Reunion Dinner
Saturday, February 17, 2007♥
8:43 PM

Weee!! haha I now at my ah ma's hse =) hehe... took a really long time to like err... connect to the bloody internet?? -.= lols. The food was great wor ! hehe so many hao liao .. but then ytd err.. I think 1 of my relatives died ytd.. so err.. my poor ah ma.. DID NOT SLEEP THE WHOLE NIGHT AND NEEDED TO COOK FOR US ... AND MY COUSIN 11 AM GO LIAO LEH. ... sians...wtahcing TV now hahaz... -.= short post psps lol

Finally a Wizard?
Friday, February 16, 2007♥
12:14 PM

Lol.. wee~~ I'm finally a WIZARD!! hahas Gonan chiong lvl at my Grandma's hse tmorrow :)
after 3 hours from level 28 to 30 :S .. is seriously slow lor.. I mean I ws pqing the whole time , Channel 7 was like EMPTY! 0.0 so I was.. so happy I pq-ed until I super the sianzz.. Then i go train myself ;) i train mself 10% then lvl up a Wizard and don't know where to train? The crow there very sians le ahhaha.. 2day cuz I err.. how to say .. nvm x.x check out my cousin's blog wor.. she changed new skin

And uhh... Happy Chinese New Year !! haha wish you get a BIG N FAT ANG PAO haha with all the money inside :p. tomorrow is reunion dinner le so excited !! gonna take another pciture of me and my cousin together again :) hehex. ^^.. I gonna wear .. :p dun tel u .. haha.
This post like no pic uh.. But I very very very frustrated over 1 thing. but i cannot tel you .. cuz u will laugh at me .. lol :p i go habbo liaos cyazz ~

Maple Ang pao
Thursday, February 15, 2007♥
4:06 PM

heyz ! :) ytd uhh.... Andre give me 1 maple ang pao.. then .. I staright away ask Xing jing for paper... and then .. I COPIED IT OUT LOL.. who is soooo curios tuu see it???? anyway you curious or not curios I duncch gib a damn ! I putting it up here :) for you to xing shang how uglie it is AND I DID NOT TRACE !!!!!!!~~ :p
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
wahaha~ how you hate it uh? :S lols hahahahahahahahaahhahahha .. err paiseh whenever i look at it I feel like laughing LOLOLOL. XD okie.. I hope non of u will accuse me of tracing n this is not tracing paper -.= .. lols. I 2day going to buy maple prepaid card.. maybe not 2day but soon....

Tuesday, February 13, 2007♥
6:49 PM

Okies.. it started at the china town trail .. it was quite boring larhs... and ehh.. the tour guide , Uncle Laurence bo say anything related to our project topic -.=.. dooorrttiiifffiiieedd.. and we only had like err.. 20 min break? .. ok lol.. Lavender don't want her sportade anymre mahs then evrybody say dun wan also.. Then when she only had abit of coke left .. guess what she did?

She go pour the coke in the sportade after drinking some sportade to make space for the coke..
omg.. we were like eeee? lols. Wei Fen go try ... she say very nice ... x.x Then Min Hui try... she say is gross LOL.. i don't dare try .. then she ask me to pour in some of my Icy mocha soya .. so I like errr.. ok.. so when pour .. the colour looks o.o .. DAMN SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A PICCTURE. KNS. ok nvm zzzzz..

So i pour in lor.... then my cup empty liiaos. i ask her pour abit inside.. i tried.. it was heavenly =x lol serious okayys ! it is really.. lols.. then we show all the boys.. they see liao say DISGUSTING! I dare you to drink .. so we drink lor . -.= the rest of the trip quite boring larhs lols... okie gtg watch my TV liAOs cyazz ~~!

No Pork !!!~~!
Sunday, February 11, 2007♥
1:45 PM

You know ? recently ah... teh RK house prank zzzz..... kns lor... was deleted but then.. I FOUND 1 MROE WITH SUBTITLES EXACTLY THE SAME LOL.. when i tell the rest they were like :0
xD.. now I shall show you the video x.x i know it's gonna be super de funny but just...Don't errr... llaugh till you scare ppl from mah blog away lol.. AIYO. jialat... no more ROFL. okok i show you w/o teh subtitles -.=

Lame... -.=
Friday, February 09, 2007♥
6:43 PM

Lols... I very long never show picture liao horrs? okie 2day I will show you how err... *weird* I look after I wash my Hair =DPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting... hmm.. weird uh..? lols.. =D anyway 2day I feel so guilty =( .. The teacher lo.. say can 6 ppl in 1 group =D then another teacher say 5 ppl -.= diiao diiao diiao diiiiiaaoo. Then my friend , Xing Jing was soft of kiked out..TT.. omgomg.. I was like wth.. I knew she would be kicked but ... why not the other girl?.. haiz.. sorry Xing jing ~~~~..diu bu qi.. wo bu shi gu yi der...okok enough sorri stuff..

so suay lors... Monday have to go for this.. ChinaTown Trail and it clashed with my tuition lor.. actually I was happy but i need to replace my tuition on wednesday which might be clashing with my 4B PARTY TT... SOBS. ='(..OMGOMG.. ... sianz... P5 life is still okkays.. =D but errhh... got some problems lah.. eg. teacher sya too many stories = waste time = must rush = must have homework = stress.... lols XD. Hmm... as for teh upcoming No7.. :p [don't ask what's No7 it's a secret code only some people can read, so stop spamming at my tagboard asking wth is that]
LOL XD.. I might be going lor.. btu haven't ask my parents yet though... I hope the project won't clash with No7 ... waaaaa... gonna 7 o clock le... x.x aiyah i go watch TV le cyaz..~~

Getting warned -.=
Friday, February 02, 2007♥
2:17 PM

OMG it is like so dumb??.. I got warned by Mr Ting former DM -.=.. [discipline master] now changed liao lols. becoz I ate a home packed bread in the Hall?.. -.-..I also never litter ...zzz..
go warn me say 1 more time ... i die .. then i was like.. wth? Then everybody ask me what happen what happen I just say.. he scolded me for eating .. -.- Then one guy go say aiyah.. he not scary 1 lah lol.. anyway... thats not the end of it... guess what? today..MY FORM TEACHER NEVER COME. cannot report about the theif but have like approx. 3 hrs of free period. but is .. err... quite dumb.. I rushed all my homewk so weekend can play XD.. okok i go create my group blog for my class lol... tata~~