September Holidaes
Friday, September 08, 2006♥
9:00 AM

The september holidays were well...BORING not because of studying but lack of games to play...
Pokemon Leaf Green Version dam siannzz..Maple Sianz...Battleon out of Question..PangyaSEA..Sianz.. AuditionSEA also siannzz..KONGKONG Online also sianz..
I tried Rakion but I dunno how to play lor they keep attacking me from behind then I cannot turn back so fast like maple liddat mah so I go back to play Gunbound I created new acc cos I lost all my skills le my golden axe acc will very diu lian lol so I sold everything in my Golden axe acc and had just enuff money to buy pet-01 and sent it to my new acc and for those people who playes gunbound my
IGN : Kastilex double wooden hammer almost stone lol XD
My free avatar wanna expire le Byes

Cuuutttteeeeee' MMuuuurrrpppphyy.

The Times Has Come...
Sunday, September 03, 2006♥
12:07 PM

Yesterday I arrived at scott's party and luckily i took the long way or I would have been wet even before I change into my swimming costume...when I came I took out my pathetic water gun so small so scott lent me one but.. bigger lah but still as pathetic the water so hard to come out liddat ..I can't really rmb what we did in order but I will try to remember what we did...we did a "Torpedo" umm.. played water polo ... marko polo overturned boat and all got on the boat and made it overturn lol worst part is my goggle snapped... ZzZ.. the whole thing spoilt lol and the darin Shawn go spary water at scott's mother OmiGOSH!! He is so deaded XD hehe.. gonna go play Game Boy lex!!

Scott's Parteh!!
Friday, September 01, 2006♥
8:42 AM

OMG! OMG! Scott's birthday party is tomorrow!!! Today I am going Plaza Singapura to buy him a present as well a my mum is getting a new phone and on decmeber I can get a new phone ^^ Ok enough crap I offended someone in Maple cause I don't want to cc aka change channel I cannot play habbo leis got some crappy problems blocking don't know what to play audition also lost to my cousin .. BLEAHX who cares anyway It is not a crime to be weaker than other people =) After That I dc and then she thought I sore loser don't want play liao so she also quit what a sore winner!

CCCuuttteee. Mmmuuurrpphy'