Days in Bangkok...
Friday, December 29, 2006♥
2:05 PM

Day 1 ,
... I woke up damn early...and my mummy let me play my lappie !! woo~ so i said hello to some blogs xD .. ok now i arrived at the airport .. walk walk.. got into the damn plane and then my ear tio block =.='' then suddenly very very pain =(...Then ok le =.= We took the airport taxi to the hotel which costs 36 SGD ... what the??!!and we finally reached the hotel..omiigosshh... we waited 1 hr lol but it was worthed it !! We got a deluxe room when we booked a standard 1 !! =) Next we head for MBK..SHOP SHOP SHOP....My lips bleeded ... too dry lol.. We go bak n slp =)

Day 2
walau eh... cannot sleep .. =.='' Then we bathe lala... Then we head to MBK again.. SHOP SHOP SHOP AS USUAL... lol

Day 3.. eh nth to say here OH YAH!! We bought loads of movies !!~~Then we go back hotel to watch the movies while.. my mum go rebond her hair ~!!~~~!!!~

Day 4...WHA NTH LE ONLY SHOP SHOP SHOP WOOO~~~!!! Haiiyy... at night my parents go massage while me n muai bro watch "Cars" u know the movie? yeahh.... haiiyyy....

Day 5 omg.. its time to go home I DUNW AN GO LAH WTH.. =.='' ok I'll make this extra short...
we boght some food go airport n land LOL .. i lazy lah paiseh

Saturday, December 23, 2006♥
10:36 AM

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I unexpectedly did an finish move in 188 bpm! And that x45 was real I saved the gam eI can show u the video I had it when I had the perf buggy =)

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My Audi SEA
Friday, December 22, 2006♥
11:51 AM

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It's here my audition picture it's finally here!! =) you can add me
or anything
just don't spam I know today I had like 3 or 4 posts =/
anyway I don't care lala

Cousins are BAD!!
Monday, December 18, 2006♥
4:49 PM

Well.. not all cousins are bad but mine are!Honestly they siao de ... Anyhow go spam my blog insult my beloved jie ...and actually intended to spam muai blog ! Hehe lucky me and my jie are too smart for those twits!! And i actually went out with them...Poor Daniel [baby boy 5 yrs old] soon, he will be corrupted like those 2... I pity him =(..And whats their problem.. and I won't reveal how we dealt with them as they can easily search up my blog..hmmm... AUDITION LV 16 LE IMA CLUBBER ~!!
CLUBBER CLUBBER CLUBBER WOOOO!~Being a clubber is good unlike stoning at Novice hahaha.. anyway if they become freedom they'll honestly die hahaha noobs really noobs..
I know in her heart she hates me as much as I hate her =)

Cuuuttteeeeee Muurrrrpppphyyyyy'.

murphy ...oOo

Friday, December 01, 2006♥
11:04 PM

It is all so sad....I go seperated with my friends ... they all went to 5F.
...luckily i still have them on msn
and we r still meeting each other
=) and I have my audi kor to peii wo xD
and I can't possibly forget my jie ^^
anyways..let's just relax during teh holidays...
no worries!! =)

'Cuuuutttteeee.. Muuuurrpphyyy.