herself for their blessings . I haven't thought of an ending yet XP what do you think will happen to Jasmine ?
A ) Become an Angel
B ) Return to life [somehow]

Please put your answers on the tagboard and I'll try to make and ending
P.S : I am not a writer nor going to be one . :)

Decided to use Italic
Saturday, March 17, 2007♥
12:00 PM

I decided to use italic lols.. it looks cool >< ok now my post ...
Today I tried to get in audition but err.. have some dumb errors lols.
So Have to shut down and turn on my lappie again..
Finally my aunt has returned back to Indonesia
Why? Cuz she does not like my fan
as it hangs from the ceiling and makes her dizzy..
so we had to on the aircon like for the whole night..
and that caused ...
my Fever , my runny nose and my horrible cough..
Fever has recovered long ago.. nose halfway Horrible cough not even there yet!!
arggs. I feel alot better though..
And err.. This afternoon abt 5 pm have Gen-X meeting..
Jissco made a new clan called [R] Y yaute
lol I sponsoring mode room and slowly we expand lurhs ><
Hmmm i better go work le later they say I slack .. cyaz ;)

Friday, March 16, 2007♥
12:23 PM

sian ah !! Nothing interesting happened today.. bleach 119 Havent come out T_T waa..
You know when i look at my bear bear keychain reminds me of someone T_T
My p2 friend b4 she went back to taiwan , she gave the key chain to me
and I gave her something also I can't really describe it tho >.>
It looks like this :Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
hmm abit blur but please don't mind it :)
Her name is ShingYu .. Shing Yu plz come back to Singapore and find me T_T
Hope to meet you again Shing Yu.. :) loves to ya 4eva :)
Lol.. >.<

Thursday, March 15, 2007♥
11:00 AM

stupid lah.. why must do book review? why must do siu bi? why must do
why must things be like that?!? I know for my freaking good sake. but siu bi so neccasery meh?write a whole lot of da bian can pass up le mah also no grades the book review even worse. no use juz let u understand what the book is about HELLO THIS IS NANYANG PRI. NOT ANY LOUSY LOUYA PRI LA. -_____-""" NO OFFENCE TO ANY TEACHERS WHO SEES THIS. ok I will do ..siu bi u provide me the ink la T_T the book review u provide me the book la T_T like i got so many chi book like tt .. DA BIAN!!~

NOW MY COUSIN BUAY SONG LIAO LA. not happy hand itchy very sian .GO TAKE MY CLASSPHOTO PUT IN HER BLOG N INSULT LIKE SH1T AND SHE THINK IS FREAKING FUN LA. .and then go type what attention seeker? hmm I think sh'es referring about herslf bah
say pple wear pink how about her she wears purple :o! and please lah. if it's something I did that made her do that, just tell me and insult me in my face I'M FINE WITH IT. but why drag down my classmates? ... and im talking on msn with her now LOL she kb-ing me i also kb-ing her >.>

Pizza Hut ~!
Wednesday, March 14, 2007♥
9:35 AM

Yesterday at abt ummx.. 4 pm.. "Ding Dong"My bro peered down and saw the pizza hut guy and said " aiyah! wrong delivery lah! Don't go down. Maybe is the upstairs the guest order 1 ." Then I said no lah.. err.. err... is FeiNiu order fer me 1 .. Then I quickly rush down and take LOL.. I have to sign ... so I anyhow sign :S and tada~! My pizza has arrived! Then my bro was like how why what?! Then I told him cuz 2day they go makan at paragon de pizza hut ma so they send me lo~. Then he was like ORH.. Then i quickly go call my mother n explain blah blah ..Then ask her can eat now she say can.. so we eat la XD lol.. I ate 2 piece cuz not very hungry my bro go take 3 lol. :)
Fei if you're seeing this ARIGATO~

Tuesday, March 13, 2007♥
9:09 AM

Lol? okok this little "feud" is very the lame.. and Note to Brenda : Sorry for using for much space in your Tag Board altho what I said is true =X .
OK so for god's sake.. END THIS LAME FEUD LOL..-------------------------------------------MY PROPER POST-------------------------
Lol... ok la you don't like me to be mature also nvm.. i found a suitable word that clicks with youthful can anot...hmm..yesterday My Ah Yi from Indonesean come sg buy Laptop the VAIO the small small cute cute 1.. the guy say must set-up for like 1 hr..-.= then we go home the time zzzz.. cuz i sick so I sleep lor lol..Then aft tt my mother come back n i started playing comp lmao..then try to set up.. guess what? got error must change..hmm..2day Gen-X have party at Paragon Pizza Hut there TT lol but fei say she order pizza to my hse ROFLMAO ~.. :) i go play something le x.X


new skin'
Wednesday, March 07, 2007♥
7:35 PM

I started watching bleach =)..
Now on Ep 92 .. Catching up on my bro alrdy lol...
My new skin nice anot???...give your comments at tagboard please :)
March Holidays are here... XD..
zzz... I not very in good mood today...
abit headache and runny nose...
Lol.. going to Lav's house on this Sunday ^^
Do project and shop shop for materials....
Thinking of a way to present it o the kintergarden pupils...
Lucky I was born in 1996... now the kintergarten is ummmxxx... changed .
I doubt the children's day is as fun as last time.. where you bring home a HUMOUNGUS BAG of goodies.. eh not joking la.. is like so big lor abit like the size of garbage bag Lol. me and my kintergarten friend is tgt in the same class :) she also rmb the goodie bag wahaha~
So tt means I ain't memory bad LOl.
Haiyyy.... I wish i can go back to kintergatden life... No worries no stress ..
and I still rmb the bouncing castle and all.... and uh NO UNIFORM !! that's the best part :)
eveeryday go in ur OWN clothes you know!! :) and then this girl called Jill now don't know go where le ah.. keep bullying me for no freaking good reason LOl... If only I was this mature back then I would have well.. bullied her back , somehow Lol.. and i rmb Diana ..... AND WTH am i writing abt my kintergarten LOL.. so long le -.= kkz i go habbo tata~~

Friday, March 02, 2007♥
3:59 PM

2day CA1 finish !! =) My Science MCQ get 54/60 ^^ the OE i don't know yet >.> I wonder what it is.. today uh.. cuz after exam, arrange back seating right? ... I go take winston's the note book fun fun nia , then uh... XJ go take his calligraphy set then pass to AS then AS don't let winston take back Then .... the trainee teacher saw .................haiz.. then later the trainee teacher go complain to my form teacher then they 2 tio scolding... feel so guilty >.<