I'm Back People!
Sunday, June 11, 2006♥
9:39 PM

Hey Long time no post eh XD...too buzy playing already.. forgot all about this blog =S and erm...guys so little people post ask more peeps ok? And I like have nothing to say -No Comment-

' Cuuuuuttteee Murrpphyyy.

Thursday, June 01, 2006♥
1:03 PM

BULLY BULLY BULLY Thats what they do ! Make fun of my all the time and whenever I talk sarcastically He will shut me up ! Like strangle ? knuckling ur head ? Kicking you ? Punching you? I guess you are wondering who he refers to and that is pretty obvious .. My brother.
I don't know why or what He is so dishonest can't be trusted . He even plays FootBall Manager on the PC and bribe me ! I know I should not have taken the bribe but do I look like I have a choice ! He will tempt me and tempt me...and if my mother gets angry I also get punished what should I do ..?

' Confussed Murphy.