Tuesday, August 29, 2006♥
2:41 PM

After a long time of downloading and fixing errors...AuditionSEA is finally downloaded !! I can tell you it rawks...but just rather difficult hehe..Anyways I m prety excited about scott's birthday party heheh.. It is this sat.. but I dunno what kind of present I should give him...I am thinking of giving him BIONICLES lol dunno whether he like anot..but hor not 100% going de..if no other girls go I also dun go lex..But I'll miss the BBQ cos nid go grandmother hse for dinner XD and my swimming is pink dortzz... and that freakingly idiotic Melissa Chan is invited?! ZzZ...Emily nor Lan ying is invited ...Scott say cos she bully him LOl but true leh hehe.. gotta go restart my comp now tata!

EExxxxccciiitttedd' MMMuuuuurrrrpppphhyy.

End Of Exam =)
Thursday, August 24, 2006♥
6:19 PM

Hey Peeps Exam is Over but lesson is not...atleast we can rawk the comp ^^ I bought a new tamagotchi !! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUTEEEE =) gott one time horrs.' It become sooo hungry I feed until 50lb... then i plae bump like siao den ok liao mine currently is young mametchi but chances are slim that it becomes Mametchi.... gonna draw ferr eggplant liao TA TA~~~

Happpppyyyy...MMuuuuuurrrpphhyy...'' =)

NDP Celebration at my school
Tuesday, August 08, 2006♥
10:54 AM

first thing is ... it sucks -.- we had to like say the pledge read the Response and Narrator stuff thats as usual ZzZ.. had to make a 3D LOGO for Singapore ..Our group comfirm fail.. NOT ENUFF TIME 1hr only we stik the flower like siao ... and den we wanna wrap the paper cup mah but hor dey wrap until kana sai...ok lah you might be thinking what the heck am I making! we were making a bouquet of flowers to repersent singapore as "The Garden City" lame right? but it was my idea ZzZ..can't think of anything else the other 4 groups all take changi airport le how?...we watch chinese opera Hua Mu Lan so boring and atleast on the aircon?! so hot xia and crammed liek siao..they say give souvenir end up never give !! we all so angry liao and hor one girl puked.. and emily stepped on it .. EEEE...

Annnggrrryy' Murrrppphhy.

Traffic Games Day
Friday, August 04, 2006♥
6:29 PM

Yay! Traffic games day !! So cool lor no tour guide to say No Mp3 blah blah...the whoel 45 minutes listen Mp3 reach le leh talk talk talk and then we watched a short intro . Shitiest Part was when we had to wear elbow pads and kneepads and glove !! yu might think relax just some pads...but hor It's HOT UNCOMFORTABLE AND ITCHY!!! and I wonder if this is fate or not.. The people from class 1h and 2h last yr we actually got the letter H on our gamesheet!! we followed each other and I was liek rushing like mad in order to get the pads out I was so naughty XD ...After that buy 7up Ice and den drink like mad then buy small roller coaster eat then go home ^^ FYI I did not have any de merit points
although I almost had some =S...Fun day and all but so many homework ...come to think of it I havent done my weekend homework yet and I cant use microsoft word I need it for my Project !!! >.< anybody have the disc case plz enter the Product key at taggie or someone from my class lend me microsoft word 2003 disc!!!

A visit to the Old Folk's home
6:14 PM

After recess, I grabbed my bag with some snack and a Watson's Hygenic hand wash for the old folks
^^.We boarded the bus and I brought my mp3 along to listen in the bus. He he...alot of people saw and I thought my teacher saw but nah who cares! We are out of school we can use it XD. When we reached, Mathea, a violinist, my classmate played a song for them and Alicia , she played the paino and we all thought it was totally great. Afterwards we sand our ultimate ... Tong Hua ZzZ.. wanted to sing Sarang He Yo but I was the only one in the class who knew how to sing lor...Then our Tong Hua so little people sing not nice so we also sang Lao Shu Ai Da Mi. They loved it and so we sang again after that we shook hands with teh old folks and surprisingly 2 of them knew how to speak english! And one woman said in english " It is better to learn more languages, there was once I heard 2 boys saying eh the old lady coming down already , get ready to grab her bag , after I heard it I held my bag tight and they have failed to rob me " *What I quoted was not exact but well Thats mostly about what she said.It is suprisng that I actually enjoyed myself ! When the bus was leaving the woman who knew english went out and waved us good bye...In teh bus my class...were singing the Sunshine song-Edited it goes like this Please Take my sunshine away~~ erh I forgot the rest but actually is Don't take my sunshine away~~ LOL o irritating ZzZ.. I listened to my mp3 on Loud Loud!! YEAH~ but still noisy ZzZ.. gotta write about Traffic Games le TaTa~