World War II Trail
Friday, July 21, 2006♥
5:04 PM

It all started out pretty exciting and cool ... but actually it suckx...stupid topur guide say " No using of Mp3,Handphone or walk man ...BLAH BLAH" I wanted to do it on the sly but on hearing he would confiscate it .. I backed out and he don't let us take pictures de lor what kind of person is he? We need it for our project HELLO? The movie was cool and scary hehe..but during world war 2 so cruel xia..the guy hor 2 shots nv die then the japenese stab stab stab still havent die and then they resort to burning...WALAU EH!? The Crappy sot sot Japenese is cruel lah! If world war 3 come ah WE GONNA THRASH THEM REAL BAD!! But going to Japan is OK right like shopping =S and then we go the Kranji war memorial.. T.T SO MANY TOMBSTONES.. I thought a few only lor... and the tour guide say hor got people ah 10 yr old die at world war 2...


370 viruses
5:01 PM

It was the last few days of the June holidays as I had many problems with my computer, my brother decided to do a virus scan and to our horror 370 viruses were found and partly my brother's fault as he offed the fire wall . We found the recovery disk and whoosh~ everything was deleted and non-laggy ! I re-downloaded the maple and pangya and all my lag and problems went away..

Happy Murphy!

Phew with a bad ending
Saturday, July 15, 2006♥
8:45 PM

Phew! My blog gave me a scare but...after I fixed it it came back...I had no choice but to change my blog skin...^^ I have updated many many things and I hope you like my blog and go to the DarLinks section for a list of some of friends' blog ;) especially Julia's blog she has changed teh skin but...hate to say it but It's quite lame lol.. FYIshe is known as -=peachy=- on my tag board ^^ she is my online jie...I go edit other posts le look so weird with different colours LOL

' Cuuuttttteeeee Muuuuurrrpphhyy.

Maple lv Pangya lv~
Friday, July 14, 2006♥
6:10 PM

Hey hey! My Maple is now 49! Looking for a dark circlet ...and of course my Pangya FINALLY Begginer A! hehe...Now I have to do double post each day le too little posts
.My bro lor dunno what happen to him Is it my Goal too small? That He only won me once in soccer because I lazy play penalty when we both same score.. ZzZ...won him so many times le lor...

' Cuuuutttteee Muuuurrrppphhyyy.